How to Use Carrier Beads in Jewelry Designs

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you see some wonderful ideas to inspire you to try using Czech Glass Carrier Beads in your handmade jewelry designs. Everything from stringing to bead weaving, these techniques are a great way to get creative with these, and many more, 2-hole beads.
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Hi, this is Kat with I have seen these before and what they are are these two whole Czech glass beads and let me draw your attention right down here so I can show you them so we have two different sizes so we have the smaller size and we have the larger size so that's smaller size just if you're looking for some exact measurement that's gonna be about nine millimeters to 17 and the large one is 11 by 22 but you can just see how much a few millimeters really makes a difference so I'm gonna be talking about some of the bead weaving options that we have with this and also some of the stringing options so if you look here on the side these are two whole beads so they have two holes on them and you can see that they both have two holes now what's really interesting is if you take a look at the side profile there you'll notice that those two holes are exactly the same length apart so you're gonna get eight millimeters worth of space from hole to hole now the great part about that is that you can actually string them together and you're not gonna have to worry about tapering down or doing anything like that so if you did want to do something that was straight through you have the opportunity to do that which i think is great and its really genius so let's start talking about some of the inspirations that you might come across when you're using carrier beads now here's a perfect example this is actually one of our exclusive to exactly how to create this type of design so one of the great things about this is you can see that you can utilize other two whole beads like these for example are the T nose part puka and we also have some beautiful swarovski pearls in there just to add a little bit of color but if you sort of kind of peek at the side here you can see that it raised is up with a nice row of Meucci eleven o delicas and this is done in a beautiful peyote stitch now you'll see from the side view here and actually have a bead that doesn't have anything else attached so it lays nice and flush so this is actually six beads across you can get a nice even pattern but if you wanted to do an odd count pattern you can go to five or you can go to seven just knowing that you'll have your beads out a little bit from the bead from the carrier bead rather so this is a really wonderful thing and it's nice and secure there and we've secured it with some e6000 glue that's what we recommend for using this so all you do is you do your little ring of bead weaving and then you kind of slide it on with a little bit of glue and we have of course a video showing you how to do that step-by-step so this is just one of the examples this is sort of more of a standard example that you're gonna see using the carrier beads it's just sort of using them to hold on or carry that bead weaving for you so this uses that smaller sea carrier bead so you can actually just see the size difference between one without the bead weaving and one with the bead weaving it's quite a sizable difference so just to kind of give you a little bit of a little bit of knowledge on that alright so let me first start by saying that I love using the carrier beads and we have these new larger sizes now I wanted to kind of separate these for you because we have some great colorful versions that you can match to your designs but we also have some great neutral versions so if you're doing a silver or this is a beautiful gunmetal we also do have clear carrier beads so you can actually see the thread path in these nice and easy but what's really great is that these will disappear into your design so it's something to consider now here's another option so this is actually using those large carrier beads and I chose the black I just love the way it played with that green this is that peridot shimmer from Swarovski crystal and some Swarovski crystal pearls and what I did is I took a little strip of bead weaving but I only placed it on three and I used two of those as blank carrier beads just as nice clean two hole beads so this is a great option if you find that maybe the bead weaving is a bit overwhelming you want to space it out so you can do that as well and here's another little tip for you so this pattern you can see that it's just got those little sort of daisies those little black-eyed susan like flowers there but this is the exact same pattern on all three beads all I did was shifted around the bead and I'm going to show you kind of what that looks like in here so I recommend if you're looking for some peyote bead weaving materials here we have the four-pound nano fill and this is really nice it's a nice clear mist you can actually just see kind of how clear it is on the course this is a graceful but it's nice and clear and this is going to be really great for a lot of your bead weaving it's gonna be nice and thin so you because you're going to be doing zipping up of the peyote so you're going to be going back and forth through those beads a couple of times so I recommend the nano film and then I'm gonna be using some beading wire here in just a minute so I'll get to that but let's bring your eye back down here I want to show you kind of what I mean by this zip up so I have a strip of this peyote and what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to kind of pull this together here so you can just see that it has these little tiny teeth that kind of come together so those are just gonna zip up really nicely again I'm not going to do it in this video for you but we do have that full video but they just kind of disappear so you can just sort of see that they sort of fit together like little bricks and disappear so that is how that works all right now let's say you wanted to try something a