How to Make the Modern Elegance Jewelry Set - An Exclusive Beadaholique Kit

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Modern Elegance Jewelry Set, an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. The set consists of a necklace and matching pair of earrings featuring dazzling Austrian crystals and lovely prong setting jewelry findings. You will learn how to set your crystals down into the prongs, how to open and close jump rings, how to add a chain and a clasp. This kit is available in 4 different colorways - choose your favorite!

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with in several different color palettes i do want to show you those color palettes really quick before we go into actually making the kit because these are so pretty and they're so sparkly so with every kit you get enough ingredients to make a necklace and a matching pair of earrings and so for the necklace you see it has these beautiful crystals and this one here has a crystal Center we're calling this one the evening soiree and then for the earrings I'm going to set this guy down real quick nice classic elegant crystal earrings and then the actual earring back is a lever back and is in this beautiful gold plate up here we're calling this one arts gala and there's beautiful purples and this is the one I'm actually gonna be making here in the video so you can see it's got that wonderful Center crystal which just sparkles and then these other smaller crystals go off from the side and we have the matching pair of earrings as well here is Christmas party very traditional classic Christmas color palette we have a red we have crystal we have green with the gold and for the earrings we have these beautiful red earrings so you could wear these year-round of course and then finally we have this one here which are calling cocktail party is that beautiful majestic blue as the focal and then the matching earrings as well so these are really fun and they're perfect for the holidays they're perfect for parties or special occasions and I think you could actually just wear them to dress up any outfit just when you want to feel like you're wearing something a little extra special so if you bought it you know Holi kit before you know that you get everything in the kit that you need to make the project and so here we have all the ingredients that you're going to get when you purchase this kit so I'm actually going to slide these guys a little bit up just so that we can really see what the ingredients are as we go about making this kit alright so you're going to get the earrings so these are the settings you've got the now we are also providing a popsicle stick in every kit so you'll be able to easily set your stones and you'll get those lovely lever backs you're going to get the focal piece here so you see that it's got all the open areas for the crystals to be set down in it does have the prongs and it's got two loops and this is a beautiful rhodium plate then we have the chain now for the chain we're giving you 24 inches of chain now the clasp and the front setting will add about two inches so you can make up to a twenty six inch long necklace or you can cut it shorter if you like then we've got these beautiful stones and you're getting three of the large ones and then you're going to get a couple more of the smaller size Swarovski crystals again all of the crystals are Sourav ski crystal and then a couple of the tiniest size here and I'm going to show you in just a minute how to set all of these so we've got the settings we've got the chain we've got the crystals we've got the popsicle stick and then we do need a few little findings to be able to complete our design so you're going to get a lobster clasp several little oval jump rings and a larger jump ring which is going to work as the other half of your clasp so in terms of the tools now the tools do not come with the kit with the exception of the popsicle stick but they're really basic ones that you probably have around it's just a simple pair of chain nose pliers and I'm sorry a simple pair of cutters and a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and that's if you want a ruler to measure your chain of course you have a ruler as well so let's go about setting our earrings first I like to start with the earrings especially if you haven't done this before because they're just a little bit easier to hold on to then this piece here so it gives you almost like a little bit of practice what you're going to do is you're gonna hold it now I like to pinch it between my fingers so that I'm not putting pressure on the actual earring part of it and you're just going to drop in your stone you're going to take your popsicle stick and at this point now that the stone is in there I do like to hold down so I'm going to press it with my thumb and I'm gonna take my popsicle stick and I'm gonna push down on that prong on the side and then I'm gonna turn this around and work on the diagonal prong so instead of going all the way around like this counterclockwise or clockwise I'm going to always work diagonal okay press that one down now because I've got the diagonals done I'm gonna work on the next diagonal now that is kind of preliminary set I added a little bit of pressure but I didn't put too much pressure now I want to go back and do a full rotation where I'm really gonna go ahead and push my popsicle stick up and over to really make sure that prong is set and then it won't snag on your hair or on your clothing so here we go just going to almost like a little gentle rolling and still working diagonally now it's nice because the wood of the popsicle stick is not going to scratch your stone which is really handy so we've got one earring set so that's what that looks like and you can see it from the side those prongs are no longer up and now we're going to do the other one so you pop it down in there and if you look at it from the side right now you can see those prongs are up again I'm going to hold it so I'm not putting pressure on the earring itself work diagonally okay that was my preliminary set now I'm gonna go back and really go ahead and make sure that they are down and we have our other earring set so now our earrings are complete now we're going to do our main focal so the key to doing the main focal and I want to bring over the piece that's already done right here is you're gonna work from the center going out so if you notice right here these purple stones these lilac stones are sitting ever so slightly on top of your center stone and that's just the way that this setting works so you want to start in the middle work your way out work your way out again so that's what we're gonna do so we're just going to pop in our center stone and then we're gonna work with our popsicle stick which is nice because it's nice and narrow to get in there and set its prongs and you'll notice I am again working diagonally so now I'm going to go back and I'm going to work on making sure that they're really nice and anchored down you can also if you want put it on your work surface because this is flat as opposed to the earrings and you can get a little bit more pressure that way too so this one is almost set and now we're ready to work our way out so we're gonna start with just one you just place it in there and you know if you look at it from the side you want to make sure it's not doing that so you can see how it's popping up going this way what you want is you want to overlap just a little bit on the center stone and the very hardest one to get is this little guy right here I find and so what I sometimes end up doing is taking my popsicle stick and turning it on side I'm getting in there where I've got a little bit more control so that one is now set now we're gonna go do the other side and again he knows it's just ever so slightly overlapping on top of that Center one okay so we've got the center the two sides set and now we're just ready to set the very end cap ones now we're going to start to fold these prongs over and for that one that's close to the purple I do like to sometimes put it down on my table and then push that prong over just a little bit easier than if it's in my hand you notice when i moved it because it wasn't fully set yet he jiggled so just make sure that he's back into the proper spot before you set that last problem okay and there we go so that is set and now we just need to add our chain to finish our necklace so I'm going to cut mine I want this to be an 18 inch necklace so if I want to be an 18 inch necklace I want to cut two lengths that are eight inches long each so we'll have sixteen inches of chain and two inches for that focal and the clasp and this chain is very easy to cut just with your standard pair of cutters and this extra piece of chain keep for another project or if you want to make it longer of course you can make it longer so now we just need to chain those pliers and then we are going to open and close our jump rings and be done with our project so these are little oval jump rings and they're seam is on the side twist them open the way you would twist open a normal jump ring and loop through the little end chain link and then link on your pretty focal and close it back up I'm going to do the same on the other side and close it back up alright now we're ready to add our clasp portion so we're going to for one part we're going to add the lobster clasp and to attach the lobster clasp to the chain we're going to use them on these little oval jump rings okay and then for the other half we're gonna use this bigger around jump ring okay and then to close your clasp you just connect the lobster clasp to that bigger jump ring and is nice and secure and there we have our completed necklace and earring set again this one is called art gala and these are the modern elegance jewelry sets with straps key crystals so I'm just gonna recap really quickly the colors we have art gala over here we have evening soiree followed by Christmas party and then we have cocktail party with that really beautiful vibrant blue so again these are the modern elegance jewelry sets with Swarovski crystals and they are exclusive

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