How to Make the Sparkly Bauble Ring

SKU VID-0626
Designer: Julie Bean
This fun and easy ring features tiny 15/0 Miyuki delicas inside a glass dome which has then been set into a bezel ring finding. No tools are required as all you need to do is fill the dome with some beads, place a dab of glue into the ring finding and then set the dome into the glue. It's that easy!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with so I'm just gonna do a color variation on her design so what she used was this ring finding blank so it's a bezel setting that's been soldered onto a ring band so that's one complete unit is oh so this little glass dome with a hole in the middle so you can see it's nice because it's got a nice smooth edge all the way around and that's gonna be able to capture your beads really easily and she's got a little hole and then I pulled out some 15 oh myu key delicas I thought they were really nice and shiny and then all you're gonna need for your tools essentially is well actually you don't need tools your skin needs some glue and I've pulled out a six thousand because it's super sturdy this is a very easy project to make all we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and get our beads into that little hole now we can either just pour them as they are or I'm gonna take a little post-it here not gonna need much make myself a little funnel stick it in that hole and I don't be able to show you here is a little hard cuz I'm right-handed but hopefully you can see this there they go they're just going into the hold okay so put as many or as few as you like now once you think you've got what you want in there go ahead plug the hole with your finger and uh this is just vintage patina by the way I just noticed I had some on my fingers I was doing a Halloween project and I wanted it to look like blood but that is not blood so um excuse my messy fingers I like that amount of beads in there so I am going to go ahead and glue this onto my base to do so I'm just gonna take my e6000 squeeze a good amount onto the base so I don't want it to be exactly where the hole is so it is where the hole is but I wanted to kind of be surrounding where the hole is as well because it needs to hit some of that glass so now I'm just gonna take it flip it upside down and now here and I have got my little ring it's all done so I'll just let this dry in an upright position overnight and then I'll be ready to wear and you can see really fun little bauble ring this project is available along with all the supplies at you

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