How to Make a Wire Wrapped God's Eye

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Intermediate
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to wire wrap a God's eye earring using craft wire and Miyuki Delica seed beads. You will also see how to attach a tassel and earring hook, as well as suggested design variations.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique gods I so here you see I have an earring that I completed it's just the wire version and it's got eight layers of 24 gauge wire on a 20 gauge frame with some three millimeter check fire polished beads on there and a sweet little tassel and so for this video I want to create the pair to this earring that's a little bit up sized it's got slightly larger beads and we've we're going to be weaving the beads on as we go so for that let's begin by looking at our tools I've got some flat and round pliers cutters 20 gauge wire and 24 gauge wire and these are size 11 oh my Yuki delica seed beads and white and aquamarine and some Czech fire polish beads so to begin I'm gonna cut my wire first I'm going to cut two three inch lengths of the thicker 20 gauge wire for my frame and then I'll cut a 15 inch length of the 24 gauge wire for my wrapping and to create the frame I'm going to take my two thicker wire pieces and one of them I'm going to come just shy of Center and Bend it over on itself and then continue all the way around so the two arms are facing opposite each other I've created a little coil in the center into that coil I'm going to tuck the other piece of wire and pinch with my flat pliers to create a little bit of a grip it won't be completely tight but it will be my starting point get that tucked onto itself straighten it back out and I've created my little X shaped frame and bringing my 24 gauge wire in I'm going to tuck the tip of it around the center and coil as best I can to create a connection in the middle coming around move this twice and again it's not a completely tight connection but it's my starting point there once I've got that in place I'll clip my extra and I'm ready to begin coiling around the arms so on the first one I'm gonna come around once fully and I'm ready to start adding my beads and so the first layer is gonna have two beads in each quadrant so I'll add those on and that fills the space pretty well and I'm going to coil around the next arm coming over the top and around and back around twice doing two coils gives a nice amount of space between each layer of beads for them to lay straight so here again I'm going to add two more white beads and continue all around the inside once coiling twice and again bring those down to the center once and twice around and I'm on my last little two beads section two coils all right so now I'm ready to add my first layer of blue beads and that's going to be four beads in each quadrant and here's where we see the lines begin to form again i'm coiling twice adding my next section and I'll just keep adding two beads to each alternating row and there will be three layers of each color for a total of six six layers that the tassels add a really nice flair to the earring tassels are very summery trendy colorful alright so I've got my four layers of four rounds of blue and now I'll start my next layer of white and that's going to be six beads in each quadrant so I'll start to see how these stack up against each other with two coils between six beads and as I go I can start to bend the wires as I need to to keep it in its square shape I can even take my flat pliers to keep manipulating the frame to get a nice square going oiled let's see once you have to coil one more time there add six more beads I'm just gonna keep going and once I get to the outer layer I will come back with you and finish it off I'll add the outer beads hang the tassel and attach the ear wire so now that I've completed adding my last segment of twelve beads onto the wire and ready to coil it and clip come around twice bring in my cutters clip off that extra and now what we're going to do is add a four millimeter check fire polished bead to each of the arms of the piece so string that on and then I'll create a simple wire loop by angling the wire straight off the bead gripping with the tip of my tool and wrapping like so let me clip the extra there and use my flat plier to close it up so I'll do that on each of three sides and for the fourth arm I'm going to be going in a different orientation to hang the tassel so we'll see that when we get there another simple wire loop gripping with the tip come around and clip it just adds a nice bit of finish and sparkle there's a third one flatten that out and lastly and on my fourth bead and do a simple wrap in the opposite direction that will get the tassel hanging facing forward with the loop that it has on it so I'll go ahead and open this loop slide that on there give it a nice bright accent here we go and finally just put on her ear wire open my loop to the side he went your wire by that loop there and then what I'll do is take my round pliers and squeeze this portion shut secure the earring on so there you have the Zahara and the bar may gods eye earrings these project bundles tools and supplies are all available at and also please subscribe to our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching you

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