How to Make a Delicate Necklace featuring TierraCast Paw Print Beads

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will learn how to make a delicate necklace to feature your favorite tiny beads. This design features the TierraCast Pet Paw Print metal beads attached with simple wire loops to a delicate gold chain.
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hi this is kat with and in this video i'm going to show you how to make a delicate necklace and in this video i'm going to be featuring these really sweet little metal beads and these are little paws from tierracast so you can just see that i have little gold and silver ones here and i'm going to actually be using both colors i'm going to do a little mixed metal but if you want feel free to choose either or my base metal though is going to be a gold so you can see that i have some chain here i have some eye pins i have my little clasp that i'm going to use and i have some jump rings now the only tools you're going to need are very basic tools i have a couple pairs of chain nose pliers i have a pair of round nose pliers and i have a pair of flush cutters and i also have my ruler handy because i think we're going to be using that as well to help size so let's go ahead and get started so the very first thing that i want to do is i want to take one of my little beads and these are top drilled meaning if you go from the top to the bottom there you can just see that it goes straight down so what we're going to do is we're going to put all eight of our little beads on to eye pins here and we're going to do just little simple wire loops now you can see that this is kind of rotating freely there and we want to keep that so don't get it too close and too tight to that loop we want to make sure that we are able to let that kind of just move on its own so in order to do that so like i said you just kind of string it on there and then we're going to come in with our round nose pliers here and i like to do my loops where they sort of create a little bit of figure eight so you can see let me just bring it up to the camera here that my loop is coming around this way so i want to make sure my other loop goes around the opposite way so what i want to do is just kind of rotate that there we go and now i'm just going to take my pliers and go ahead and just kick that wire back towards yourself so you have a little bit of an angle there and then you can just wrap it up and over the top creating a nice little loop rotate your pliers and bring that loop right across to complete that loop and again we just want to make sure that we can still spin our little bead there remove your pliers and come in with your flush cutters and there is our first little component all right so i'm going to continue to do that for all eight and then i will be right back and we'll do the next step so now that we have our little components created and set aside we can start working with our chain now what i want to create here is i want to create little spaces through this chain and now you can just see how delicate this chain is and that's exactly what i want but if you look really closely you can see that those little links have a nice little sparkle to them so i think this is going to be really beautiful so go ahead and move to one end of the chain here and what i'd like to do is i'd like to sort of eyeball what one inch is going to look like here and the reason i do i bring in my ruler for this first one is because i really want to try to get even links but you're going to see my little trick here in just a minute okay so i have my piece here and i'm just going to measure out about an inch and again these are so fine but i think i see exactly where i want to to want to um excuse me exactly where i want to cut so i'm just going to come in with my pliers here and pick up that loop and give it a little snip all right so now i have my length that i want to follow and what i'm going to do now i'm going to have to lay this on my table here is i want to actually count out how many links that was because now i want to match to it so instead of just trying to go inch by inch by inch what you can do is especially when it's really fine and delicate you want to make sure that you're getting it exactly right so let's come in here and let's count how many links i was able to cut off there so we have one two three four five six seven eight nine 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17. okay perfect so now what i'm gonna do is because we are going to be putting one of these little links in between each inch of chain here i need to then do eight of my little links here actually i need to do no i need to do seven excuse me i'm sorry i misspoke so i'm going to do seven so we are going to start and end on one of the pieces because i'm going to alternate them so go ahead and do that 17 links here and cut those off so we have seven pieces ready to go so now you can see that i've set up my necklace here and i have all of my paws facing the same direction you can flip them around if you want you can alternate them it is entirely up to you you can do silver on one side gold on the other you can flip the paws so that they're facing outwards up to you i will leave that to you okay so the reason why i have not cut my other pieces of chain yet is because i want to link all of this together and see what that size is because these are little units and it's going to be a lot longer obviously than those seven inches the other thing too is and i brought out some extra jump rings here you do have the opportunity to do this with jump rings if you did not want to connect your eye pins directly to the chain so again that's another choice you can make but i'm going to go ahead and bring mine right up to the chain here so let's go ahead and i'm going to start with this little gold one over here and keeping in mind that i want to