How to Color Mix Vintaj Patinas for an Ombre Effect

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Designer: Kat Silvia
In this video you will see how you can mix the colors of Vintaj Patinas to get a graduated ombre effect on a piece of filigree as seen in the Blue Jay Song Earrings. This technique can be used on various different metal pieces such as stampings, bezels, cuffs and more.
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Hi, this is Kat with i been Tosh betina's for an ombre effect so this is actually a really fun technique so if you've worked with patinas before you know that they are really versatile but now we're gonna take it a little step further and what we're gonna do is we're gonna use the cobalt patina and we're gonna gradually mix it with the marble patina to sort of create this beautiful graduated ombre effect and then once we're done with that we're actually gonna seal it with the glaze so if you have all of your stuff we are gonna get ready so I have a little piece of filigree here I have my earring hook and you can actually see in my example here that we're gonna add a little patina to just carry on that theme all the way through I have a paintbrush I have some paper towels and then I also have just a little sheet of paper that I'm gonna put the patina on and I'm using a white paper so that you really can see the way we're gonna graduate those colors I have a couple toothpicks so we are gonna go ahead and get started and the great thing about this is this actually works for many different things many different colors I should say so I have a few over here so you can do a turquoise or Ruby I also brought out the Onyx the black color here because if you wanted to go darker with your colors you can do that as well but we're going to be using the marble to kind of lighten it up so really works well with a lot of those striking colors so I just wanted to show you a few of the ones that we pulled out we do have many many more at but let's go ahead and get started with our patina so what we're gonna do first is we are gonna actually start at the bottom so you always want to start with whatever your lightest color is going to be that way we don't have to kind of wash the paintbrush in between and that way it'll kind of keep it nice and graduated as we move up towards the top alright so I'm gonna start with the just the marble on the bottom so just shake it up it's very similar to like a nail polish and now I'm just gonna put a couple drops and I know it's white on white but at just a couple of drops onto my paper and now what I'm gonna do is just sort of place it onto my paper towel there dab just a little bit onto my paintbrush and then I'm just gonna kind of again just dab it on to the bottom portion of my little filigree piece now the patina dries very quickly so we're just gonna dab dab dab dab dab and then we're just gonna take our paper towel and just kind of wipe the excess away because we want that silver to really shine through there all right so I'm just gonna actually do just a little bit more I'm gonna kind of go over a little spots just making sure it gets in all the little crevices there and just wipe that off all right so that is our little white at the bottom and you can actually see that it almost looks a little bit blue and I think that's because of the antique silver filigree that we're using for this all right so now we just want to graduate it just a little bit so I'm gonna add another couple of drops to wear my white was there and we're going to add a very small drop of our cobalt I'm trying to just get a little bit I don't want to squeeze it too hard actually I'm gonna squeeze it over here there we go and now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take a toothpick and kind of get it in there and just mix it up just so that you can control that color all right I'm gonna get a little bit more of that blue over here just a little bit all right that's a really beautiful color there all right now I do recommend if you are making a pair of earrings like I like you're seeing here to go ahead and do both filigree pieces at the same time that way you know you'll be getting the same color blue all the way across I just sort of did one ahead of time just to know that this could work and I really liked the design so but I do recommend going ahead and doing both at the same time all right so I'm going to do four colors here so I'm not go up too high but you do kind of want to blend just a little bit so you can just see that with my paintbrush I'm just bringing it up to the top just a little bit and then again we're just gonna take and we're gonna wipe that now make sure that you're wiping to the side you don't want to wipe down now because we have that white at the bottom so you don't really want to mix that a little too much all right so you can see that we have our beautiful light blue color now all right so let's go ahead and add a little bit more blue and I think I'm gonna need a little bit more white on my table so let's go ahead and kind of color mix again a little bit of white now this one will almost be half in half there we go I'm just gonna use the same cheese I'm just kind of mixing it together pretty dark there yeah alright so now let's get this color working for us here and again we're just going to kind of go through and just dab that center portion there and like I said you can do this with any color you can also let's say I wanted to still do the blue I could do the white mixing at the bottom and then do a black mixing at the top if I wanted to make it just a little bit darker and now I'm carrying down that blue just a little bit towards the bottom and again let's go ahead and kind of wipe that off to the side there actually I'm gonna try to get a little bit darker blue happening here just a little bit you can see how it's actually already drying so I'm just kind of mixing that in a little bit there you go just to make it a little bit darker for me there we go alright so we're starting to look pretty good here I'm just gonna kind of test it with my other one looking good looking good all right so now the last stage here is we are gonna do all blue we're just gonna do straight blue now again you can still sort of mix all the way up to the top but I want to really get that nice dark rich blue alright that's good that going now I can hold it here at the bottom at the white piece there cuz my patina has dried like I said it does dry fairly quickly which is really nice actually you can work with it pretty pretty quickly alright making sure to get it into all those little pieces there go all the way up to the top I'm actually gonna bring in a fresh paper towel get in a little dark here now just a little bit more I think just on the edges now you don't have to wipe off as much as I'm doing you can leave it a little bit more saturated it's entirely up to you and that's sort of the great thing about working with the patinas it's really individualized alright so I am happy with that one it pretty closely matches my other one here that I've got going on so what I'm going to do next is I'm just going to take my little earring finding here I'm going to use that same dark blue and we're gonna do that same little technique now this you don't really need too much we're just gonna kind of get it into all the little crevices there we go and just wipe that off there we go and that way when we attach it a little bit later it will be all nice and made to match all right so what I'm gonna do now and I was saying that the patina does dry very quickly but what I'd like to do is I'd like to wait at least about ten minutes before applying the gloss just to really make sure that all of that is sealed in because I don't want any bleed happening with my colors so I'm gonna wait about 10 to 15 minutes I'd say and then come back and show you guys how to apply the gloss and then how to attach your earring hook and then you are all set to go all right so I will be right back in 10-15 minutes okay so I've let my pieces sit for about 15 minutes or so now and what I noticed was when I tried to do I did the little gloss on my earring piece here and it was still a little bit wet so this is actually a good opportunity for me to tell you try to test it on if you don't have a smaller piece of filigree test it on a little corner just make sure that none of that color comes off so but now it's ready I let it sit for just a few extra minutes there and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put a little more gloss onto my table and now again we're gonna start at the white and go towards the darkest color because just in case there is a little bit of bleed we just want to make sure that that's not going to affect our beautiful hombre all right so you need just a very little amount of the gloss on your paintbrush and now we're just gonna sweep it going up the up the filigree piece and it's just gonna kind of add a nice little little gloss to it there we go and just kind of working our way up going back and forth here now you don't have to do this too you don't have to add the gloss I like to I think it just adds a little bit more shine to it and what I don't have on my table which I actually should I'm so sorry I have a gloss that is actually a matte finish as well so you can actually do this sort of glazing and get a lovely matte finish all right there we go so now we are nice and glazed and ready to go and that'll just need another minute or two to dry so let me let that dry for just a second and then I'm going to come back and I'm going to attach that earring hook for you so now I'm just gonna take my chain nose pliers and my earring hook here and I'm just gonna open the loop that's on the back there just by giving it a gentle twist I'm gonna slip on my filigree piece and just go ahead and close that loop up and just adjust it there we go with my pliers and we now have our earring finished I got a little twisted in the back there there we go alright so a nice little filigree piece and our pair of earrings is finished so that is how to color mix vintaj patinas to create that ombre effect you can use this again with the marble or if you want to make it darker use the Onyx we used our vintage glaze today and we used the cobalt patina but feel free to choose your favorite color of the bold collection from vintage I hope you enjoyed this video you 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