little different well over here I have some of those large carrier beads and I wanted to do an odd count pattern now the benefit with doing peyote odd count is that you actually can get a little point you can get a chevron you can create diamonds because you have that center line here so these are five across and the reason I wanted to do that is because I just love this gold color and I thought it was so beautiful to showcase so I went with a really nice shiny shiny pattern here I have all three of those seed beads and then I wanted to showcase a little bit on that side so you can see that it's a little bit less of the bead weaving that you're gonna see in a finished design so you're gonna see a little bit more of that pop but here's something that's actually kind of cool so I made this pattern here and you can kind of see that it's a little abstract and on the back it's a totally different pattern so I sort of found a way to do that and these beads they're gonna be so this one for example is five across but it is thirty around so that's how much it is around on the large beads on the smaller beads it's gonna be twenty four around but this is just a really great fun thing so you kind of have like 15 rows or so to play with and then you can create something really fun and different on the back so what you're doing is you're creating a dual design so again you can age you know just see that things are a little different on the back and different on the front so anyway just a fun little thing you guys can see that I added a little bit more blue on that one and a little bit more pink on this guy and a little more blue on the back so just have a lot of fun creating these designs so of course carrier beads are meant to you know we think that they're meant to go around but there's nothing saying that you can't go around the sides and that's sort of what I've done here so to go around the sides now this is the smaller one and you can see that it just sort of fits over those two beads so this is for wide and I think that fits you could if I scooch it you could probably sneak a fifth bead in there but you're gonna be really tight with your stringing material so if you did want to do an odd count you could do three across it'll be nice and tiny and adorable but definitely an option for you but this is going to be four across and then on the small ones it's going to be sixteen rows around and on the large ones I did the four across as well because remember those holes are the same width apart and then it is gonna be twenty around so we're gonna have a lot of patterns over at to help you guys out with this but I just wanted to kind of show you maybe one of the options and some of the tips that I might have for stringing so for this I'm going to be using a nice thin beading wire because I'm going to be needing some seed beads which let me pull out here and I'm gonna kind of choose a really contrasting color so that you guys can really see what's happening here so this is a bright yellow this is probably not going to be my finished design but I just want you guys to really see what's going on alright so let's say for example on my top row here I want to pick up one seed bead and let me pick up one of my four millimeter Czech glass beads and now I'm gonna pick up two seed beads because what's gonna happen is if I'm gonna go through that top hole there I'm gonna need a little bit of space so I want to have a little space for those two beads to kind of sit there now let's show you what it looks like if you only do one it'll just fit a little snugger but you can absolutely do that to it just - but up with that little bead weaving that we have going on there so I'm going to go back to - and I'm gonna go ahead and string that on and then I'm gonna sort of repeat that and I'm just gonna pick up two more and I'm gonna pick up another one of my four millimeters and let's just go ahead and finish it off by picking up two more okay so let's call that our top row there so what we're gonna do now here on the bottom is let me pick up one of those seed beads and we're just gonna kind of repeat here picking up one picking up two and we're gonna go through that second hole and now let's pick up two and now because this is our bottom row here one of the things I want to do and this is kind of the start of it is I want to get a nice curvature so I'm gonna pick up an 8 millimeter bead you can do six as well I'm gonna go bold and I'm gonna pick up that eight and I'm gonna go through and get two more seed beads just like so all right so it's kind of flipping around on me alright there we go my waters a little coiled there we go alright so you can kind of see what's happening there you know so you can start at one end and then you start adding the larger beads and then when you're ready to let's add one of those larger carrier beads so let's just string this guy on and I'll string this guy in here - I'm making a mess of my seed beads there we go so now what's gonna happen is when you kind of pull that together you're gonna get that nice curvature that little taper effect so that could be one option for you now again you can do one seed bead in between all of those but you can just see how it starts to create a nice little small curve and again you can see this in my example here let me bring my other necklace back this is a really easy way to see it so you can see that there's two different colors or excuse me two different sizes of those pearls there and that's creating that nice little curvature there so we're using that to a whole design so that is just some little tips about using the carrier beads I hope you guys really have fun using these we have a lot of fun creating new patterns for these if you have some suggestions about what you'd like to see done with carrier beads or hey share in the comments below what you've done we'd love to hear that so thanks for watching guys it be sure to hit that subscribe button if you're new here to beat a whole league and be sure to head over to to shop all you've seen here

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