How to Make a Strung Bracelet with Czech Glass Flower Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn some tips for creating a strung bracelet using Czech Glass flower beads. These beads are unique and when creating a strung bracelet there are things to keep in mind to achieve the right size and tension to get the beads to sit correctly.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a strung bracelet with czech glass flower beads now this is going to be a really simple design but there's a couple little tricks that i wanted to share with you so first off let's take a look at how it's going to come to you it's going to come on a strand now a lot of people do ask can i just leave it on the strand it comes with you can i don't recommend it because this is uh just kind of a little cotton sort of strand and you know you have no idea how long it's been here and you know what the slack is so it's actually already kind of coming off in my hand so it's a little fuzzy but i just wanted to show you how they're going to kind of lay and i over here i have one of those beads on a head pin so just to see where it's drilled i wanted you to be able to kind of see that nice and up close there so that's how they're drilled they're drilled kind of through the bottom and i have of course my little beads here ready to go and this is a beautiful bead mix so i think it's just really pretty just to kind of string it up and make a bracelet out of it so i have a couple of crimp tubes i have some crimp covers i have a closed jump ring and i have a lobster clasp i'm going to be using some beading wire here and i have my flush cutters and my crimping pliers ready to go okay so the first thing we're going to do is i'm going to well the first thing is i'm going to set that aside because we don't need to look at that anymore now we usually want to use a bead stopper but i'm going to show you a way to do it without that so i'm going to go ahead and kind of get a little a little more wire off of my spool here and the way i'm going to avoid that is i'm actually going to start one end with the clasp attached so i'm going to go ahead and take one of those crimp tubes and i'm going to take that lobster clasp string it on and then i'm going to take this wire and i'm going to go back through that crimp tube and i want to make sure that i have enough to kind of hold with my fingers because i want to just hold it back there and you can kind of see how i i'm holding this with my hands maybe it's silly but it works for me and i'm going to come in with my crimping pliers and i'm going to set that crimp tube right in that first little notch there so you can just see that on the side there so it's in that first notch so what we're going to do is we are going to crimp you can see it kind of form a little v and then i'm going to remove my pliers and what i'm going to do is i'm just going to kind of rotate that 90 degrees so that that little v is sort of facing away from me and then i'm going to come in and set that into the next little notch there and i'm going to crimp it closed so they're going to kind of crimp on each other so you start off with that v you turn it and then you crimp it okay so now that's what we have there and before we move on from that i'm going to add a little crimp cover and it looks like a little pac-man so you can just kind of get it over your crimp again just kind of holding it with your fingers and i like to come in using those xeron foreign ones because the end is like a little chain nose plier and all i'm doing is i'm just crimping it around you can kind of come from a couple different angles here because the idea is we want it to come together so we don't see that seam anymore we want it to look like a nice little bead on the end just like so all right beautiful so now we can come in and we can grab our ruler here and i want to make about a seven inch bracelet so what i'm going to do is sort of measure out to seven inches here and i'm going to need a couple extra inches so i'm going to go all the way to about 11 inches or so and that's where i'm going to trim off my wire so now i have that set it ready to go so now this is going to act as our bead stopper so we don't need that anymore perfect all right let's start adding up those beads here you can go in any pattern you like there are about four different colors so you can create a pattern if you want with this mix or you can just kind of wing it i'm going to add a couple here there we go all right now as i scooch these down to this side i have that tail still and that tail is actually going to fit through a couple of these beads here just because i like to keep it nice and secure when i'm up to the edge of that little bead so i'm going to string through probably just at least two but that way you have that little extra security on that one end so now you can just come in trim off that wire and now slide your other little beads down now what i like to do is kind of just let them kind of hang and let them kind of fall where they want to fall so you'll notice as you're stringing the beads that's what's going to kind of happen they're going to want to go where they're going to want to go all right so i'm going to keep stringing up my beads here in random order i'm just trying not to put two of the same color next to each other so that's just my sort of method if you are curious all right and again just kind of dropping them down and you can kind of just wiggle them with your fingers because they're going to want to sit every which way so just kind of make sure that they're they're taught but they're not too tight because we don't want to make them too tight i'm going to show you why in just a moment okay so i have the right amount of beads that i think i want here so i'm going to measure it again so i'm going to bring my finger all the way to my seven inches over here and you can see that i have just a little bit of space and that's going to be perfect because that's going to help me with the rest of my clasp so you can see that it's going to be about seven inches now one thing to remember is that especially with a bracelet like this that has a little bit of bulk to it when you bring it together and have it down here it may have been seven inches long but it will not be seven inches on that inner diameter it will be closer to about six and a half so make sure that you are measuring appropriately so if you need to add more beads please go ahead and do that now so this is going to be our bracelet though so i just want to kind of show you you can sort of let it hang down vertically like that and just kind of give it a little shake make sure there's you hear a little bit a little bit but that means that they're a little bit loose and that's what you want so if you want to adjust anything do so now you don't want anything to be too tight because again when we bring it all together here there we go bring it all together you can hold it with your finger you want to make sure that that's going to be a nice curve if they're too taut they're going to kind of crunch in on each other and it's not going to wear really nicely you can also kind of set it on your wrist there just to make sure that it's going to to wear the way you want it to okay so a little trick here is to do it and finish the clasp with it curved just a little bit i'm going to show you that right now okay so same as before we're going to grab our little crimp tube here and we're going to take our closed jump ring now this would be the same if you were using like a toggle clasp or something like that or you could always use thread protectors as well so i'm going to go ahead and cinch that down bringing that as close as i can but before remember we're going to try to go through those last couple of beads so i'm going to sneak that wire in and this is why you want a little extra wire on the end is to try to just sneak it through a bead or two even if you can only get it through one that will still kind of help secure so i'm just going to sneak it through that purple one all right so as you pull taut i'm keeping that curve on my work surface there so it's going to be nice so we don't again we don't want to make sure we want to make sure that they're not going to crunch in on each other so the best way to do that is to kind of keep that curve happening there now you can see on the end of my little bead here it is a little bit at an angle so you're just going to want to be careful because again these are glass beads so sneak your crimping pliers in there make sure the beads are not going to get crimped and go ahead and crimp that wire and then we're going to do the same we're going to rotate it make sure it is crimped really really good i'm just going to kind of crimp again you can always do that don't don't be fearful of that and then rotate and again i know this is hard to see that's why i definitely wanted to show you on the first side because this side it is a little bit more difficult i'm just going to bring this a little bit there we go gotta get the right got to get the right angle on these guys all right there we go so now i have my v crimp rotated perfect okay all right a little bit of finagling on that one but we got it to work that's all i needed i am happy with that and now here's the crimp cover which is just a nice little thing i just like to finish it it looks like looks like i said you know a nice little silver bead on the end so just as a really nice finishing thing you do not absolutely have to add the crimp cover it is uh just merely aesthetic all right so there we go so now final step is to sneak in with my flush cutters and trim off that wire so now you can see when it's long you can hear it a little bit because there's a little bit of kind of space there but when you go to close it it has a nice beautiful little loop there so nothing is too taut you can see that it kind of those little beads will just dance around all right so that is how to make a strung bracelet with the czech glass flower beads i hope this was informative for you and this is great if you're using any kind of shaped bead in a strong design so hopefully these tips will help you thanks so much for watching you can get all of these supplies and 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