How to Add Beads to a Centerline Star Shape Pendant

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will learn how to use Nymo thread and Miyuki 11/0 delicas to add beads to a Centerline Star Shape Pendant. This design allows you to add five rows of five beads to create colorful patterns within this star pendant.
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Hi, this is Kat with an example here that I've done now this is the gold version and I've just added some simple little white seed beads in there just to give it a nice little subtle color and I used the gold thread and as you can see let me just show you sort of the backside here you'll see that on the back you can see a little bit of those thread bridges so if you use the gold and I also brought out here at the silver naima thread you can kind of allow that to disappear there but if you want you can use it as a little design element as I'm going to do here in my little example so that's the gold version I have a silver version here and I'm gonna be using some nice bright purple seed beads so you can see but I'm also going to be using some purple size D naima thread so this is actually going to work really well and it's going to become part of the design there but we do have the gold and the silver if you wanted to coordinate those colors so it disappears a little bit more so I already have a couple feet here onto my big eye needle and these are great to work with they just have that nice big I so it makes it easy to string they're also a little bit more flexible of a needle as opposed to a regular bead weaving needle let's say a size 12 or so so this is just really good because we're gonna be kind of scooping some of those beads out of there alright so I'm gonna be using that and then the only other tool I have is I have some Jesus hypo cement and just a pair of scissors or snips to help me out with cutting my thread off at the end all right so these center line pendants are designed to be work with the Miyuki 11o delica size and in each of these little slots here we're gonna be able to fit five seed beads so to start we're gonna actually pick one of our holes here and you can you know since its circular you can start wherever but I'm gonna start down here and I'm gonna actually take my needle and come up through the back of one of the center lines there so I'm gonna leave a tail I've got six inches or so we're gonna tie that off in a moment and then I'm just gonna pick up five of my Meucci delicacy beads and then what I'm going to do is gonna go through the big hole there the centerline channel if you will and then I'm gonna come up and I'm gonna go through this hole on the outside here and now just sort of trap those beads in there I'm gonna go across all those beads pulling that through and then I'm gonna sneak my needle and I'm gonna go down through the big channel portion again I'm not going through that hole because I want to get my thread to the back side and then I'm gonna come to the back and now I have these two threads so this is a great opportunity to go ahead and tie off that first thread there so I'm just gonna take my thread and I'm just gonna get a nice little knot right down there right towards the center and I'm just gonna tie that off one more time there we go so that should be nice and hidden for me all right so now I'm gonna kind of repeat what I just did coming from the back to the front I'm just kind of spin this around so it's sort of the same there there we go coming from the back to the front now and again just pulling that all the way up through going across those beads because this is by doing this twice you're gonna get a little bit more of that stabilization and you get to see a little bit more of the thread there as you're working so this is where we just got to work our needle through and sometimes it helps to kind of you know use your fingernail or whatever to push up the beads in case you can't get all the way across there there we go and pull that through and then I'm gonna go down so I'm not going through the center on this one and now I'm gonna kind of flip it over so I can catch the backside of the beads there run my needle back through there all the way back through and this is where it starts to get a little bit tight but this is up this is good alright and since I need to be on the front side anyway I'm just gonna kind of push my needle so you can see I'm kind of flipping from the back to the front there but the important thing to note is that you want to be on your last pass there you want to be coming out the top so you can go down through that hole we on the back is where we're gonna create that thread bridge and go up through the next hole so when you look at the backside now you have that little tiny thread bridge so we're going to end up with a little sort of hexagon thread bridge right back on the back there alright so now you just kind of repeat the same so I'll do one more two three four and five all right so we go down through the center up through the hole across the front down through the center making sure everything stays nice and tight and we come up through that hole all right and then just the same same type of movement so we're gonna go across we're gonna stay on top this time we're gonna go down through the hole and now we want to go across but this time we want to try to stay on top so I'm kind of taking my needle behind there there we go staying on top going through the center and then up through the next hole so you just repeat that all the way around so I'm gonna do it all the way to to the other side there and then I'm gonna quickly show you how to tie off your threads and tuck them in okay so we're looking at the backside here so I've come up through here so you can see that I had those little thread bridges now if you wanted to you don't actually have to connect that last one if you just want to leave it that's absolutely fine I like the symmetry of it so once you've gone through to the back on this last one here we're just gonna do kind of a little cheat here so we're gonna go through that very first hole as though we're adding in a brand new row just to complete that little thread bridge so we have that nice little shape on the back I like it but again you don't have to do it all right so now we're just gonna kind of now this has a lot of thread in it so just be gentle with your turn when you're trying to get your needle through here so I'm just going to try to go through and catch those be and here we go and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna sneak my needle to the back there and this is where I'm gonna tie off my little knot so now I'm on the back side one more time and I have this little thread bridge here on the back so what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna kind of get my needle underneath there just trying to catch a little bit of that thread and there we go perfect all right so now I'm just gonna pull my thread through and I'm gonna leave a little loop I'm gonna take my needle and go back through there and just tie off a little nice little knot there now you can do that twice if you need some more security but I'm gonna go ahead and leave that as it is now I'm just gonna take my needle off of sorry I take my thread off of this needle because I'm going to use it for the other half here so let me just open that up one more time there we go alright and now what I want to do is I just want to try to see again now this is the one that's going to have the most amount of thread going through it but I'm just going to try to get my needle through actually only like maybe one or two beads here if it doesn't go through all of them but what I'm trying to do is just tuck that thread in there so let's see if I can kind of push it through you know mine's not gonna go but you know what that's okay because I already have that not there I was just trying to tuck it in I think it's okay if it doesn't go so I'm good with that so I'm just gonna come in with my snips and come in nice and close and snip off my threads just like so and for a little added security let's add a little drop of Gia's hypo cement to both of those little knots so one of my knots was up here I was trying to get them both on the right side but that's okay all right so there you go so that's it I just closed my glue real fast so that's what the pendant looks like it's nice and easy and this is actually a great use of seed beads if you're trying to just use up a few seed beads because it only takes for this one it only takes 15 or sorry 25 so there you go so that is super simple and really fun and delicate and you can turn it into a pair of earrings or a necklace as I've done here I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to

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