How to Make the Flora Necklace using Beaded Chain and a Chain Tassel

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to very quickly and easily create the lovely Flora Necklace using a premade chain, premade Beadlinx beaded chain, a chain tassel, and a pretty TierraCast connector link. So easy yet so pretty!
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with pre-heated for you a finished chain necklace a wonderful chain tassel and this little tierracast connector link this is a called the flora connector link and it has three holes in it in terms of tools you're going to need at least one pair of chain nose pliers I have a second one here in case I need it and a pair of cutters and like I said this is really easy to do because we have this pre-made beaded chain here we have a premade necklace chain and a premade tassel so some of the work has already been done for us now this is one variety you see that it's got these lovely Czech glass beads I just want to show you that it is in multiple varieties I'm saying with this little flora link as well you can get it in different finishes I'm going to be using however this chain and I've got 12 inches of it and if you notice with this one it's got larger beads and smaller beads to create some variety and I have 12 inches I'm going to look at it because I want to make sure that it has a large link or a small link as the starting point and since this one already has a large link right here I'm just going to take off this little extra loop right here so we got a nice clean loop to start and I want it to match on the other side as well so I'm actually going to take this off so I can use it for something else later so I'm just gonna bend that open like a jump ring take it off and then I want to find my midway point which is going to be right here so I'm going to take off this larger link right here and what's nice is you can definitely reuse these links you'll also notice with this project that I am not using any jump rings and that's because I'm just going to use the links here as a jump ring for myself okay so we've got now two lengths of chain which are equal and you can definitely do 12 inches you can do 10 you can do 6 whatever you like just make sure you have an equal for each side and you do buy this by the inch so you can really customize it now I have an 18 inch pre-made chain which has that clasp already attached which is what I really wanted I'm going to find the midway point of here and I am going to cut that link so I've essentially got now the top part of my necklace already done and assembled now I'm just going to build out my design so let me open this link slip on the end chain link of my pre-made necklace close it on up do the same on the other side and just slip in that end chain link and close it on up okay so we're building so I wanted this to be a longer necklace so now we've got 18 inches here and 12 inches here so we're already up to a 30 inch necklace now I want to hang this right here and you guessed it I'm just gonna open up this little link slide on my pretty connector close it back up and do the same to the other side and for this you want to open it pretty wide just because this is a wonderful thick piece of metal okay so now we've got that part done and that looks actually really nice as is but I want to add a tassel and now my choice is do I actually want to add that little bead there and I think I do and I could have done a small one too but I think I like the large one okay same exact thing we're just gonna connect that right there get a good handle on it okay and now you can actually see that the Tassel itself has an open jump ring so if you have your second pair of chain nose handy you can go ahead and use them at this time or you could just open this link again at the base but I want to show you that you do have the option to open the jump ring on the tassel and we're just gonna connect it right there and close it back up and we're done so let's see what we've got so here is our finished 30 inch tassel and beaded chain necklace and you see how quickly and easy that was to put together I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial if you'd like to find the supplies for this project please do check out all the supplies are available as well as some more information about them and also don't forget if you like this video please subscribe to our youtube channel thanks so much you

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