How to Make the Schoolhouse Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
Perfect for the first day of school or to just show some school pride, these dangle earrings feature school bus charms, school bell charms, and little red 'apples' made of Czech glass beads. In this video you will learn how to make these earrings from start to finish.
Audio Transcript
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(gentle music) - [Julie] Hi, this is Julie with Beadaholique and in this video I'm gonna teach you how to make the schoolyard earring. So I think you can probably surmise why they're called the schoolyard earrings. They feature a little school bus charm, school bells, what I'm calling apples which are really Czech glass red beads, all hanging from a chain and an earring hook. So I've made one and now I'm gonna make the second one to match. So you'll need the school bus charms, and there's a left and a right one; the school bells, and we're gonna use for the whole project we're gonna use six; we've got Czech glass 4-mm red beads, again whole project we're gonna use six; 1-1/2-inch antique silver head pins; we got 4-mm jump rings; we're using rolo chain; and an earring hook. Now for the tools you're gonna need two pairs of chain nose pliers to open up those jump rings, a pair of cutters, and I'm gonna use a pair of wire-looping pliers. You could also use round nose pliers. Let's make our project. So the chain length per earring is an inch and a half. So let me just go ahead and cut that. So this started as a foot of chain. So you see that you have a lot left over for another project and now we're gonna go ahead and create our little apple dangles. To do that place a Czech glass bead onto a head pin and like I said we're using wire-looping pliers to make our wrapped wire loops. To do so go ahead, squeeze the pliers, and because of the concave nose here it does half the work for you. Rotate the pliers up and then just using your fingers wrap that wire around a good time and a half, two times. Trim off the excess and go ahead and use your chain nose pliers to tuck in that little tail. We're gonna make two more of those. Okay, now we're gonna attach everything to this length of chain via jump rings. Let's go ahead and start with our school bus charm. Oops, wrong pliers. Those are not going to work. Alright, so grab either side of the jump ring, this is an open jump ring. The slit should be facing away from you up top. Twist them open, oops, here we go, our school bus, and this is gonna hang from the end chain link. Close it up and now we're gonna add our school bells first. And I'm just gonna put them randomly throughout the chain. You can go ahead and count and make it match your first earring or you can just kind of put them wherever you want. I like the latter option. So I'm just gonna hang it from a chain link via a jump ring and close it. There's one. And then go about halfway up. I'm doin' another one. And then I'm gonna do one up top here as well. There's one up near the earring hook. I think I'll do that one on the very next to last chain link. Actually, let me look at how this is gonna hang. Yep, that looks good. And at this point I'm gonna go ahead and hang my earring hook so I can hold this a little bit better. So this will be facing forward. And for the loop at the base of the earring hook, you're gonna open and close it just like a jump ring. Alright, so that is what we have so far. So now I'm just gonna add my little red dangles and I'm gonna add them with the jump rings too because those are wrapped wire loops, which mean they are no longer able to be opened. They're nice and secure and closed. And this is a really easy technique for an earring that you can really adapt to a lot of other different themes and styles. So let's say you have like a sports fan. You can go ahead and find sports fan charm and then something to accent it or maybe patriotic and have little star charms or hearts. There's a lot of different things you can do with the same idea where you're just attaching dangles and beads to a chain length and at the base there's a charm. Okay, so all I've got left is one little red bead. I think there's a gap right here or what looks to me like a little blank space in my design so I'm just gonna put it right there. And we have a finished earring. So this is what we've got and we've got our two earrings with our left and right buses and they're all ready for the first day of school. For all you teachers out there or just someone who really enjoys their school, these are really fun to wear. I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. You can find other ones like it at

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