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Hi, this is Kat with to hold beads now you can see in my example here we're gonna be doing this exact design in this exact colorway but what I've done is I've taken those Chevron beads and you can see that they're to hold and they're drilled down the center there and I've combined them with some two whole cabochon beads they're just for a little extra pop and then I made a nice little geometric design in the center there with those Chevron beads this is so this is a really great beginner project so let's go ahead and talk about what you're going to need so I have here the Chevron beads now I just want to point out that this is actually two strands of the Chevron beads and the reason I wanted to do that for this particular color was because you can see in the example there I alternated the gold and the silver kind of colors there because I wanted to create a nice little geometric effect so that's why I wanted to make sure that I had two strands so I didn't run out of one or the other color you don't need as many beads as that but it's always good to have some extras that way you can alternate this and make it to your exact length so we're gonna be using those two whole Chevron beads and then over here I have some of those to hold cabochon beads and you can see that they have little holes there at the end and they have a little dome on one side so that is what makes them a little cabochon but they are also to hold so that's gonna help me with my design here and then we have the Demi round Toho seed beads and these are eleven oh and I picked this really pretty green color I thought it just really makes the whole thing look a little industrial so I went with that so these are the eleven o Toho Demi rounds and then I just have my magnetic clasp over here so the only tool that you're gonna need is probably a pair of snips because we're gonna need to cut that thread off and then I have already strung onto my two needles so we're gonna be using a two needle method for this I have about six feet or so which is definitely overkill but I just want to make sure that I had enough thread of the fire line and this is the smoke and this is the four pound because we're gonna be doing a couple of extra passes through some of these beads so I definitely wanted to use the four pound alright so I have my thread all strung up and ready to go now I'm just gonna move my snips out of the way I don't want to get my thread caught on there so the first thing we're gonna do and this is a great beginner design because we're gonna work very linear so I'm gonna go ahead and take my magnetic clasp string it onto one of my needles and I want it to sit right down in the very center just like so all right and then to each needle here let me just kind of get this centered on my table so you can see what's happening alright so to each needle I'm gonna add three of my little dummy rounds two three alright go ahead and slide that down alright so now we're ready to pick up our first Chevron bead and the way I want to do this first one is I want to pick it up so that it is facing sort of towards the center of our bracelet so if you can kind of look at the bracelet here this is what we're kind of creating so you can just see how easy and how linear this is going to be so I'm going to take one needle and put it through one side all right we got attached there so I'm gonna have to move him out of the way a little bit there we go and my other needle through the other side now for this part we're not going to be doing any Criss crossing so you want to make sure to kind of keep those needles separate alright so we have our little clasp our three seed beads on each side and our Chevron that sort of paste facing down alright so now we're gonna add five of our dummy rounds to each needle three four five slide that down one two three four and five double-checking slide that down alright there we go okay so now we're ready to start so I'm going to be starting and here's where I like to lay out my design just so I can kind of see it so I'm gonna do a gold and then alternate to the silver and I'm gonna repeat that now what I mean let me say this as I am sort of setting this up what I'm making here is about seven six two six and three-quarters seven inch bracelet if you need to alternate that or alter that I should say go ahead and adjust these little side portions here you can use less beads or more beads if that is what you are going for there let me just double-check on my piece here I'll see one two three four five six seven eight nine okay so I need one more of my silver beads there alright so again just kind of setting that aside I'm just sort of following my example there now you can alter this as you want like I said you don't have to alternate the colors you can keep them all the same so it's really nice and basic alright so we got to add our Chevron first I almost added a Demi around but we're gonna add our Chevron and I'm gonna slide it down and that's just gonna come to a nice little little point right there and then adding a demi around to each and going through my next Chevron bead so you just continue to do this all the way up and I'm gonna kind of set mine out of the camera just so I can make this a little faster for myself but it's very simple and this is this is why this is a great kind of bead weaving beginner project especially if you haven't used to whole beads before this is a great little project to kind of get you started now this design does work with a lot of other two whole beads you can also do this where maybe you need to add some different size seed