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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a memory wire bracelet using 6-0 czech glass seed beads now the reason i'm going to make this really really simple is because we have this beautiful mix of seed beads to work with now this is the royal topaz mix and again these are 6 0 seed beads so i'm going to go ahead and pour these out onto my work surface here it's just so really beautiful so you can see that there's a beautiful little mix here some are a little bit more transparent some have that beautiful rich gold so that's the whole tube there there we go last one i'm going to set that aside so i'm gonna be using some gold memory wire here now this comes with 12 loops so we are going to do a little experiment to see if i use the whole tube how many rings and loops can i get but of course as you do this you will be able to adjust as needed all right so the only tools that we're going to need is a pair of round nose pliers and i'm using a really good pair of tronex pliers here and then i'm using my memory wire cutters please do not try to use your regular flush cutters on your memory wire you will absolutely destroy them and you will be very sad and i don't want to see that happen to you okay so the first thing that we're going to do is i'm going to set my cutters aside because we're not sure how long we want our bracelet to be just yet so now i'm going to come to one end of the memory wire and here it is and the first thing we're going to do is create a little stop so what i'm going to do is i'm going to take those round nose pliers on the very tippy end there and i'm just going to curl it in and what i'm going to do is i'm going to curl mine in towards the center because i want it to kind of have a nice little sleek finish on the outside if you wanted to add a charm you could curl it towards the center or you could curl it sort of outwards going like that but i'm going to curl mine inwards on mine because i want to just create a sort of golden bangle kind of look here so i'm just going to create a nice little small loop there just bending it ever so and you can see that i'm just kind of working it sorry i got off camera there for a second just kind of working it in so that i have that nice little loop there at the bottom so you see that perfect now mine does have a little bit of space there but i'm not too worried these are nice big seed beads they're going to slide on there super duper easy if you are going to add a charm make sure that that loop is nice and closed all right so i'm going to go ahead and set that tool aside as well give myself plenty of room to work here now all i need to do is just kind of take this and i'm just going to start scooping up seed beads and i'm going to try to alternate mine so that i don't have any one color next to each other i'm not going for any kind of pattern here just wanting to kind of scoop them up and then you can kind of you know kind of coil them down and let them go and sit down there at the bottom just kind of scooch them down so that's it this is the whole project guys but i think it's going to actually yield a really really neat result so i'm going to keep doing this and i'm going to be back in just a few minutes to show you what that end result is and to see how far we've gotten on our 12 loops of memory wire but look at how gorgeous that is already so pretty alright i will be right back okay before i show you does anyone want to guess how many loops i could do with that entire tube of beads turns out i could do about five but look at how beautiful that is so that's about half my memory wear so if you wanted to get a second one you could do another entire bracelet which i actually think is pretty cool all right so yeah so you get about five little over five loops there uh if you kind of count around one two three yeah about five a little five maybe five and a half so how beautiful is that and you can see we have our nice little loop there on the end that is just going to kind of tuck in there and you almost don't even see it because this mix is so beautiful all right so let's go ahead and finish this one off so what we are going to do is we are going to come in with our memory wire cutters and what i want to do is i want to cut so i have about at least a half an inch so if you're kind of looking at your pliers i've sort of doubled up the space of my pliers so that's kind of a good little gauge there so we're going to go ahead and cut that and you want to hold on to your beads because they might spring out on you set that aside and now we're going to come in with our round nose pliers and make that simple wire loop again same way just sort of bringing it in onto those beads there just sort of twisting and that wire is going to be nice and tough so we want to make sure that we get that loop nice and tight and go ahead and tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck perfect all right so there we go so that is our little memory wire bracelet the way i suggest you guys kind of put these on is you just sort of put one around the wrist and you just kind of wrap it up there we go and you just kind of wrap the wrist around and you have a beautiful little bracelet and it will have that nice little shape to it now i love that this actually kind of finishes that way on my wrist so this is you can you can see that it's a little kind of not tight but it's definitely um taut around my wrist my wrist is about a six and a six and a quarter six and a half so just so you can see how that fits there you'll be able to adjust hopefully for your size this is the 2.25 memory wire we do also have uh different sizes of memory wire as well so if you want to go up or down a size we have that for you to explore and they should both work with the 60c beads and because it's memory wire it comes right back to its great cute little form there all right i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over 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