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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the spring flowers memory wire bracelet now this is a very basic memory wire bracelet but i wanted to show you an option for a pattern when you're using multiple sizes and multiple colors of beads now i have these beautiful czech glass bead mixes and i have them in four millimeter six millimeter eight millimeter and ten millimeter so we have a lot of sparkle happening here and this is the spring flowers mix hence the name i'm going to be using a 2.25 memory wire here we do have different sizes but you're gonna see that a lot of these beads are nice and big so they're going to have a lot of weight on that memory wire so feel free to use whichever size suits your needs all right and the only tools that we're going to need is a pair of round nose pliers and of course our memory wire cutters please do not use regular flush cutters on our memory wire you will definitely hurt your flush cutters and i really don't want to see that happen all right so let's get started with some basic ideas here so the first thing i always like to do especially if i know my pattern already you can add a bead stopper to one end if you want but i know that my pattern is going to start the way i want it to because i've tested this so i'm going to go ahead and come in and take my round nose pliers just to the very end of my memory wire just like that and then i'm just going to bend it backwards to create a nice little loop there and just kind of twist that and i'm going to get my second piece of the plier in there there we go and just bend bend bend bend we want to have a nice nice strong loop there i like to have my loops going inwards towards my wrist i just think it's a little bit smoother than if it's on the outside because also the outside is what you'd see anyway so i have my loop ready to go which means i can come to the other side of my memory wire now this is full out of the package i haven't cut it i don't think i'm going to use all of these coils but instead of trying to cut it halfway or cut it where i think i might want it i like to leave the whole thing together that way i can really just sort of see how my pattern develops so i'm going to set my tools aside here and i'm going to start my pattern now what i'm going to do is i'm going to start with a four millimeter here and go ahead and just kind of string that on and i'm going to kind of slide it down so you guys can see the pattern develop and then what i like to do is choose a different color so i don't want to keep all within the same color so i have that beautiful green going on there so there's my six millimeter and again choosing a different color i'm going to come in with a pink and now when i come to my 10 millimeter i'm actually going to do three beads because i want this to be really just kind of big and sparkly so i'm going to choose three different colors here and let's go for that big bold blue i just love this color all right and so that's sort of my pattern and now i'm just going to reverse out of that by choosing one of the eight millimeters and one of the six i'm gonna kind of make sure that i'm not choosing the same colors all the way through here so i really want to vary up my colors okay so there is my pattern so you can just see and the reason you can really notice that i wanted to use those three big beads there because they just have so much impact and i'm just using these little beads as kind of little waves and stoppers here so what you'll see is i'm going to not add another four millimeter i'm going to go straight into adding a six slide that in and then kind of carry on with my pattern here so we're going to be using more of the um 10 beads and less of the four beads so but i'm using a good good mix of the in-between ones there all right so let's see i want to do a little bit of a different pattern here so let's grab one of those greens let's grab a crystal these all have a little bit of a b to them which makes them really just gorgeous all right and let's do a pink i think that'll be nice and pretty there all right so sliding that all the way around and let's come in let's grab a blue one and you can just kind of take your time let the pattern sort of develop how it wants to you can see that you're going to kind of end up with a little bit of a try going on and then you're going to have them just be wrapping around there for you all right so let's do let's do yellow and i even like this yellow it's kind of almost like a lemongrassy kind of yellow all right and let's end it with a green okay so i'm just going to keep adding on in this same pattern and then i'm going to kind of show you what it's going to start to develop and look like but that is our main pattern there and you can already see just how glittery this is so pretty all right so i'm going to finish up adding a few more segments and i'll be back to show you where i'm at okay so as you can see here i have the memory wire and i've only used about four coils or so because these are really nice big bold beads so i don't want to add too much i don't want to be too too heavy with it so just so you know of the pattern that i was doing and i'm counting the big three beads that i have there i have done nine of the kind of pattern if you will so i just kind of counting those three big beads it's one you know and then two three so i've done nine sections of that and you can see they just sort of the ends are going to come together pretty nicely in the back so there will be sort of a back in the front and that's what i was going for so you'll get three on the on the front side there okay so now that i've slid everything down to one side i'm going to just kind of scooch scooch with my fingers making sure everything is taut there's no gaps left and then what you're going to do is just kind of hold the beads with your finger on one side making sure that it doesn't move you can see i've kind of like set mine down on the table there i'm going to come in with my memory wire cutters and i'm going to cut about a half an inch or so from that last bead and that's going to give me plenty of room for my loop all right so i'm just going to come in and cut there we go and now we can set aside our memory wire to use for a different project so you see we have no waste which is wonderful and then we're going to come in with our round nose pliers and you guessed it we're going to do that same loop so just go ahead and bend that in right there and i'm just kind of pushing against it there we go and completing that loop making sure to keep that last little bead out of the way we want to keep everything as taut as possible so we don't have too much movement here and actually mine is nice and tight and i love that all right so now we have our memory wire bracelet so you can just kind of coil it up on your wrist just sort of wrapping it around and then like i said we'll sort of see those little guys come together now this sort of widens on my wrist a little bit because of those nice big beads so keep that in mind if you want a larger size of memory wire i encourage you to go for that but this is just so sparkly and so fun so you can actually see it even reflecting on my on my wrist which i think is actually really beautiful so again these are czech glass beads this is the spring flowers mix and you can get all of these by heading over to and don't forget to get your memory wire cutters as well if you don't have a pair of those you will definitely need them to complete this bracelet thanks so much for watching if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from

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