How to Make the TierraCast Vida Mas Dulce Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to combine elements from the TierraCast Dulce Mas Vida collection with pieces from their Dulce Vida line to create an elegant and cohesive design. The featured project is a pair of striking statement earrings that also incorporate Dakota Stones gemstones and chain. The earrings are quick and easy to make, a great project for both beginners and more experienced jewelry designers.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with oz Dolce collection so we got a connector link with three holes which is what I'm gonna use for the earring got a couple buttons and these wonderful cord ends as well and these are really nice they're made in America and they are a lead-free pewter you can see they come in a couple finishes now for the drop I pulled a piece from an older collection of tierracast which is the Dolce Vita collection and you just can see how these just look lovely together so two different tierracast collections and they just complement each other beautifully and then also to complement it I'm going to be using a Dakota stone so you see I have this ear wire right here now this is it goes by a couple different names sometimes unfinished earring hook ear wire beatable at a bead and essentially we are going to add a pretty little Dakota stone gemstone to it and before I actually construct this piece I want to show you just a variety of the Dakota stones available at so you can really see you could take your piece and really pair it with some wonderful colors of these gemstones so that's quite fun and they are available in bigger sizes too I just wanna show you how nice they look together I really think these particular collections of tierracast and the Dakota stones just go lovely together just so pretty so many design ideas let's make our earring so what we're gonna do first is cut our lengths of chain now you can use a ruler or you can count links and now I counted links for my first one so I'm gonna do the same for my second so I wanted to do 12 links so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and I want to cut it on the 13th link right there now I'm gonna show you a quick tip so you don't have to recount another 12 if you've got a head pin or an eye pin laying around go ahead and place it through that end chain-link and then the other remaining length of chain you have so we're gonna line these up so they're gonna be dangling in front of me here and I know I'm going to block the camera view for a moment but I'm just going to line them up and see where they match and then cut the link and you can do that for any length of chain you want to measure and especially if say you're making chain tassels or something that's really a handy little tip and trick next let's go ahead and complete our ear wire so we have this little four millimeter impression Jasper gemstone and I have a gunmetal color ear wire Here I am mixing gunmetal with antique silver chain I think it still looks really nice together and what I like too about using an earring hook like this is you get to choose how you want to orient the little loop so I want the loop facing out so that I can put my chain on it easily so I'm going to take my pair of wire looping pliers which have a round nose and a concave nose and I'm just gonna actually grab the tip squeeze it make a loop keep making my loop and now I'm gonna go in because I want it centered and just bend it back we're gonna straighten that up with our chain nose so we've just finished our earring hook and now I want to add the chains to it so I'm going to open up that little loop I just made and slip on the end chain link to both of my cuff links of chain there we go and close it back up like so and we're got that ready to go now I want to connect me to pieces how do you want to show you the front and the back of these are very very pretty and they are a nice solid metal but they're not too heavy so I don't have any qualms about combining two pieces of metal for an earring in case and the jump rings I'm gonna use our little oval jump rings they're four millimeters by three millimeters they are gunmetal and they come already open for me which is something you don't see too often in jump rings but actually it's kind of cool that saves me a step I'm just going to take that little open jump ring so you often find I should clarify you find jump rings that are open and the fact that they have that slit in it and they're not soldered all the way around but you don't actually usually find them in the open position and that's what these are and it is actually nice and handy okay so I've got that on there you're just gonna close up my jump ring and I want to show you now the backside as well of this little drop so very pretty and now we're ready to connect our chain links and to do that again we're just going to use one of these nice jump rings I'm gonna link it on to that top hole connect on the chain link close it back up do the same to the other side and then we are done so a really quick and easy earring I think you can create a lot of different variations of this you can use course different colors of the gemstones you can also decide if you want to add gemstones in other places along the design I could have put like a little connector link right here and added a gemstone that was one thing I was considering doing you could add a little gemstone link between the drop and the main connector link lots of fun things alright we're done yeah we have our second earring so there's our pair and again eight features the tierracast vida mas dolce line as well as the Terra cast Dolce vida line and some lovely Dakota stones you can find all the supplies for this project and many more at you

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