How to Make the Trinity Medallion Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video see how to bead weave the Trinity Medallion Earrings using trinity beads, triangle beads, o beads, and Toho beads. Through the process of making these earrings you will be working with single hole beads, 2-hole beads, and 3-hole beads.
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hi this is Julia beadaholique in this video I'm gonna teach you how to bead weave a trinity medallion earring so this is gonna be the project we're gonna do in the video I have a couple other colorways to show you and you can see it does look quite pretty yet very different depending upon the colors you choose and let me show you what you're gonna need to make this project you're going to need some Oh beats I have here Rosaline amber you're gonna need some two whole triangle beads and I have a pink luster rose gold trinity beads which is where we're getting our name for our piece from so they have three holes and this is a matte antique brass and then we're gonna need at a Toto ho bead and I'm using one of my favorites which is a topaz mint julep line so has a really pretty green core and then for your findings a four millimeter opal open jump ring and an earring hook your tools you'll need a pair of scissors you're going to need two pairs of chain nose pliers to open that jump ring and a beading needle and on the needle I've already placed thirty inches of fireline smoke beading thread and I placed a bead stopper about eight inches from the end so let me begin and show you how to make this so this is a project which I did a while ago and I just loved it and I've been meaning to do it in a video and it's just a hat didn't have time so I'm pretty excited to show you how to make this today so with the Trinity beads because there's three holes and every side is even it doesn't matter which hole you go through now that's not the same situation for the triangles it does matter what hole you go through so you're going to need eleven triangles per earring and I want you to line them up all facing the same direction to start with so take eleven of them and just line them up and also this is going to help you so you don't actually have to count your beads as you're doing your weaving you'll just bead until you've got all of these strung onto your thread and then you'll know it's time to go to the next step which you'll see here in a minute okay so one two three four five six seven eight nine ten I need one more okay and they're all going the same direction and then I'm going to need my Trinity's so for the first step you're going to pick up a Trinity bead from any hole and then you're going to pick up a triangle bead from the top hole and then another Trinity and another triangle again from the top hole and then a Trinity and a triangle and you can just either keep these on your needle or slide them down as you go alright once you've placed your last triangle on go ahead and slide all your beads down to the base so you should be ending with a triangle but you started with a Trinity and at this point we're actually done with the triangles and Trinities so you can just scoot those aside and bring your other two beads forward and what you're going to do is you're going to at this point pull off that bead stopper make sure you still have a tail of six to eight inches because you are going to need to place your needle back onto that tail at the end but we're just going to make a loop now we're going to tie a knot and the reason you're doing this is because you want your round to be really nice and uniform and you don't want to have that little stopper bead in there creating an extra gap so you might as well just get rid of it to begin with okay so make sure you have a really good nice tight knot we will go back and reinforce it later so at this point notice where your thread is exiting and you're going to want to jump up to the second hole of your triangle bead and now you have to choose you've got two holes on your trinity bead and it is important which one you go through so you want to go through this one right here so it's almost like you can imagine flipping your trinity back a little bit so you have a hole hanging behind your triangle that makes sense so you've got that one done now go through the second hole of the next triangle and again you want to go through the first hole you can think of it as even closest to your thumb of the Trinity you're just going to keep doing that when you need to pull your thread through so let me show you what you've got so far so what you're essentially doing is you're creating this interior section where the triangle tips are all going towards the center as oh so that back hole of that Trinity is what's going to allow you to do this edge work can be a little tricky if you're new to two whole or three whole beads just to kind of figure out which hole you go into and that's why we really like doing these videos at buta Holly can be in writing but it's a lot easier to just explain it and show it all right so I am back to where I started and I'm gonna go ahead and go through that triangle again and go through the Trinity again because you always want to cross over your work just a little bit just to make sure you have a nice connection so here is what we have now and hopefully I did not did I go through the wrong one oh let's see see if it's just flipped okay I did well this is a really good example of how high it matters what hole you go through so here I made a mistake and I went through the wrong hole so let me show you how you're gonna take care of that if need be so I went through the wrong hole in the Trinity so I'm going to find my thread and just pull it out to the place where I made the boo-boo three thread my needle and now go back and continue along so it's not hard if you make a mistake to fix it but it is important that you do fix it okay so now are they all right yep now they're all facing the center so what you're going to do at this point is you're exiting a Trinity hole and you've got one hole you haven't used yet on the Trinity's so we're gonna go through it and you'll notice that now our beading thread is going to be going in the opposite direction that we were which is fine it doesn't matter which way you're going with your thread so we're gonna pick up an obd-ii at Ojo and another OB so you've got three beads on your needle and you're just gonna go across to that waiting hole on the Trinity next door or next to it I should say so that's the first bead along our bead segment along the outside okay same thing and OB data hoe and another a bead and we're just going to continue until we've completed all of the little segments I should probably mention that there are different sizes of Trinity beads we are using the six by six size for this particular project these are pretty fun to make once you start making a few of them it'll really become quite easy and quite quick to put them together so it is a nice gift idea us are going to be able to make quite a few of these little medallions given the amount of beads you get per tube so you're gonna be able to make a lot of these for gifts or if that's something you want to be doing okay my last little beaded segment so I'm gonna go through the Trinity bead and the other couple beads next to it and then I want to go through the following beads until I'm exiting the Toho at this point we're going to add another Toho because we want to have something that we can securely connect our earring finding to so we're gonna add a little Toho and then eventually add a jump ring and the earring hook to it so it's just a little bit more of a secure method to be putting the jump ring through a bead versus just having it hang on the side here where it could potentially the thread could slip out of it you could also put a closed jump ring just sew it into there if you wanted to alright so what I did was I just picked up a 8 out Toho and then I went back around through it I'm gonna go through it again I'm just creating a nice little loop that's very secure I know I'm gonna go through several more of my outer beads and because this is uniform all the way around it didn't matter which Toho along the edge I went through to create that so now I'm going to go under my thread bridge and my tail at this point this longer than my working thread okay and then I go through it and pull really tight I'm gonna do that again go through it I'm actually gonna go through it twice and pull tight go through a couple more beads and repeat and then once you're comfortable with the amount of Nazi if me just go ahead and trim off your thread and we're going to want to go back and take care of this tale now remember we did tie a knot with it to begin what this o does have one knot on there but I would like to make another one just for good measure so I'm gonna thread my needle back on to my thread go through some of my beads then find a thread path to go under and go through my loop let me do that one more time you know let's just go through the bead work again and trim our tail this is what we have so we're ready to attach our finding and like I mentioned you could have just gone ahead and attached a jump ring there if you wanted instead of the actual seed bead I would just recommend a closed jump ring you're not gonna want an open jump ring hanging on thread it could very easily slip out let's go ahead and open our jump ring this is a four millimeter this is one of my favorite ways of connecting findings to beadwork and then we're going to connect on our earring hook and close our jump ring and we are done and that is how you make a trinity medallion piece using Trinity beads the six millimeter by six millimeter size two whole triangle beads o beads and some 800 ho seed beads I hope you enjoyed this tutorial you can find many more tutorials similar to this at beadaholique you

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