How to Make the Piggy Pinwheel Necklace with Czech Glass 2-Hole Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will see from start to finish how to make this necklace using 2-hole Czech glass Piggy and Lentil beads, 4mm Austrian crystal pearls, and Toho 11/0 Demi Round seed beads. You will also see how to wire wrap a bail onto your finished focal, as well as how to attach a chain and clasp.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique to be dweep the piggie pinwheel necklace with czech glass two whole beads so here i have a finished focal piece using some piggy beads lentil beads Swarovski crystal and Toho seed beads so that's what I have down here for you here these piggy beads are chalk white iris and you can see that they have sort of a concave Center with an off drilled two hole drill in there and then over here is a two hole lentil bead in opaque champagne I've got some beautiful iridescent light blue four millimeter Swarovski crystal pearls and then some eleven o Toho Demi round beads so we'll be weaving this focal piece and then we'll put it on to this nice oval curb chain a three millimeter sterling curb chain with lobster clasp couple of four millimeter open jump rings and a little bit of wire for tulle so I've got my scissors my chain nose pliers round nose pliers and my cutters so to begin I've cut myself three feet of four pound test smoke fireline and strung it on to my size 12 needle and I'm ready to begin so to do that I'm going to start by picking up seven lentil beads yes my seventh bead I'm gonna pull all of those down toward the end of my thread I don't need much of a tail because what I'm going to do is bring the two sides of my thread around and tie an overhand knot bring those beads into a ring so I come around once and twice get that nice and tight and now what I'll do is string up through the second hole of my lentil bead I'll be going clockwise so once I'm up there I'm gonna pick up one Toho Demi round bead one of my piggy beads through the outermost hole and then another Demi round bead coming through the second hole of my next lentil bead and when I pull it tucks the inner part of that piggy bead between so I'm going to do that around the perimeter here get my next piggy bead make sure that it's going in the same direction whoops I had a 50/50 chance and it went the opposite way so let me try that again let's turn it around bring that in there we go and get my next touhou Danny round on there coming through the lentil bead the tail of my thread it's in my way so I'm going to pull that down get my next Demi round next piggy bead coming through the backside and my next Demi round and through the lentil beads you can see the petal pattern starting to form I'm going to continue this around the edge and then come back with you when I've met up at the beginning so here I'm adding on my last piggy bead and you'll see that I'm threading through the lentil bead as well as the little Toho that's laying on the backside of my first piggy bead that I strung so that's where my needle is coming out now is right after that Toho and what I'm going to do is string up through the second hole of the piggy bead and from here start the next round of my beadwork so my next round is going to consist of let's get my thread out of the way a Toho bead a Swarovski pearl and another Toho bead and these are going to rest in between each of the piggy beads so once again I'm going to do that around the perimeter of my flower doing a Toho a pearl and a Touhou Toho pearl and a Toho all the way around alright so I'm threading in my last Swarovski pearl with the beads in on either side and you'll see that when I'm threaded through I've actually come through again the little Toho that's on the other side of my swarovski in this section so that's where my threads coming out and from here I'm gonna string on seven more Toho deme rounds there's my seven and what I'll do is string back through the little dummy round on the other side of the Swarovski pearl and through my piggy bead that's gonna make a little bit of beaded edging around my pearl what I want to make sure is that I'm coming through that other little Demi round as I did the first time so let me tuck my needle in there make sure that the thread is coming through the right path now I've got it through that little dummy round I'm gonna do the same thing I'm gonna pick up seven Toho seed beads and come down through that Demi round through the piggy bead and also through that next little Demi round this will create my beaded edging all the way along so I've got my final section of seven beads coming through my last little Toho bead there the piggy bead and also that Toho on the other side I'm actually ready to tie off and weave in my thread so for that I'm just gonna come through and make a loop and pull it tight make sure it lands between the beads that I want it to there's one come through one more time make that double knot and then I'm gonna weave in my thread just coming through some of these toes back through this final piggy bead and then I will clip the thread let me get my scissors here tuck them in and clip and I have the choice to weave in my tail or I could just clip it it's it's right on this inner layer that's not going to get very much wear so I'm gonna go ahead and clip that if I'd clipped it at the beginning maybe it wouldn't have gotten in my way so what I noticed as I was weaving I was sort of pleased with the the roughly off-kilter way that the beads fell and and created that sort of pinwheel look to to the weaving and you can see that these would make a really nice pair of earrings but for this video we're gonna make a pendant and so let me take up my curb chain here I'm going to find the center link this is seventeen and a half inches of chain so I'm gonna clip with my flush cutters this little Center figure eight link get that off because the two sides of the chain are going to come together like so and then the focal will sit in the in the middle there now for that we need to create a little wire wrap bail at the top and so here I have two inches of sterling wire in 26 gauge I'm gonna go ahead and tuck that wire through the hole of one of my piggy beads just like so and I'm gonna use my my plier to pull the tail up there and we're gonna create a little figure eight wrap on the top similar to how you would wire wrap a briolette so I'm bringing the two sides of the wire up got maybe an inch on one side and the remainder on the other I'm gonna angle that longer side of wire straight off the top and then coil the base that little tail portion around the bottom and I'll use and I'll use my pliers get a nice tight coil in there come around a couple at times and I'm gonna clip that extra wire with my flush cutters and take my my rounds to get a grip I'm gonna angle that top wire off the top reposition my pliers actually I'm going to consider the orientation of the loop first I know that I want my loop to be in the same direction as my pendant so let me reverse the direction of that wire off to this side and now I'm ready to come up and over the top and now before I coil my wire I'm gonna go ahead and latch on the two end links of my chain just like so and I'm gonna grip on that top loop and coil the wire shut and what I'm doing is coiling from the tightest bottom of my loop there where my pliers are working my way down toward the beaded focal covering the first wrap that I did and I'm actually just gonna keep coiling that tail use up as much of this nice precious metal as I can to create kind of a more substantial bail on there and with my flat plier I'm going to come in and tuck that tail in there we go yeah we're ready to add the clasp so for that let me take up a jump ring just open that up at the seam slide on the other end loop of my chain close that up and my little sterling lobster clasp has come with its own jump ring so I'm going to open that up in the back do the same thing latching on to the other end and link of my chain closing that up and there we go so that's how to bead weave the Piggy pinwheel necklace with some czech glass two whole beads all of these tools and supplies are available at and please also visit our youtube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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