beads you can use some 11 O's or even some a toes in there if the beads will accommodate that but I like these Deming rounds I think it just really is just enough of a buffer to let that 2 hole bead shine through and really do its own thing all right so I'm just working my way down sliding my beads down almost to the top here again I'm just watching my pattern making sure I'm picking up the right color and again just making sure that you're not Criss crossing your needles at any point so I'm trying to keep them in each hand and you can kind of see that I'm just making sure to keep them separated in my finger just sliding it down and don't worry too much about your tension that'll kind of tighten up as we get to our center section there all right so I just have two more to go and then we're gonna start with that center section and that's what we're gonna start doing that crisscross all right so last one there all right so next what we're gonna do is we're gonna continue and we're gonna pick up one of the deme rounds onto each needle and then I'm gonna take one of my two whole cabochon beads and I'm gonna string up through the center now when you're looking at these and here this is probably an easier to see when you're looking at these you'll notice that there's two holes that are close together on one side and then there's two holes that are kind of far apart there we want to go through the side that has the two closest together there so taking that right needle and going up through that one side there and I'm gonna do with the left needle doing this in a separate separate things you guys can see alright so now you can see that those cords are nice and close and your bead should sit nice down into that little little notch right there so here's where we can give it a little tug we want this to be nice and secure alright so next we're gonna pick up one of our dummy rounds on each of our needles and I want to pick up one of the gold Chevron beads but I want to go through facing the opposite direction so we're creating a nice little sort of parentheses or a nice little frame to our little cabochon bead all right so sliding that down alright so still keeping our threads separated there we have not crossed them over yet alright so now I'm gonna work with my right needle for just a moment I'm gonna pick up one of the dummy rounds and then what I want to do is I want to pick up one of the Chevron beads but I want to make sure that I'm going through this first hole right here on this side and coming out and next I want to pick up another Demi round and I'm gonna pick up another Chevron bead and what I want to do is I want to go through that first hole there and I'm gonna kind of show you just like that that first hole to the right on that cabochon bead and string that down all right so I'm just gonna repeat with the other side so we picked up a dummy around and then for my Chevron I want to go through that hole right there string that down pick up another dummy around and then again with that cabochon now I want to go to the what is gonna look like our left side so I want to go through this hole here alright try to get my hands out of the way there so you can see what we've got going on now okay so you should have something that looks like this okay so now what we're gonna do is I'm gonna turn this thread around and I'm gonna go through the second hole of the cabochon bead and before I pull too tight I'm gonna pick up one of the dummy rounds and I'm gonna go through that second hole in my Chevron bead here just get this and then I'll move my hand out of the way there we go so I'm picking up a dummy round and going through that second hole of the Chevron on the right hand side now we can pull that down and together and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to pick up one dummy round I'm going to go through the second hole of that other Chevron on the other side so this is where we're Criss crossing over and pulling that together one more Demi around and going through the second hole of that cabochon bead there we go sometimes you'll have a little something stuck in inside your beads you can just usually just poke right through it okay so now I've Criss crossed over that whole first section there so now I'm going to move my needle over there so this is now my left hand needle that I started with and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do the same thing so I'm gonna loop around for coming out of this hole loop around through this hole and I'm gonna just retrace that thread path all the way through to get myself to the other side now make sure you're catching all the beads there it's okay if you need to do this in a couple steps you just don't want to miss any of those Demming around beads they're kind of easy to not pick up okay I'm coming through the side and through my neck all right now here's an opportunity to really kind of just tighten up your work just make sure that everything is looking good there we go I want to make sure everything is straight as well okay so now we're ready to kind of add on that second unit that's gonna live right there so what we're gonna need to do first is we're gonna need to be adding on some of those cabochon beads so what we're gonna do is we're gonna kind of let me see if I can show you easily on here so what's gonna happen is we're gonna come out and we're gonna attach to the next one and we're gonna do that crisscross and go all the way back down through just as we did before so now coming out we're going through that first hole there through that cabochon bead and that's gonna end up sitting right there for us I'm gonna