How to Make the Charmingly Different Earrings

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Designer: Kat Silvia
Skill Level: Beginner

In this video you will learn a fun way to mix metals, shapes and sizes for a different kind of design. This is a chance to be bold with style and mix it up using fantastic elements from Nunn Design.

Audio Transcript
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make the charmingly different earrings i am a huge fan of mixing metals so when i get to work with such pieces like this from nunn design i am always excited to create a piece that is mixed metals but i'm going one step further with this i am actually switching up a lot of the different sizes here and shape so i have some oval some round another little oval charm here and then i love these v style earring hooks i just think they're really big and bold so we're gonna go for it with this so the only tools that you're going to need to complete this earring is two pairs of chain nose pliers now i have my chain nose pliers and my bent nose pliers but two chain nose pliers will work just fine okay so let's do a little rearranging here i want to kind of show you the idea that i had so i'm going to do one that's in gold and one that's in silver here so i'm going to go ahead and set these other two aside so if you wanted to you could make a a second pair of earrings because you'll have one left over from each now i want to use the jump rings here and everything i'm working with here is nunn design so what i want to do is i'm going to do the silver with the gold and the gold with the silver and then i'm going to reverse it here at the bottom now i'm going to go with the jump ring that is the color of the center piece to kind of give it a little a little something different so what i'm going to do is do a gold jump ring here and a gold jump ring here because you're really going to see that jump ring on that gold so i thought it would be really pretty to do it that way you can also switch it around and do it the other way as well so this is what we're going to be constructing here now what i want to point out to you is that obviously we have this one that's a little bit larger so it's going to you're going to have two different sizes but hey let's go for it why not okay so let's come in here and let's grab our jump rings now these are really nice and thick jump rings so you want to get a good grip on them and go ahead and open that up really nice and wide now one thing i want to talk to you about is with these they are oval jump rings so let's go ahead and make sure that we have our seam that's going to come to the back so when you slip that other piece on you have that seam in the back there so we don't want to have that in the front so go ahead and now grab your pliers and we are just going to close up that jump ring and we have our first little component ready to go all right so now i'm sure you guessed it we are going to come to this side here and we are going to open up this jump ring and slide it on to this side here and now we're going to slide on our earring hook and just getting a good grip there perfect all right and now we can come and just close that jump ring up and again we want to make sure we have a nice good closure but we also want to make sure that it's going to slip towards the back there so we're not going to see that seam so that is one of the earrings there so now let's do the second one and this is super duper duper simple just a couple little jump rings but it really makes a nice impact here and i just want to show you what our final product is going to be looking like here oh and that's a good thing that that happened make sure you open your jumpings really nice and wide these oval pieces are nice and thick so we want to make sure that we can slide them in there there we go all right and now we're going to come in and close that up and again making sure that that seam falls to the back come in with our other jump ring here and i'm just going to rotate that a little bit so it's easier for me and come on in here with your pliers and we are going to just close that up perfect all right so that is it that is our entire pair of earrings there but you can just see that they have a little bit of a different height to them if i can just kind of make that at the top there so a little bit of a different height but i wanted to really play with the shapes the sizes and the metals so i hope you enjoyed this video this is a super simple project and be sure to check out all of the other elements from nunn design to create your own mixed metal earrings thanks so much for watching you can get all of these supplies by heading over to you

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