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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the rainbow party hoop earrings now this is a really great use for some memory wire scraps so if you've been working with memory wire this is what it looks like here so if you have just like a couple little extra coils or even just like a half a coil or something this is a really great opportunity to use up that extra memory wire so i thought it would be fun to make a sort of multi-colored hoop earring so we are going to be using some round czech glass druks here and then i also have these little rondelles so they have little facets on the side of them but they have a little rondelle there so i'm not only going to be mixing in the colors i'm going to be mixing with some shapes now you could take this design and really turn it into whatever you want by using seed beads bigger beads you know different color beads whatever you kind of want so this is a really fun and easy project all right so we are going to need some round nose pliers some chain nose pliers and some flush cutters and then to finish off my design here i have some little jump rings and my earring hooks there now again you could also use whichever earring hooks you like all right so if you have everything ready to go let's go ahead and get started so this is going to be really fun so go ahead and kind of come to one side of your memory wire now if you do have one side of your memory wire you can go ahead and start that little loop now and that's actually what i'm going to do just on the off chance because i want you to kind of follow along here that you have a little bit less memory wire than i do so it also kind of adds like a nice little stopper so go ahead and take your round nose pliers and come to the end of your memory wire now we're going to be adding a jump ring possibly to this end or the other end it's kind of up to you however the colors sit and you like it go ahead and kind of pinch with your pliers there and then we're going to curve it inwards and i'm just kind of pressing against it with my thumb there and i'm going to move to the other sort of the other end of the plier there and i'm just going to keep kind of curving that in i want to make sure that i have a nice little loop so you can just see there i'm creating a little loop and i'm actually going to go ahead and come to the end of my pliers and kind of pinch that together and i really want to make sure this is not going to go anywhere there we go all right so i have my little loop on one side so i can set my round nose pliers aside for the moment actually i'm just going to move my tools out of the way there we go so now i am going to start by picking up one of my drucks and you see i've gotten the green there so let's go ahead and let's dive in let's grab a little blue on there so all i'm going to do now is just alternate back and forth and i want to add as many beads as i want to get the shape but for me i like to add 15 druks so i'm going to start with the truck and end with a drug so like you can see i'm just kind of going back and forth just kind of peeking at my little colors there seeing which one i want to work with let's see i think a red one will be really pretty there and this design really allows the shape to shine i just i love you know really playing with shapes and colors i think it's one of the things that is underutilized a lot people kind of shy away from mixing and matching or kind of making something that doesn't seem oh well that's not so designery but you know what it sure is fun all right so let's add another red one in there i think that's going to be really pretty lots of beautiful facets in these rondelles so really feel it feel like you can let them do their own thing here all right just gonna add a couple more and again so if you wanted to just do like a half little crescent you can kind of do that i'm gonna do something that's a little fuller you can also go you know the the full way and create the loop so that they come together at the end and i'll kind of walk you through that if you're curious here towards the end let's see so let's do another red one i like the red ones they just pop so much all right i got i got lots of green to play with here so i think i should start putting some more green jacks in there there we go let's add some more orange pretty pretty orange uh let's go find the purple all right let me just count up here i don't think i'm quite to where i want to be one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen okay so two more so that kind of gives me a little bit of a guide here of which colors i wanna start and end with so once you kind of get to this point you'll be able to go oh well maybe i want to you know end both of mine on a green or you know end both of mine on uh you know white or something like that so you can decide oh gosh how many did i just say that i just had there again i want to take this one off i don't like that one i wanted to add this last little red one here i thought that would be really pretty okay let me just count one more time one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen okay so one more so let's see so i have greens on that side so let me you know i'm gonna end with that orange i think it's gonna be really nice okey dokey so now that we have our beads loaded up i'm going to kind of scooch mine all the way down to the other side because i want them to come up against that loop that we created so you can just kind of wind them down wind them all around there we go scooch scooch scooch okay so now you can start to see the shape of our earring there so it's going to be about that it's going to be that size of a loop so we're going to have our earring hook at one end so now to finish this off go ahead and kind of hold those beads really tight with your fingers and pull pull pull and then we're going to come in with our memory wire cutters remember to use your memory wire cutters and not regular flush cutters we don't want to hurt our flush cutters go ahead and cut that off and you can see how little memory wire we actually used come in with your round nose pliers and now what we're going to do is we're going to just curve that in just like we did before making sure that's a nice tight little loop holding those beads and bringing that in perfect all right and kind of give it a little extra pinch there to make that work all right so now we have the shape of our hoop earring so i'm going to go ahead and clear some of this out of the way all right so come in with your chain nose pliers now and we are going to open up our little jump ring here slide that on now i'm going to use i think i want the green on the front i think i want to end with the orange in the back i'm going to slide on my little earring hook now you can use whichever earring hook you like i i like these guys i think they're nice and long and elegant but this is a little bit of a heavier earring so if you wanted to this would be a great opportunity to add a little post earring instead a little more secure there all right so there you have it so that is how easy it is to create the rainbow party hoop earrings i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more fun tutorials by heading over to

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