How to Make the Lovely Earring Trio featuring Austrian Crystals - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video you will learn how to make three separate pairs of earrings, all part of the Lovely Earring Trio kit featuring Austrian crystals. This is an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. Techniques you will learn include how to set a Austrian crystal rivoli into a GIta Jewelry prong setting, how to open and close jump rings, how to make wrapped wire loops, and how to make simple wire loops. When you have finished making the kit, you will have three lovely pairs of earrings that you can keep for yourself or to give as three separate gifts. This is a great project for beginner jewelry makers.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

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Hi, this is Julie with for all skittles which is an exclusive kit by beadaholique and you can find it at so we have three different pairs of earrings we've got this one here with a hat which has a very nice long kidney hook to it and it has a beautiful Swarovski crystal Rivoli set down into a pong setting the next pair of earrings is this long dangle pair with a nice pair pendant at the base you see there's little bicones in between and then finally we have a really simple and elegant pearl that's been with a wrapped wire loop and a nice little earring hook as well so this is great you can keep all three pairs for yourself you can keep one or some and give some so a lot of different options with this particular kit because you'll get enough supplies to make all three earrings so I'm going to show you the colors before I show you what comes in the kit and then start how to make it so we got the blue and silver up here we have a really pretty purple and gold so very rich jewel tones happening over here there's a nice pink tones with silver and all of this is silver-plated as well as gold-plated and then here I like this one quite a bit this is really like a nice neutral so this is really a crystal almost like a almost like a cream a little bit of a shimmer of a cream color and then a pretty white as well so it's very pearly and shimmery actually be great for Bridal as well or just a nice evening out so those are the four different color combos in terms of the tools you'll need you'll need a round nose plier a chain nose plier and a cutter the only other tool you're going to need is a popsicle stick and I have that right here and we've actually provided that with the kit so when you purchase this particular kit you're gonna get everything you see here in the color combo that you choose so you are gonna get the popsicle stick so you don't have to go out and try to find that you're going to get the Swarovski crystals and the pearls are also by strops key you're going to get this of chain which we're gonna cut apart to make a little links a couple jump rings the settings for your Rivoli x' you're gonna get eye pins ball head pins you're gonna get the kidney hooks and you're gonna get four other earring hooks so you're unable to make your three pairs of earrings alright let's get started let's start actually making earrings here we're gonna start by setting our Rivoli's so if you look at a Rivoli it's got a nice pointed top it has a pointed back and it has right here we have a little setting for it and all you're going to need to do is pop it down into the setting and then you're gonna grab it so you want to make sure it's in there you're gonna grab it and almost like pinching it together with your fingers you're gonna take your popsicle stick and you're gonna fold over a prong and what's nice is this is a good softwood so it's not going to scratch your crystal and you push that prong down and then what you want to is you want to go to the opposite side and push that prong down and then just continue doing that and it's pretty easy to do it's not taking a lot of pressure and then what I like to do is after I've got all four of them set I go back over them just to make sure they're really pressed down just one by one as even can be considered like a gentle rolling motion where you start on the end and then you roll over the top that works very well too if it's easier for you you can also set these down on the table and do it like so whatever is easiest for you but it's not difficult to do it's really nice that these are perfectly sized for your Italy's okay we're going to do that for the other one as well you see how those prongs which are sticking up now very nicely fold over the top of the crystal and this is a very secure way of anchoring that crystal in there and I do like to make sure I just go back one more time over each of them all right now we're gonna put them on to our hooks so this is very simple here's your basic kidney wire latches in the back so we're gonna go ahead and string this on and we're going to go from the backside because you want to face forward when it goes up and over the top and rest down in that little notch so there is one ear I'm gonna put it up here I'm gonna do the same for its matched pair and it just rests down in that little hook there we go we've got one pair of earrings done now we're gonna go on to the pearl so for the pearl earring we're gonna need two pearls two head pins with the little ball at the end and two earring hooks so we're gonna start by placing the pearl onto the head pin it just rests right there at the bottom that ball acts as a stopper now we are going to make a wrapped wire loop so in this video you're gonna see how to make simple wire loops and wrapped wire loops to make a wrapped wire loop grab the wire right where it exits the pearl and then you're just going to bend it over to a 90-degree angle you're going to now take your round nose plier and grab it so that one of the round noses is below the wire and one is above loop it up and over rotate so now you've got one in the loop one round OHS in the loop and one up above and you're holding it so you're gripping it right now and go like so and now what you can do is you're gonna go back and you're gonna grab this so it's really nice and stable and you're gonna do a wrap now what I found sometimes works really well you can just wrap it with your fingers that works or you can go ahead and take that round nose plier again and use it much like a chain nose to just pull it a little bit tighter and make a couple more wraps if you have a second chain nose plier feel free to use that at this time too this is a nice little trick to get an extra tight little wrap when you have that little bit of wire so once you've done your wrap you're just going to go ahead and trim it and then I always like to tidy up my wrap so that just means I'm pushing in that wire end and making sure it looks straight so there we go and let's go ahead and just put that on the earring hook so we're gonna take the earring hook there's a little loop at the base twist it open put on your little wrapped wire loop and your pearl and twist it back in place and there we have an earring let's do that again we're gonna do the exact same thing okay put