How to Make a Sports Team Bracelet

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Beginner
Show your fan spirit but making a sports team bracelet featuring detailed pewter charms by TierraCast. These bangle bracelets are easy to make: just pick your sports charm, then accent it with your team colors in a variety of beads and hang them all on a premade bangle bracelet.
Audio Transcript
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(gentle music) - [Julie] Hi, this is Julie with Beadaholique and in this video I'm gonna show you how to make a bracelet using these great sports charms by TierraCast and some colorful beads. Now I'm gonna do a bracelet here using this really pretty bangle but I wanna do it in the Chicago Bears colors. So I hope I got them right. We have a big Chicago Bear fan here in the design space, so I want to do a bracelet for her. And I'm gonna be using the football charm right here but there's a football charm, there's a basketball, a baseball, a soccer, and a volleyball. You see they come in silver as well as gold and they do match these really pretty bracelets as well. So these are great if you are a big sports fan and wanna show your team support or maybe you've got a child in sports and you wanna create some bracelets for their team. That'd be really fun too. So, like I mentioned, I pulled out some colors for the Chicago Bears. I've got my football charm, I've got some little ball head pins, some jump rings, and then I've got my bracelet. And then for tools I've got a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to open up my jump ring, a pair of cutters, and a wire-looping plier. So one thing you will wanna keep in mind when you are getting materials ready for your project is you wanna make sure that the jump ring is big enough to go around the diameter of the wire that's used for this bangle bracelet. So I'm using a 6-mm open jump ring. So let's begin. So first off I'm gonna place my football charm onto my bangle bracelet. So just gonna open up a jump ring. Okay, and go ahead and place it on and close it back up. And you see how it can just dangle right there. Now I'm gonna create a couple little white dangles with these wheel beads. I thought that would be really fun. I think this is probably gonna come in under a five-minute project. So if maybe you're making some of these for an entire team you know that you're not gonna have to spend that much time to create maybe a dozen of 'em or even more than that. Maybe you're making them for some friends too. You're also gonna be able to buy one pack of each of these type beads and be able to spread them out among multiple bracelets if you are making multiples. But maybe you just wanna make 'em for yourself. I need to open that jump ring a little bit more. There we go. Okay, so now I'm just gonna take those guys and put them on another jump ring and link it onto my bracelet. Oops, I was gonna do another, well, I wasn't planning on doing another dangle but I just did, why not? Got carried away with those wheel beads. What you can even do is you can even link a couple of them to a single jump ring. I just like playing around with the different shapes of beads. I think that's fun to not have all just round. Okay, now for the actual bigger beads I'm gonna go ahead and place them on a head pin and I'm going to also attach these to a jump ring to actually attach it to my bracelet. If you did not wanna do that, you wanted to just attach it directly on again, just make sure the size of whatever loop you're creating is big enough to go over that bracelet. But since I'm not gonna be doing that I'm not gonna worry about the size of my loop. Make a little wrap wire loop. You can definitely add as many or as few beads as you want. I'm actually thinking the next bracelet I make I actually wanna do with the Seattle Supersonics colors and I know they no longer exist, but that was my team growing up and my husband and I sadly miss them. So I think I wanna make a bracelet with their team colors. Alright, there we go. I could add more or I could just leave it just like that, and I think that's actually really pretty. So very quickly and very easily I was able to make a bracelet with some nice team colors using that fun football charm. Again, there's a soccer one, there's a baseball, there's a volleyball, and there's a basketball and they are double-sided so they're gonna look really nice from all directions and they come in the silver color as well. You can find all these supplies and a bunch of different beads for your favorite team colors at

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