How to Make the Moon Storm Earrings

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make these earrings using charms, jump rings, Toho Demi Round seed beads, and cable chain. Offered here is a way to incorporate beads into your design without wire-wrapping or stringing, using only jump rings to connect your components.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to so you how to make the moon storm earrings for this project I'll be using flat and round nose pliers and some flush cutters I've got some a toe toe ho Demi round seed beads that we're gonna put on to a seven millimeter jump ring oh there's also some four millimeter jump rings a couple of charms ear wire and two millimeter cable chain so to begin I'm gonna start to assemble these pieces here's the finished earring you can see I've come up with here and the fun thing about this design is that it doesn't require any wire wrapping or stringing so the first thing I'm doing is adding a four millimeter jump ring to my lightning charm and then I will start putting on seed beads to this seven millimeter jump ring these demi rounds are great for filling tight spaces without kinking together they really lay nicely and this is a creative use for them so I'm gonna put five on then I'm gonna string on my lightning bolt with a jump ring there add five more beads there we go and once I have those on I'm gonna close the jump ring I'm adding just enough beads to fill the space and also allow my pliers to do their work got those on and ready to add a four millimeter jump ring to my Crescent charm and that will go on the top right between each of the five seed beads five on either side close that up and now I will go ahead and cut my chain I'm gonna cut two lengths one inch each so I'll measure the first one like so use my flush cutters to clip that then what I like to do to measure short lengths of chain that I need to be exactly even its I'll put them onto a piece of wire I'm using my ear wire here as a device that way I can hold the length up and get just the one clip that I need without scrutinizing over the ruler so got those measured and clipped and I'll use a couple more four four millimeter jump rings to slide those on and then attach them to my charm on either side and at this point also what I'd like to do is embellish that with a little Toho bead and close it up so I'll do the same thing on the other side oh but you know what I need to make sure it's on on the front of the piece sorry about that find my opening here and switch that out he's gonna make sure I get my order right so now I see which side it needs to slide on to get my chain back on there close it up again so this is a fun way of adding a little splash of sparkle or color to your design by spacing little seed beads here and there there's the one side and get the other one on there this time I'm gonna put this on make sure I get the right side for my bead and do that first and slide my link a chain on the other side and close it up and now for the earwire bring those two lengths of chain together on the top with another four millimeter jump ring so if I hang them upside down can grip one and then again I'm going to add another little tail be there in between slide on the end link of my other leg of chain and it's ready to attach to my earring hook so that's how to make the moon storm earrings without any wire wrapping or stringing it some detail work but nothing more than jump rings these project bundles and all these tools and supplies are available at and please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks you

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