How to Make the ZoliDuo Wrapped Tassel Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video, you will learn how to make the ZoliDuo Wrapped Tassel Bracelet Kits by Beadaholique. These wrapped bracelets feature strung Czech Glass 2-Hole Curved ZoliDuo beads and are finished off with a fun tassel and easy to wear magnetic clasp.
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Hi, this is Kat with all right so you can see the four beautiful color ways that we have for you up here we have two and silver we have this beautiful gray pink and white pearl and then we have a nice jet and jet a B which is really fun and nice and sparkly there and then we also have for our gold we have a lovely teal in Burgundy and then we have a nice bronze and olive very very pretty so choose your favorite color and these instructions will translate to all of those so I'm going to walk you through some sizing and just some basic techniques and this is a nice strong bracelet so as you can see here this is what we're going to be constructing we have a nice magnetic clasp and it is a nice long bracelet there that you can wrap around the wrist and close nice and easily and we have a fun little tassel there at the end as well alright so let's talk about the supplies that you'll get when you receive your kid from beadaholique four different packs of Zahle duos now the reason you're gonna get four is because the way they sit is they have a left and a right side so you're gonna get two in the Burgundy and then two in the teal so you can see that I've brought them out here just to show you so just so you guys can kind of see and you can probably see a few flipped over here there's one flat side and one rounded side so we're going to be working and showing off that rounded side so as you can kind of see on the example here on the outside is that nice rounded side and on the inside is that flat side there alright so you're gonna get yours Ollie doiis you're also going to get some seed beads these are 11 OC beads you're going to receive two crimp tubes and two crimp covers you're gonna get your magnetic clasp and your tassel you're also going to receive an extra jump ring in case we need to make a little more room with our tassel and I'm going to show you how to do that but you'll receive an extra jump ring just in case and then you're going to see receive two coils of beading wire now what you won't get in your kit are some basic tools that you'll need to complete these so we're going to be needing a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of flush cutters and then we're going to be needing a pair of crimping pliers so I have two examples here of some crimping pliers and I'll show you the difference between those two but you just need a basic pair of crimping pliers and then if you'd like you can use a bead stopper as well and I'm gonna show you how to do that alright so if you've got everything all set to go let's go ahead and get started alright so let's go ahead and begin with taking apart our little coil of wire here now this should just sort of fall apart there and uncoil nicely we don't want any kinks so just be gentle with it so there's one length and then I'm going to uncoil the second one alright so we have our two lengths of wire here and I have two ends and you can see that they're my other ones are kind of hanging off the back there and that's fine we have plenty of wire so don't get worried about making a long and a fray slit these instructions will show you how to make a seven and a half inch bracelet but I'm also going to show you how to modify it to make it a little bit longer or of course shorter if you like alright so let's begin and let's go ahead and take our two wires we're going to line them up there at the very end and we're going to slip on one of our crimp tubes and we want it to catch on both of our wires so go ahead and slide it down onto both wires there there we go you can put it down maybe about two inches or so like I said you're gonna have plenty of wire so don't worry about that alright and now we're going to take our magnetic clasp and we're going to string both of those wires through one loop of our magnetic clasp and then we're going to turn those wires around and go back through our crimp tube and we're going to create a little loop now all I'm doing is moving that crimp tube up towards the top there and what we want to do is we want to get it kind of nice and close there but we still want that magnetic clasp to have a little bit of room to move around all right right up near the top there and we're going to start by doing our crimping so we have the crimp tube here now this looks like a little kidney bean and then a little sort of oval shape there so this is one crimping plier you can use I like using the Zirin foreign one crimpers because this allows you to really get a nice size so again instead of getting a kidney bean you're getting a little bit more of a v-shape and then you're getting those holes there as well so let's go ahead and use ours Iran for this side and what we're going to do is we're just gonna set it in two and our magnetic clasp was probably gonna catch there so just be careful with it all right so we're gonna set it into our little well there we're gonna create a little V so just so you can see that right there and then we want to line it up nice and good and I'm just gonna adjust a little bit here there we go so we have it nice and aligned in there our tails coming out and just press to crimp and that's gonna create a little V shape just like so okay and now we're gonna kind of turn it 90 degrees and we're gonna get it back in our pliers there and this is where that magnetic clasp is good at the end because it makes it easy for clasping there we go I'm just kind of holding it