How to Make the Infinity Drop Earrings

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
Skill Level: Beginner
In this video, you will learn from start to finish how to bead weave the Infinity Drop Earrings using Infinity Mini 2-Hole beads, Toho demi round seed beads, and Czech glass flat teardrops. You will also see the various colors of Infinity Mini 2-Hole beads, and how they compare in size to the two larger versions of Infinity Beads.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra with beadaholique - oh you how to make the infinity drop earrings using to hold mini infinity beads we have three sizes here the two millimeter by 5 millimeter the 3 by 6 millimeter and the 4 by 8 millimeter and a lot of really nice pastel pearlized colors there's a burgundy Bordeaux we've got blue zircon and petrol olivine a lot of really nice ones there's a an airy pearl up here which might be hard to see white on white but it fit really nicely into one of my designs you can see I got really excited about pairing the colors of the two whole beads with these nice Czech glass teardrops I also added in some Demi round Toho beads in size 11 and size 8 and these are the gold luster Daman Tana which I love and also that the nickel color which gives a really nice silver accent so I'd like to show you how to make the pair to this rose less turd version of the earring and to begin I'm going to bring my 18 inches of fireline in with my size 12 needle I'm gonna start by picking up one of these really dainty scalloped bead caps I'm gonna string that on leave myself a bit of a tail maybe a few inches there and then I'm gonna get one of these a toe toe hose bring that on and what we're doing is creating the top of the earring and we're gonna work down from here so I'm doubling back through my bead cap to create a little connection up there that beats can act like our jump ring gives a nice unified field to the piece so I did that also in these Nickel versions I used a nickel version of the they No so alright got that on there and now I'm going to string on one of my burgundy infinity beads and then 211 hose and then I'm gonna incorporate these really pretty neutral beige pearlized infinity being two more eleven O's and one more burgundy and I'm going to add one 5:11 O's another bead cap boom I drop on and I'll go ahead and thread those all the way up and get my next big cup and going through the opposite ways but they cut the top of the bead five more eleven O's going up the other side and here's where I'm gonna double back through my two hole beads and the challenge for me with two ol beads and seed beads both is keeping it simple I tend to want to get really involved in the bead weaving process so this project was a good exercise in staying small all right so I've come up through my first two hole and now I need to add two more eleven o beads you can come up through the beige one and then two more come up through the burgundy I'm gonna check my tension here and get my thread taut and it will be a simple matter of just actually what I before I tie my knot I need to come back through my cap make sure I get an even hold on that top bead and what this also does is it reinforces the attachment of that top B to it strengthens the design a little bit so I'm coming up through it again and then doubling back over top through that hole that I just went through of the two hole bead there so I'll bring that through check my tension again the extra play-- are there and now I'm ready to tie the two ends together and that's where my little tail comes into play so I'll just do a square knot I'm gonna go around once there you know I realize I'm not in the right spot I actually need to get down out of that beat otherwise I would be creating a thread bridge and I don't want to do that so let me come through again I realize it wasn't a nice spot make sure I have nice tight connection here well right now I'm ready to tie so this not gonna rest right underneath that top infinity bead there's the first now I'll do Lea's surgeon's knot on top of that just come around twice for security there we go all right and now I'm ready to clip my extra thread so I'll put my thread snips in and clip off the extra we need to put my hair wire on and I realized that this design would lend itself well to the middle size of bead as well the three by six would work just as well too so there you have the infinity drop earrings these project bundles and beads are all available at you

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