How to Make a Regaliz Braided Cork Cord Bracelet

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see, start to finish, how to make a Regaliz Braided Cork Cord bracelet. You will see how to measure, cut, add components, and finish the bracelet. This technique can be applied to all of the Regaliz cords and components.
Audio Transcript
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you Hi, this is Kat with ponents a magnetic clasp my Wrigley's cutter tool the super new glue I also have a caliper and a mandrel to help measure the size of my bracelet so before I get into the bracelet I just want to introduce you to this really new cool product that we have so as you can see it's a braided flat cork and it has an interior tubing that's made out of a fiber this is the natural color and we also have really cool orange this is one of my favorites we have many other colors this is the six millimeter you can get a little comparison as to the size the size difference also what's different about this one is it actually has a plastic tubing which actually looks like this on the inside so it helps gives it give it a little bit of stiffness and we also have a stitched cork cord that has the plastic tubing as well but on the back it's flat and this is the green color I just wanted to show you I just think it's so pretty so let's get into how you actually make a bracelet now if you remember from our other Wrigley's videos on our website you remember that when we measure it out here it's not the same as around the mandrel because the cork is so thick so I have a 10 inch piece here and I'm going to try to make an 8 inch bracelet so measure here and where I'm about 10 and a quarters actually on this one so if you take it around here here's my 8-inch mark on my mandrel that I've made and wrap it around you'll see that it's over let's say I want to cut it so that it's exactly nine inches I measure out on my ruler to nine inches I'm just going to mark it with my pen so I have a little mark to go off of and we also have a video on just how to do this but I'll show you really quick you're just going to set it in there and set your blade down right on your mark and it should cut now please be careful this is very sharp so I have my piece and I'll just set that aside so now I have an even nine inches so just to test it i'm going to take my mandrel at 8 inches and wrap it around perfect so you actually see how nine inches here becomes eight inches on the mandrel now depending on what type of clasp you're using you'll want to measure the inside recess so that you know exactly how much space to leave for your magnet now these guys are small so they're only about two millimeters so when I put it together I need to make sure that I add about four millimeters to the length that I want now with this particular clasp I find that it's easy to try to test the length but before you test the length add your components because sometimes that can actually make all the difference I want to add this one first which you just slip right on and you can kind of scoot it down and then I'll add this guy what I love about these bracelets is that you can kind of really make them your own with the different components that you want to use we have so many different choices and you can mix the metals you can do different colors but I'm just going for something nice and simple I'm going to place this on here no glue and place that on the back and I see that I'm not completely even here so I'm just going to scooch these guys around alright that's what my completed bracelet will look like I place it on the mandrel so I'm just about at 8 inches so I think I'm okay to start gluing my clasp with these magnetic clasps and because this is so stiff you'll want to separate them before you glue them so to glue your clasp you're going to use your super new glue and go ahead and unscrew it and take one of your clasps and you're going to do a few drops and I recommend swirling it around a little bit so you get a nice even coating and then place the end inside making sure to tuck in the ends and just press down firmly now without getting the other magnet attached you'll do the same on the other side so I'll show you again you'll just add a few drops of the glue swirl it around a little and nice even coating and then place this side in and press down firmly now I recommend letting your bracelet dry this is very fast drying glue so it won't take very long however I do recommend letting it dry properly before trying to wear it or before trying to attach the magnetic clasps because sometimes it will cause it to bend out of place and you don't want that to happen so let it dry completely just to show you you can attach your clasp and there's your bracelet all finished and it's really nice and stiff it's almost kind of like a bangle but it has this nice seamless clasp to it so there you have the Wrigley's braided cork cord bracelet you

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