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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the penny lane necklace now today i'm working with elements from nunn design and i'm going to be doing a little bit of a mixed metal here so i have some silver some gold and my main focus is going to be this beautiful antique copper so i have some nunn design chain and some jump rings and a lobster clasp so really simple but it's going to have a really lovely impact all right so the tools that we're going to need here is i have two pairs of chain nose pliers and i have a pair of flush cutters so let's go ahead and get started so the design is going to be with all three of these little flags hanging from the bottom so what i need to do first is determine the length that i want my chain and go ahead and cut that to size now i have two feet here and i think that's going to be a little bit long so what i'm going to do is bring in my ruler here and i'm just going to measure 18 inches because that's about what i want for my necklace and actually there is 12 and as i get to 6 inches here i'm actually going to do 5 and a half because i want an 18 inch necklace but i have to accommodate for that little lobster clasp there so i'm going to come in with my flush cutters and just trim off just by going right across and separating that all right so now i can separate my little scrap i can use that maybe for a bracelet later so now i have 18 inches so the most important thing now is to find the center point now you can either do this you can do this one of two ways i'm going to show you the first way here which is just kind of matching that up and bringing it down here to the bottom or what we can do is we can kind of cheat a little bit and let's go ahead and finish our necklace before we start it so come in with those jump rings and we're just going to open up one jump ring here and slip it on to one end and then we're going to slip on our little lobster clasp there okay so we have that and that's done and then we can come to this side open up our jump ring and slip it on to this last link here and go ahead and close that up so now what we can do it might make a little bit easier to kind of hold it in your fingers is let's go ahead and close our necklace and now we have a nice little anchor that we can hold the lobster clasp with to find that center point all right so all the way down to the center there just get some of this out of the way there we go so now what i want to do is we're going to be working with those four in the center just like so so now come in with your jump rings one more time and this is a really simple design because we're just going to be attaching with jump rings and go ahead and slip that on and we want to make sure that the seam is going to come to the back so this is the back and this is the front they actually look very similar so if you end up kind of flipping it around you're still going to be okay but just we want to keep all of our seams on the back of the necklace there all right let me just make sure i got my right spot here okay so now eyeball which one that was there we go and slide that on so now i'm just sliding on a link in the chain here let me get my fingers out of the way so you can see and i lost my spot hold on there we go all right so i can come in and slide it on and now just come in and close up that jump ring nice and tight we don't want to lose our pieces okay so i've attached it to the one side there so now i can kind of separate it out this way so we have that nice center point now what i recommend you do is count over three of the forward facing links so these links are going to be sitting just like that so we have it attached to this one here so i'm going to go one and then jump over two and jump over three so this is where i need to connect my next piece now once you have that first part on go ahead and open up your next jump ring there and what i recommend is actually trying to attach it to the chain first that way you know exactly which link you're working with and then you can come in and swoop in and grab that little piece there all right and make sure we're twisted there properly there we go and go ahead and close that up and these are oval jump rings so there we go all right sorry about the little bump of the camera there okay so just testing out that is indeed in the center there and that looks good for me all right so now that we have our uh piece ready to go we can decide how far we want the other pieces now you can do them really close you can space them out just a little bit it's entirely up to you i'm going to space mine just a wee bit alright and again i just want to make sure those jump rings rotate to the back so we get that nice sleek look on the front okay so now that we have that done let's go ahead and continue and just open up this jump ring here and i'm going to slide it on and now i want to leave a nice decent little space there so i'm going to keep with the threes so i'm going to leave one two three and i'm going to come to that fourth one there and slide that on now you can adjust this to be however you want you can also use different colored jump rings or you can also you know if you didn't want the copper chain you could do a gold chain or a silver chain and it would look just fine just the same all right and let's go ahead and open this other jump ring and we're just going to repeat that now let's see if it's easier if i go through this one first all right so remember we wanted to count over three one two and three just kind of slip it down through there there we go that was actually a bit easier and again sometimes with these really thick heavy gauge jump rings you just kind of have to wiggle it don't overwork your jump rings that's a big big thing that i've seen happen where people will kind of lose their jump rings so we don't want that to happen okay so now we need to match where we put the gold one on the other side so slip that on and remember we did three open so now we have to come here and count one two three and we're going to go on to this fourth one here so i've got it in my fingers i can slip it on there sometimes it's easier to do it with your fingers sometimes you you know it helps to pick up your pliers and kind of help them hold there we go just making sure it's in the right one i always double check because the less you open and close your jump rings the better it will be in the long run you'll just have a little bit more security in your in your designs all right so we have one more jump ring and because we already did the clasp portion this will be the last piece of our puzzle here today let's go ahead and slip that guy on and again coming in making sure we're catching the right one there and i went one too far it's like that doesn't feel right there we go one more over all right one two three one two three okay cool i'm just just triple checking making sure i'm doing it right okay and closing that up all right so now we have our necklace that's finished and it's a nice little easy kind of piece that you can design here and feel free to you know you can embellish it you can add extra beads or gemstones or whatever you want but this is a really simple design it's a great way to use the mixed metals from nunn design all right i hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorial videos by heading over to

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