keep my loops facing downwards here so i'm going to start at the top of the paw and all i'm going to do is just hold on to that bead and just let me get it close to the camera there you go and just bend backwards just enough so that i can slip this little piece of chain in there now this chain is very fine and in order to get this to work we need to make sure now that we're holding our bead nice and taut and let's get that loop closed up really nice and tight we don't want that chain to slip out so we want to make sure that we don't have any kind of slippage there so you can kind of just work your way around and just make sure that it's not going to go anywhere all right so we have that and now we're just going to repeat that process and attach our little pause as we continue to work around here so just one more time just open up just enough so we can slip that chain on keeping in mind the direction that your little beads are facing and i opened it up just barely so i could get that on there we go perfect checking the position of my paws and then i can come in here and close that up make sure it's nice and closed all right so you can see it's starting to take shape i'm going to continue to connect them in the same manner and then we're going to come back and we're gonna finish the back of the necklace okay so we have our necklace here ready for you and i love it i think it's actually really sweet i also love the fact that you can do the the mixed metals now if you wanted to do a version of this that is just a bracelet you could do that as well i would recommend maybe you could uh tighten up this one inch you could do like a three quarters of an inch or half an inch but you could make a lovely little set there or you could also utilize this and use a head pin and make a pair of earrings if you wanted to as well so if you imagine you had a head pin there and you can let that kind of swing so you can make a whole set out of these tier cast pet um pet paw metal beads that's a mouthful all right so oh the first thing i want to do is i want to show you so remember we cut seven inches of chain here so what i'm going to do is just show you along the ruler how long this really is now that we have this all together all right so let me just line this up here and it looks like we are just about at 11 inches so all of those beads with their little loops that added about four inches there so just keep that in mind as you are creating this so again i want to create an 18 inch necklace for myself so i have 11 inches here which means i have about 7 inches that i need to accomplish here in the back now our little loop here excuse me our little clasp is just under a half an inch but once we add those jump rings it'll be about a half an inch so keep that in mind as well so now i have about six and a half inches to work with so what i need to do is i'm going to cut off three and a quarter inches from my chain here all right now i'm just going to set that aside and set these guys off to the side there too okay so now i have three and a quarter inches so i'm just going to kind of drag it along my ruler there and using my same sort of eyeball method three and a quarter it's going to be right about here just come in and cut that off now you can do this one of two ways you can just sort of lay that down and lay this next to it you can count your links you can also take a little scrap of one of your eye pins here and you can pick up that last little link there make sure you have the last link and now that you have them nice and even you can draw them down together and figure out exactly where that is so that you are nice and even and then just kind of come in and cut off that next one there so there's lots of different methods to kind of getting the getting the same chain chain length like i said you can you can sit there and you can count them out if you really want to be meticulous and i fully support that all right so now we have our two pieces here so again you're going to get to see that same method i'm just going to come to one side here and i want to open up that loop just ever so slightly slip this piece of chain on there we go close up that loop again making sure it's nice and tight i like to kind of give mine a little extra pinch sometimes come to this side and we're just going to repeat that there we go and slipping that last little link on you can also use this with a heavier chain if you'd like um it doesn't have to be as delicate as this i kind of like the delicate look but go with whatever feels groovy to you okay so now just kind of bring this down there what i want to do is i'm going to use a couple of these little jump rings here and the reason you want to use a jump ring on the other side is because we are going to be attaching that clasp and we need it to have something to attach to all right so i'm coming in with my bent nose and my chain nose giving a nice open open loop there catching that last loop in the chain coming to this side grabbing my lobster clasp now you can also use a magnetic clasp if you want the reason i don't like to use a lot of magnetic clasps when i'm doing necklaces is because sometimes you know necklaces get pulled but also this necklace is very delicate so i would hate to have you pull it and then actually stretch out one of those links and weaken the chain so that is why i am using a lobster clasp here today all right and now we're just going to close this guy up and we are all finished so now you can see we just put our necklace together there and we have a beautiful little delicate necklace to celebrate the furry friends in your life thank you so much for joining me you can get all of these supplies and see even more tutorials by heading over to and if you're new to our youtube channel be sure to hit that subscribe button below to get all the latest from you

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