How to Make the Geneva Earrings with Nunn Design Organic Hoops

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make a pair of layered Nunn Design organic hoop earrings with a lovely Austrian crystal metallic cap pear pendant hanging below them. These earrings, the Geneva Earrings, also feature Nunn Design twisted rope jump rings and earring hook findings. In the video also view some of the other recent additions to the Nunn Design collection at and be inspired by some jewelry designs created with them.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with components and a beautiful swarovski crystal at the base so I want to also show you a couple other recent additions to the collection of nunn design goods because these are really pretty and they all complement each other very well so we have these hoops which is what I'm going to be using to make these earrings and these are called organic hoops and they come in a grande size and a large size so the Grande that we're gonna be using in the earring is twenty-eight point five millimeters and the large is 21 millimeters now because to see our designer Kat she's used to here as a wonderful focal piece and this necklace that she's made and she's paired it with this cross pendant and what's so nice about the cross pendant is it has that sideways facing bail so you can easily string it onto something there's also these flat circle tags and these are also an organic shape and you see that they're a little bit uneven which is a wonderful and delightful and there's the grande and the large in them as well here I've done a little metal stamping a mandala design just to give you an idea of what you can do with them and over here I've actually stamped a named Heather so that's really fun another component of these earrings are these little twisted rope jump rings or eight millimeters in size and they are just so handy as both a decorative feature as well as a connector okay let's make the pair of earrings so you're going to want your two sizes of the grande organic hoops a nun design earring hook you're going to want for each earring five of these little rope jump rings and you're going to want this roffe's key crystal metallic cap pair pendant so you see it's got that really pretty silvery top and this one is just in crystal and your only tools that you're going to need are two pairs of chain nose pliers let's go ahead and make this I'm going to start by placing the Swarovski crystal pair pendant onto the smallest of the hoops and so we're just going to open the jump ring this entire project just was constructed by opening and closing jump rings you just twist that jump ring open because it's eight millimeters it usually easily clears the tip of that pendant which is really nice and you just slide it on to the hoop and close up the jump ring now I actually wanted to just as a decorative element add a jump ring now to either side of the pendant twist it open link it on close it up and I'll do one more and I tested these by wearing them for a while and they are not too heavy so that is something that I was a little bit concerned about when I first came up with the idea always when you're designing with metal you want to take into consideration the weight of it and these are fine they're very comfortable to wear at least I feel they are they did not drag on my ear or anything like that okay now I'm ready to add the other hoop and I do want to show you something there is a more curved side and a flatter side so it's really a personal preference which one you want to show I'm gonna show the more curved side I want that one facing forward okay so now I'm gonna take my small hoop with the metallic cap and I want the metallic cap oh so facing forward slide on a jump ring and then slide this guy right behind it close it on it so now those guys are hanging together and take another one of these jump rings open it up slide it on to the jump ring I just attached so we've got that that hangs and then add our earring hook again making sure it faces forward so you're just looking at the orientation you want this to hang right and you want everything facing forward that you think should be facing forward and we're done so really quite easy and a really pretty little design and I think I think it's nice and small but it's still classic and it uses some crystal I mean all these really pretty Nunn design components so everything you see here along with a lot of other Nunn design and Swarovski crystal items are available at as well as a number of other projects and videos showing you how to use them

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