the pearl on grab the wire where it exits bend it over take your round nose up and over and down rotate to the top twist and like I said I do like to be able to grab it with my chain nose again and do your wrappings here I'm just doing with my fingers a little bit tighter so slight there we go trim it and tidy it up I'm really just pinching it so I want to just make sure that that little end of that wire is tucked away just so it doesn't catch on your clothing or your hair or anything like that now we're gonna open this loop again and once that's on close it on up alright two pairs of earrings done you see how quick this is going a really nice kit it doesn't take a long time but you really do end up with three very pretty pairs of earrings all right so if you look at our example so I'm gonna pull this one here I can grab it so you notice we've got these little medallions they're almost like little sequins to get those we're just going to cut our chain apart and each one of these little medallions is connected by a little jump ring and we are just going to go right in here and cut that jump ring we're going to do that so that for this we're going to need three medallions for each earring so we'll need a total of six there's three four and six you'll have a little bit left over you have the option because you do have some left over you could make your earring a little bit longer if you wanted and with this earring of course feel free to shorten it as well but you do have a little bit of chain left over never throw away chain you will always always find a use for it okay so now for this earring what we want to do is we want to create these little links with our bicones and to do that we're going to take one of our eye pins place the bicone onto it and then we're going to do simple wire loops instead of wraps so for a simple wire loop what you can do is you can grab the wire where it exits instead of bending it over the top of the wire you just bend the wire off to the side then you're gonna take your round nose actually I think I'm doing this opposite from me being right-handed here we go so now just grab the wire kind of where it exits but you're you're on this angle now which is nice and then we're just gonna loop it up and over and around again you're gonna rotate and you are gonna crisscross it but we're not going to worry about doing any wrappings we are just going to trim it where it Criss crosses so there's our little loop and don't worry about straightening up your loop at this point because you're going to be opening it anyways to connect it to these little sequined aliens alright so I'm actually going to do all six I'm going to be doing both these earrings simultaneously it's a little bit easier and a little faster since you're already in the mode of making these little loops okay and that wire over to the side round nose in up and over rotate and where it crosses you trim all right we're ready to assemble our earring and we're still got the little pairs that we'll do in a little bit but we're gonna do our midsection here and connect it to our earring hooks so to do this you're just going to be opening and closing the little loops that you have on your connectors and connecting them to the holes in the chain links so we're just going to you can pick it up with your chain nose if you want if that's easier just link it through a little hole now sometimes easier to just think that you're building your earring from the top down so at this point you can even take your earring hook if you want link it on to that other loop close it back up and now we need another little medallion so we're just going to go to the other side of this link that we made open it up slide on a medallion those Adana now we need another one so try to get my fingers out of the way here so you can see what's happening so we've got two of the little sequins and we've got two of the little bicones see what we've got so far I always check your work alright so if you see here we've made that top part of the earring and now we need to add a little pair pendant so to do that we're going to open a jump ring so we're grabbing it on either side of the little opening there's a little slit and you want that facing up top and then what you do is you just rotate it you're gonna slip on the little pair so I want you to notice about this kit these have a really pretty shimmer effect so the other side is darker like a more traditional Swarovski color like an amethyst here but the front side is that shimmer and you'll notice that with a couple of the different kits so up to you which one you want to have face forward I really like the shimmer and then I'm just gonna link this on here and I'm bringing that up because we're gonna look at our earring in a minute and make sure that it's facing forward if not we'll just take it off and orient it a different way but this is facing forward cuz when you are wearing it and it's hanging you want that pretty pretty crystal to be front and center okay so one is done we're just gonna repeat the same exact technique now that we did a second ago so ya open and this is why we did simple wire loops for this particular application so that we could open and close them just like a jump ring and with the Pearl Earring we didn't need to do that so we did a wrapped wire loop it also added a little bit of an extra decorative element to it okay we just need to add that last pair appendage we're going to do the exact same thing we're gonna grab that jump ring with the slit up top grab it on either side open it okay so let's see if we can kind of look what's gonna be facing forward here okay so we're gonna put it right here we're gonna close it and see what we have all right so if you look at this one it's not quite playing as nicely it is more off to the side so because it's sideways this way it's not actually facing the back what we want to do is we want to adjust the loop here on our by count and to do that we're just going to grab the top loop so it's like this and we're going to grab the bottom loop and we're gonna twist so you see what we did we actually just twisted that bottom loop so it's facing forward so when the jump ring goes through it the pair will now face forward so let's see if that worked the way we wanted it to yep so now it too is facing forward so that was how you that is how you are going to make all three pairs that are part of the lovely earring trio featuring suave Ski crystals which again is an exclusive kit by beadaholique and these are just one of many kits we have hundreds of kits earrings necklaces bracelets all different techniques so you'll have ones like this come together pretty quickly we have more complicated ones which is like a Cellini spiral bead woven bracelet or a loom bracelet or peyote so if you like making jewelry you like jewelry kits please do check out we have literally hundreds of them in all different patterns all different colors and they're a lot of fun to do so thank you for watching and I hope you were inspired and I hope you enjoyed this video

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