Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: Meow Meow Kitty Earrings

SKU VID-1467
Designer: Julie Bean
In this quick and easy DIY video, learn how to make a pair of adorable kitty cat earrings featuring TierraCast cat charms, Austrian crystal channel links, and Nunn Design earring hooks. The creation process is very easy and just uses a pair of chain nose pliers. Make a set for yourself or to give to the cat lover in your life.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com showing to be doing so we've got a terra cast kitty charm we have a sur offski crystal channel link and a nun design earring hook and one quick tip for this video is if you like to make jewelry and you like working with tierracast and then design their metals go really well together so it's really nice they look very nice paired together so we've done the silver version and we're gonna do the gold version I pulled out some other channel links here and they come in a wide variety of colors in both silver and gold and you actually get four to a pack I'm only going to be using two but you do get a couple extra if you want to make it even longer so I'm gonna be using the green and I'm basically just going to be connecting that channel link with a jump ring and then this lovely long earring hook very easy to do and like I said if you wanted to make it longer you could even add extra little links all you're going to need are two pairs of chain nose pliers and we're just going to pick up this jump ring and we're gonna grab it on either side with the slit up at the top twist that guy open slide on your kitty cat charm and the connector link and it's so nice because this beautiful crystal link has a loop at both sides which is gonna make it so easy for us we just close that back up and now we're gonna go to our earring hook and you see it's got that loop at the base we're just gonna open that guy and hang it on before you close that make sure it's facing forward it does look really cute from the back too but we do want to see that cutie cat's face close that back up and you have an earring let's go ahead and do the second one so you can see this takes less than a minute by the time you actually do it so this would be a great gift item if you know somebody who loves cats you can make a ton of these and then we're just gonna close that one back up and now go to our earring I can open it up I do think they look really cute in both silver and gold okay again make sure he's facing forward I want to just show you his back really quick technically you could do one facing forward one back so you kind of see the front in the back that is something that you do see in jewelry designs sometimes I want both the front facing for this one alright so he's done so we've got our little cutie cat so you got it in silver and gold and then I don't want to leave out the dog lover so I want to show you something I did in another video we have a little dog charmed by tierracast and again with nunn design earring hooks and it's the dog in the dog house and then we have the silver version as well you can find all the supplies for both of these projects at beadaholique.com and if you want to see this video please check out beadaholique.com or subscribe to our YouTube channel thanks for watching you

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