How to Create a Wire-Wrapped Flat Memory Wire Bracelet with European Style Large Hole Beads

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will learn how to wire-wrap a flat memory wire bracelet using Miyuki delica seed beads, large hole european style beads, and end loops featuring a crimp cover finishing technique.
Audio Transcript
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique here to show you how to create a wire wrapped flat memory wire bracelet with large hole beads so the materials I'm using are some size 10 delica beads some faceted glass european-style large hole beads some gold-plated flat bracelet memory wire 26 gauge gold artistic wire some three millimeter gold-tone crimp covers and as you can see I've already made a choker out of the silver version of these components so what I'd like to demonstrate in this video is how to construct the bracelet form this one is about 24 inches worth of the memory wire that wraps around three times and Nestle's the beads nicely for the purposes of this video I will go ahead and show how to make just one wrap around so that you can see what it might look like to have a single wrap bracelet to begin I will cut nine inches of the memory wire and I'm going to be sure to bring in my memory wire cutters for this I have managed to dent several pairs of regular cutters by accident by not using the right cutters now what I'm going to do first off is grip the end with my round nose plier and create an outward facing loop I want to get that nice and flush against itself good and tight I'm going to do that on both sides like so next I'm going to cut about two feet of the gold 26 gauge craft wire and for starters I'm going to take one side and coil my craft wire inside that outward facing loop I like to use a plier to get a good grip on what I'm working with here when I go around about three times this loves to snap back on itself all right then I'm going to clip the extra tuck the tail portion in now I'll add the crimp cover over this coil of wire to give it a nice clean finish and when I'm ready to start with my wire wrapping what I'll do is come around three times one two and three and then I'm going to pick up three of my seed beads and I'll let those fall down and wrap over the edge of the bracelet and then another the coils of wire and my next color variation seedbead string those down it's three more coils of wire and I'm going to continue this all along the length of the bracelet for each round it takes me about 20 minutes to cover it with beads so I'll work that up and once I've got it full way around I will show you how to close it off so here you can see I've added all my beads and done my wrapping and I'm ready to finish it off I've got one more section that I'm going to add on here with rats my last three beats on now I'm ready to send my wire through that outward-facing loop again three times well clip and tuck add my crimp cover really like this rap technique because it's very straightforward but it gives you a lot of detail how to get these three beats on what I'll do is first just test see the size is just just right for them not to slip off so in order to get it on there I need to unwrap a bit slide those on maybe a little more back up so there it is all finished easy to make easy to wear and you can find these and lots more finding the same components at thanks for watching you

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