just to make sure he stays out of the way alright so now I have my V facing this way in there so now I'm just gonna crimp it again and that's gonna kind of sandwich it together and fold it over so you can see what we have now we have our two wires with our little loop and our little sandwich crimp tube there alright there we go and a little extra for my crimp tube alright so now we're gonna add a crimp cover so we're gonna go ahead and we can actually use ours Iran foreign ones for this and we're just gonna hold our crimp cover just like so put it over our crimp tube and I just wanna make sure that it's nice and tight there there we go so it kind of looks like a little pacman there and then you can come in from the other side and I'm trying to get my hands out of the way so I can show you this but we're just crimping it around our crimp tube and just squeezing it and you can just see that I'm just moving the pliers around so you can see that we want it to look like a little bead so all you do is you come in and you just crimp it around the bead there alright so now we have our crimp cover so before we move on what we're gonna do is we're gonna come in with our flush cutters and we are going to trim our little tails here the short tails only my way is out of the way there we go yeah I just want to trim my wire trim the second way there we go alright oh magnetic clasp every time mm-hmm alright so this is what we should have here so far we have our crimp tube and our crimp cover there and our two wires coming out the side all right so now onto one wire what we're gonna do is we're gonna string three of our gold seed beads now you should be able to just go ahead and pick these up with the wire and go ahead and slide them all the way down there we go and onto the bottom wire there we're gonna pick up two of our gold seed beads one and two and same thing go ahead and slide that down alright so because this is the beginning side this is where we're gonna add our tassel it's just easier to add it in the beginning so what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your tassel and you're gonna slide it on to the wire with the two seed beads now I did say that if you needed to remove this jump ring which you will have to do if you want the silver jump ring which will give you so it'll come with a gold jump ring so if you purchase a silver kit this is how to replace that jump ring with the silver one alright so we're going to go ahead and I'm going to use my chain nose pliers here and I'm just gonna kind of rotate it until I see the little hole there the little slit so that's where it's gonna be this is why it's an open jump ring there so I'm just going to take that into my pliers and I'm gonna use the Zirin foreign ones to come in and just gently twist that open so what I can do is I can just kind of move the tassel and just sort of slip it off the jump ring there and just remove it now when you look at the tassel it'll have a little tiny open hole so what we're gonna do is we're going to take our new jump ring and just twist to open it you want it to open nice and wide and then we're just gonna kind of feed it through very gently that hole should still kind of be there you might just need to kind of wiggle it around a little bit but it should come out the other side there we go and now we're just going to take our pliers here and close our jump ring back up all right here we go making sure it has a nice flush clothes and then I'm just gonna kind of rotate it back down there so that I have the jump ring coming out the top so I don't have that slit worried about slipping off all right so I'm going to slide this on to the wire on the bottom and then we're ready to begin our stringing all right so go ahead and just slide him down there and he'll get a nice little space there that'll open up once we get ours all I do is on there okay so sort of working this way with our tassel on the bottom what we're going to do first is we're gonna take one of ours all ideos in the purple that's faced this way and we're going to sort of prepare our next set so we want them to kind of come together like little butterfly wings there so what we're going to do is we're going to take the two wires and you can sort of do this at the same time string the bottom wire onto the bottom portion and the top wire onto the top portion there just like so and you can slide that all the way down okay so now you'll start to see that this will come and you'll see that little gap that I was talking about it kind of creates a little triangle there and that's where your tassel can sit so this is what we have so far and now onto each wire we're gonna string one gold seed bead there's one on that one that one and string those all the way down just like so all right so now we have our second solid zero here in the same color and we're going to go through the bottom in the bottom and the top in the top and while we're here I'm gonna go ahead and just sort of pick up a couple of those seed beads just so that we don't have to keep sliding it down one by one each time and one and one there we go alright so let's slide that down and see what we got there we go so this is what you should have so far we have ours a leader who wants to flip around don't worry too much if there's a little bit of slack once we get all the way to the end we'll sort of tighten everything up so we have ours all ages and you can see that they kind of sit back to back all right so now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take ours all I do is and we want to create the same thing but happening on the other side sort of with the pieces flipped so we're gonna do that where they're gonna kind of look like little apostrophes and backwards apostrophes so we want to get this happening