Quick & Easy DIY Jewelry: In The Doghouse Charm Earrings

SKU VID-1468
Designer: Julie Bean
Cute little doggie and doghouse TierraCast charms are the focals of these sweet earrings. Sometimes all you need is a striking charm to make a wonderfully playful pair of earrings and that is certainly the case with this design. Create the design in silver or gold. All TierraCast charms are made in the USA of lead-free pewter.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with beadaholique.com a fun little tip is you don't always have to make your charms match you can use ones which just are on theme with each other and it's a fun interesting way to create a pair of earrings there's also this little bone that we could have used if we wanted to so you see the pair in gold already done now I'm going to do it in silver and all you need is actually just one pair of chain nose pliers I had a second one on my table here but you really just need one and all you're going to do is open up this little loop and you're going to slide on that charm facing forward and close the loop now this charm does look super cute on the back as well and we're going to do that for this one too and close it back up now if you wanted to put anything as a little link between these guys you sure could we have lots of different items at beadaholique.com and that would be a fun way of adding to these but I think they look really nice just in their metal form as well now not to leave out the cat lovers tierracast also has some adorable little kitty cat charms that we have made into some earrings as well and if you check out beadaholique.com you subscribe to our youtube channel you'll see how to make this pair of earrings as well thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed this really quick and easy DIY tutorial you

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