pick up one of our Demi rounds and then we're gonna go through one hole of our Chevron bead just like so there we go and then pick up one more Demi round and go through the opposite on our next Chevron bead so this is we're just doing that same Center crisscross right now all right one more Demi and now we're gonna take one more cabochon bead and I want to make sure that I'm going through that secondary hole there that's on the right hand side so coming out there and now what's gonna happen is I'm just gonna leave this cord here and I'm gonna pick up my other cord the one that is coming out of that bottom and we're just gonna loop all the way back through and just crisscross through all the beads I just added so going through that Chevron or excuse me through the cabochon through the Demi around through the Chevron through the dummy round and actually I can do that all in one step which is very nice there we go alright and pulling that around and again we should be criss-crossed and everything should come together really nicely beautiful alright so now we are going to go back one more time and you can see on the side here that you'll have four different holes here so now we're coming out of this one here so all we're gonna do is just turn our thread around same as we did before and go through and again making sure at this stage that everything is nice and tight there we go and we're gonna pick up one Demi round and we're gonna go through that Chevron bead pick up one more Demi around and now we're gonna go through one hole of our Chevron bead there pick up one more dummy round and we're gonna go through one hole of our cabochon bead alright so that's to get to one side and here we go we're gonna do the same on the other side coming out of that cabochon turning it around right here adding on one dummy round want to make sure we have our nice little spacers in there going through picking up one more Demi round going through our Chevron there at the top just making sure everything is nice and tight and flipped properly picking up one more dummy around and going through my cabochon bead all right so at this point we've done our major focal piece and now we're just gonna kind of continue to do what we did on the other side so you'll just be repeating here so I'll show you one more time so we're picking up our little demo rounds and now don't forget we want to use a grey bead going down the opposite direction to create that nice little parentheses around our cabochon x' alright so from here we're just gonna alternate with our gold and silver all the way until we get to the other side and then I'm going to show you how to do the final criss cross and bring it back together and finish it off alright so we are here at the very end here so I've strung all my beads so now I'm just picking up those five Demming arounds as I did before and going through that Chevron bead and we're gonna do that on both sides two three four and five now this is also a little easy way to lengthen the bracelet if you need to do that if you just maybe want to add just a little bit extra length you can maybe add seven or eight of the deme rounds or you can also add two in between each one so that can give you an opportunity to do that as well so just as we're talking about sizing there alright so three on one three on another here we kind of slide those down and now I'm gonna take one needle and I'm gonna string on my little clasp here and I'm gonna come through and I'm gonna crisscross and I'm gonna go through the other seed beads the other dummy rounds there and all the way down through the last five that I just strung and through one more Chevron bead so I'm just kind of making a nice little loop there so I can pull that nice and tight all right and you guessed it we're gonna do the same with the other side we're gonna go through making sure we catch that loop of our clasp catching all of those Demi arounds pulling that down through and I do want to go through that chevron bead as well all right so here is your last opportunity to kind of just give a nice little tug and tighten anything up that may have gotten loose while we were doing that and now what I want to do is I'm just gonna take my needle I'm gonna come behind the whole thread bridge there come up through and see that little loop right there I'm just gonna catch it with my needle and tie a little tiny knot and then I'm just gonna go through a couple of beads here now if you wanted you can run all the way through you have enough thread if you want to reinforce the entire bracelet you don't have to but I like to do at least two little knots here just one on each side or sorry excuse me two on each side there all right so then just to show you one more time so we're just gonna go behind our little thread bridge there make sure you're not creating thread bridges across the beads so just make sure that it's sitting right into that nice little well there because we want our threads to disappear and go through and I went through at the deme around that time but that's alright we'll just go right down through up through my little loop there and tie my little knot alright so now we just need to take our snips come in and get as close as we can to those knots and we are all finished so there you have it it's a nice easy fun little bracelet you can choose your favorite colors of the demi rounds the cabochon beads and our two whole Chevron beads and just have a lot of fun at making these bracelets I hope you enjoyed this video you can get all of these supplies and see even more videos by heading over to

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