How to Make the Hold Tight Silver Tassel Necklace

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how to make the Hold Tight Silver Tassel Necklace from start to finish by using the simple technique of opening and closing jump rings. You will also get a peek at some of the other metal elements from Zola to help inspire your designs.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Kat with and i just want to showcase some of the beautiful metal elements from Zola elements so I have a nice beautiful array here but let me start by showing you this long necklace and this is where I just love that you can use a lot of the little components just very simply with some chain you're some beautiful connectors and that nice little pendant down there at the bottom very very simple very sleek so you can do something that's all monochromatic or you can take you know some of the elements here and actually add patina and I've added some seed beads there now one thing I want to point out to you it's kind of cool and kind of nifty is that you can see that this is probably the front right well what I wanted to do is I wanted a little bit of texture so I flipped it over and that's the back that I painted there on my earring so just something to consider that you know you don't have to use the front or the back as the front or the back it's entirely up to you and this is another great example you can see that the back of these has that nice little brushed finish to it but the front has the flat antiqued side so you know front or back it's up to you to decide so just some kind of fun little things and that's why I love how versatile this whole line is so I mean we have even some elements like chain here some other beautiful things and these are actually kind of cool so they come with this really big open jump ring on it so you can just attach it to an earring hook let it be really really simple or you can take this off add it to something else you know so you have these little small components over here again we see that front in the back the front is hammered and the back has that little striation happening so lots of really cool things so I just wanted to pull out a couple of those examples to pique your design interest but today I'm going to be working with this really cool little hand pendant so you can see that it has an open sort of little channel on the back there and a little closed loop at the top and then if you can just sort of peer through the hand it has an open loop but because of the way the thumb is it is actually closed so we're going to be do a little fun technique with that all right so to make this necklace what we're going to need is we're going to need our little hand component here a little three strand reducer I have three of my chain tassels here I'm going to be using five millimeter 20 gauge jump rings in a silver plate and then I also have these 17 millimeter jump rings and these are 15 gauge so they have a nice twisted piece to them and these are from Nunn design I have my little lobster clasp and then I have some chain here that I'm going to be using as well and I'm gonna be using 36 inches of chain I want to go for a nice long necklace but feel free to cut this up and use as you like alright so for tools we're going to need some cutters here in case you do want to cut that chain and then I have two pairs of chain nose pliers I have my bent nose and my chain nose here alright so let's go ahead and get started so the first thing that you're gonna want to do is your chain tassels are gonna come with this really thick jump ring attached and just because I didn't want it to be too chunky because we're gonna attach it to our strand reducer I'm actually gonna remove that and what I want to do is I want to add on a five millimeter 20 gauge jump ring so you can just go ahead and remove that jump ring and go ahead and set that aside you can use that for a later project so I have done that with my other two already so let's go ahead and continue making this part of the component so I'm just gonna take and gently twist my jump ring there slide it on and then slide it on to the bottom of the strand reducer and go ahead and close that out and I'm just gonna repeat for the other two here keeping our jump ring a nice little gentle twist slipping on our tassel and slipping it on so where's your introducer so really guys the only technique in this whole design is opening and closing jump rings which makes it really great for a beginner but also it allows you to really make it your own so let's say you didn't want to add something maybe you wanted to add some crystals or a color you could absolutely get some eye pins and you know make some simple wire loops just to add a little thing extra it is entirely up to you but that's what I love about this design is it's so nice and versatile all right so we have our little strand reducer there with all three of our chain tassels here and I love that they kind of come together and they feel very soft which is very very nice very luxurious alright so the next thing I want to do is I want to add on one of our jump rings because what's going to happen is our jump ring here is going to go through the hand and hold on to that piece for us so let me just give that a nice little gentle twist and we want to get it pretty far open you can see that I have it nice and open there so that's prepped and ready to go now what I want to do is I want to take one of my five millimeter and like that one one of my five millimeter 20 gauge open that up and I'm gonna attach it to the top here and I'm gonna go ahead and close that jump ring making sure it has a nice flush closed there so now what we want to do is I'm going to hook it on to the five millimeter jump ring and now what I can do is I can feed this through the hand here going through one side and it'll come out the other and just gripping my jump ring nice and tight I'm gonna bring those two ends together now this is a 15 gauge so it's gonna be a little little tight but you want to get a super nice closure there nice and flush and then just go ahead and rotate that pan from the top and now it'll look like it's kind of holding on to that chain tassel so this is our main focal piece here alright so again we're gonna take one of our five millimeter jump rings gently twisting that open and go ahead and attach it to the top loop of the hand and close that up again making sure we have a nice good at closure there we go alright so now I'm going to take my main length of chain here and I want this to be free-floating you can always attach this jump ring to a link in the chain but it's going to fit through there and I just want to thread it down through so it will sit right in the center there we go and to either end here we're going to attach a jump ring and for this side I'm just going to close it up and that'll be the anchor for my clasp and then to this side I'm gonna take one more jump ring gently twist it slip it on to the last link and it slip on our little lobster clasp and close that up so now when you're ready to wear it you just take your lobster attach it to your jump ring and you are all set so we have this nice beautiful long chain necklace here and it has that lovely tassel focal with that nice hand there it's a nice sort of medieval nod it's very you know it's got kind of a cool cool style to it so that is how to make the hold tight silver tassel necklace and this features the zola elements which of course you can get by heading over to

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