Show & Tell: Exclusive Beadaholique Holiday Kits 2018

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will see our favorite kits from 2018 in new holiday inspired versions. Over this year we have designed loom bracelets, elegant earrings, and many other sparking styles that are now available in lovely Christmas and New Years inspired designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with oast popular kids and we do beautiful Christmas and holiday versions of them so let's go ahead and dive in and I'll start showing you what we've made for you this year all right so let's start up here at the top so I have our odd count peyote duo bracelets now you actually can make both of these bracelets with the same kit and it's really really beautiful so we have this nice wide one here and then we have the thinner pattern here and you'll get enough of a pattern to make an 8 inch bracelet but you can also just start eliminating rows so that you don't have to make a full 8 inch bracelet but it's just really beautiful and wears lovely and I just love that gold in there with our little snowflakes so that is the odd count peyote do oh and speaking of duo's we have a duo of earrings here so this is the elegant bead frame earring duo and we have a nice Christmas Eve version here with that Swarovski crystal at the bottom and then we also have our Swarovski crystal pearls here and what I love is that you'll get to make both of those earrings but this one is sort of an evergreen you could wear this year-round so don't think of it just as a Christmas kit so speaking of that we have a beautiful silver and black and this is our center line ring and cuff set with a beautiful little pattern there so if you like loom and want to have a nice quick project this is perfect for you so that is our ring and cuff set now we do have our loom statement earrings so I have a beautiful Christmas tree and gold here again with that Saurav ski baroque crystal at the bottom and then I also have this little sort of winter winter wonderland one here this is our blue and white sweater pattern so nice little pattern again this is done on the baby jewel loom so that you don't have to waste all that extra threads so if you've worked with these before these are great because they actually come in refills so you can buy just the beads and the components to make it without having to buy an additional loom all right so speaking of beautiful statement earrings I have a black and silver version here and this is our Swarovski crystal statement earring and then I have a Christmas version here I love this sort of wreath like pattern here of that brick stitch around the form so two beautiful earrings are to choose from and for this one we did a similar thing we did a nice Christmas Eve version of our kumihimo and then we did a black and gold version and again you can wear this year-round it's not just for the holidays but it's a beautiful little bracelet there with a lovely magnetic clasp very easy and lovely to wear all right so that's what we have for kumihimo and last but not least we have our patchworks loom bracelet here now this is a really beautiful pattern and again we do have the full and the refill this is done on the jewel loom and it just has that beautiful Center running down there of these square beads and the two whole beads so this is a great technique if you really want to take your looming to the next level so be sure to check that one out as well so all of our kits are available at and for each different style that you see here we have a personal video walking you through step by step so you can make these wonderful kits so go ahead and get your holiday shopping done early by heading over to

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