alright so we're gonna take our first one here and slide the bottom one through the smaller end and the top one through the larger end I'm gonna go ahead and add our seed beads here one onto each alright and then continuing here adding oars all I do and slide it down make sure I set it correctly there we go and now I just need two more seed beads there's one and there's two all right so that is the whole basic pattern that you're going to simply continue now you should have twenty each of each color and each way of the solid is so you'll be able to make a seven and a half inch bracelet now if you didn't want to do that what you would do is before you start let's pretend that this isn't on here and before I start if you think you want to do a longer bracelet go ahead and take your bead stopper and instead of starting with the crimp tube and the crimp cover and finishing it there go ahead and place a bead stopper at one end and then what you'll be able to do is on this wire the section that we have in the very front here where we have that gap of seed beads you'll have leftover seed beads so what you can do is you can just add more seed beads to this row then begin your Zahle duos and then when you're ready and you know that you've had the link that you want you can go back and take off that bead stopper and then you just do the same that we're gonna do on the other side with the clasp and the crimp tube so it'll be the exact same thing but that's how to lengthen it if you want more than a seven and a half inch bracelet so I'm gonna go ahead and finish the stringing and then I'll be back to show you how to finish off the bracelet alright so I have successfully strung all of my beads now you should have if you want to count it off you should have twenty of each of the sides you can see I have no more beads left so you've used all 20 and this will give me a seven and a half inch wrap bracelet and this is just sort of with the traditional finishing of two and three so let me actually kind of point out to you how much of the extra wire that you'll have here so you have plenty of wire if you do need to make it longer now like I was saying if you wanted to make it longer which you would do is from the front side you know if you're thinking you do want it longer you do have the option to let's say that you got to this point and you tried to wrap it around your wrist and it was still too long you can actually take all of these beads shift them down and sort of add more seed beads to the beginning but if you've already crimped your crimp bead here you won't get an extra crimp tube so you may not be able do that so you'd have to either purchase additional crimp tubes or something so that's why we offer you know the idea of the bead stopper also if you're in the middle of your work and you have to put it down for some reason but you know don't want the kiddos to pick it up or something just put a little bead stopper here and then those beads won't go anywhere so a bead stopper is just a really great tool if you're doing any type of stringing all right so enough about my bead stopper mm-hmm let's go ahead and finish our bracelet so what I want to do and show you here is that we have this sort of curved coming up so what we want to do is we want to add three to the bottom row this time to kind of fill that gap but we already have one there from our pattern so I'm just gonna add two more to the bottom row and then one more to the top row and we can slide that down so there we go so now you can see that they kind of end up a little bit more even all right so now we're gonna bring our cords together and take our ends and we're going to go up through and do the same thing that we did on the other side up through our crimp tube and we need the first side of our magnetic clasp so I'm actually going to separate it there we go and you just want to make sure that it is tight but not too tight you want to be able to kind of have a little slack to go around the wrist so we're gonna take our ends and go through our magnetic clasp good string that down and then go back through our crimp tube there and we want him to sort of fit really nice and snug there all right and then I'm just gonna kind of hold this side while I pull it through because we want our loops to be nice and even I'm actually gonna get my little pliers involved here so we can pull that down creating a nice even little loop there just on the end all right and I'm just gonna kind of wiggle it around there we go all right so now I'm just gonna hold my clasp out of the way come in with my crimping pliers there give my crimp tube a little squeeze and rotate it 90 degrees give it another little squeeze and there we go now for the side because it's so tight on the inside there I'm actually gonna trim my wires off before I add my crimp cover you can do this before or after it's entirely up to you so last but not least we're going to now have our crimp there and we're gonna take our crimp cover go ahead and place it in your pliers just like so and we're gonna come over the top there making sure it sits nicely on our bead and we're just gonna pinch it closed and then we'll go around the back and just make sure he has a nice closure to him there we go you can see I'm just kind of moving the players around there we go all right so there you have it that is how easy it is and you can just wrap it up on the wrist and this is just a wonderful bracelet and it's a really fun little gift idea as well and I just love how easy it comes together and clasps in the back all right so there you have the Zelly duo's wrapped tassel bracelet you can get all of these by heading over to she's your favorite color and have fun stringing your beautiful bracelets

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