Jewelry Making Tool Must-Haves

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Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Any Level
In this video see designer Julie Bean's recommendation for must have jewelry making tools. These are her personal favorite tools and they include wire looping pliers, pocket crimping pliers, chain nose pliers and more.
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Hi, this is Julie Batali and in this video I want to show you my absolute favorite tools so I often get asked in YouTube questions and on Facebook what tools do I personally love and use so I thought I'd do a video showing you my must-haves and these tools really will allow you to do all types of stringing projects wrapped wire loops simple wire loops work with chain a whole bunch of other things too so there are a lot of different choices out there and these are just my favorites so I for crimping if you're going to use crimp beads and do stringing projects I love the pocket crimper and I like it because it's so small my hands are not very big and for me to get in there and really crimp a crimp bead I like the size of the pocket crimper I feel like it gives me a lot more control so I would choose a pocket crimper over a full size one any day in terms of a cutter I really like the Zirin cutter and this is just a nice affordable cutter it's not very expensive but what I like about it is that narrow tip and also if you look at the side view how flat this is so you can really get into tight corners with this one and it's nice and sharp easy to use as well for a chain nose plier I like thisor on chain nose plier as well and I like it because of the fine tip I find it a little hard to work with things that have a broader tip and that's me I do a lot of detailed work with my jewelry designs and I like to be able to really get right in there I also again like how easy these are to work with I don't really ever have hand fatigue now I don't use a round nose plier in my personal projects I definitely use a wire looping plier instead and I'm going to show you how to use this in just a second so this is different than a round nose plier if you're familiar with jewelry making tools you'll know a round nose plier basically has two noses identical to this one with a wire looping plier you have the one round nosed side but then you the run round side but you also have this concave side right here and that allows you to create wrapped wire loops really quickly and easily and they look perfect every time so I want to show you these three tools in action using the wire looping pliers and so I just have a head pin right here and a bead and what you're going to do is you're first going to start with your wire looping pliers and just right above the bead go ahead and squeeze if I pull this away you can see that it went ahead and it made half that loop for me so now I'm just going to use my fingers Bend that wire down rotate up and also this grips it which is really nice so I have something to hold on to as I'm working and then I'm just going to loop around and now here's where that fine point of this cutter comes in handy because I can get really up close there and snip and then I can use my chain nose plier to just tuck in that end so we have a really nice little link now or whatever we want to do with this one so those are definitely my must-haves I use these tools all the times we've got the pocket crimp crimper the Zirin chain nose plier the wire looping plier and again the Zirin cutter and all of these are actually very affordable so their price point is really nice too and then they have three other tools which aren't ones that I use every day but are really ones that I like to use a lot in my personal designs and they're ones that I think are a little less commonly known so for a scissor I will always choose these little snip ones I like them so let me just do something real quick with them I just like this easy to pick them up you just squeeze them and it snips and again they have that fine point so that's my favorite scissor I also like big eye needles so I like to do a lot of kumihimo and crochet with beads and so with that type of project you're not going to be able to use a traditional needle so a big needle a big eye needle has this nice wide gap right here and so you can get all different thicknesses of stringing material through it which is really handy also you're not fiddling trying you get a wider or a thicker stringing material through a tiny little eye of a needle which is nice and then lastly I am really into loom work right now I love it and here's just some naima thread you'll notice when it comes off the spool it's kind of kinky so I like using thread conditioner if you open this up it's like a waxy surface and you just run your thread across it and it starts to smooth it out and it gives it a little bit of like a nice coating and that makes it so that it's a little bit easier to work with it's a little smoother and it tangles less frequently which is nice too so those are really my personal must-haves I I love them I use them a lot and I would highly recommend each of these tools so if you're just getting started and you're looking for a direction to go in terms of what tools to purchase these would be really great ones or if you're an experienced beater and just want to try something new I would definitely consider one of these so I hope you enjoy this quick overview video of my very favorite tools you can find all of them at beadaholique you

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