How to Make the Petite Pumpkin Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
This video shows how to make an adorable pair of petite pumpkin earrings, a design by Beadaholique designer Karlin. These festive earrings are perfect to wear throughout the fall season, not just for Halloween. They feature a bright orange faceted glass bead and green curly stems made from artistic wire. Coordinating green findings add the finishing touch to this design.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i rings our designer Karlin made these and I thought I would show you how to do them in a video they're a really fun project for fall you don't just have to wear them for Halloween they'll work for the whole fall season and they're really easy to do you're going to need head pins and I've color-coordinated my head pins my earring finding and my wire so that is all green to look like the stems so you'll need head pins earring hooks and some artistic wire this is 24 gauge so it's really flexible and easy to work with and then you'll need these orange glass beads now what's nice about this is I've just pulled out the ingredients I'm going to need four to make my second earring to complete my pair but all of these products come in multiples to the lot meaning you get more than one piece per lot which means you're gonna be able to make many pairs of these little pumpkin earrings just by buying one lot of each item and of course you get a lot of artistic wire as well this is a spool we've already used quite a bit of so you get a whole spool of course when you order it for the tools you're going to need a pair of cutters a round nose plier and a chain nose plier like I said these are really easy and quick to put together you're just going to take your head pin place your orange glass bead on it and we're going to make a wrapped wire loop now we want our loop to be a little bit away from the top of the bead because we're gonna want to do our coils for our stem so we're gonna take the head pin bend it at a 90 degree angle rotate our pliers push the wire up and over again rotate our pliers pull it straighten it up a little bit now I'm going to hold on to that loop with my chain nose pliers and usually at this point I'm really concerned about making nice neat wraps but because I know I'm going to be covering this area with more wire not going to really worry too much about that so just go ahead make a couple wraps so it's secure and trim it off there we go and I'm also not gonna worry about tucking my end on this one so it's really nice and easy it's very forgiving I do want my stem to be straight at this point though so I'm just going to make sure it straightened up a little bit there we go now I'm gonna cut two lengths of wire I'm just estimating here it's about two inches two and a half inches not overly concerned because it's going to be very organic looking so I'm going to take my wire put it up against my head pin and this can be a little slippery to be honest so we're just going to make a couple loops around just to secure it and we're going to take our other wire and at this point we're going to do the exact same thing and now I'm going to take my round nose pliers and start to make my little curlicues I'm just grabbing the tip of the wire and I'm twisting after you've done that go ahead and take a look at your pumpkin and you can decide do you want to keep all these lips would you rather have just three and you'll be able to identify a right and wrong side the side that you really like and a side that doesn't quite look as good now straighten up my loop there we go so just make a decision what side you like best and then we're going to go ahead and take our earring hook open the loop at the base just like you'd open the jump ring by twisting and I like this side best so I'm going to make sure that one ends up in the front and then just close your loop there we have an adorable little pumpkin earring and here you can see we've now got a match to set you

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