How to Make the Diamondback Necklace

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Designer: Alexandra Smith
In this video, you will learn from start to finish how to bead weave this design using a combination of 2-hole Ginko beads, MiniDuo beads, and SuperDuo beads with Miyuki 11/0 round seed beads. Once you see how to create the focal, you will then learn how to complete your necklace by using jump rings to attach rolo chain and a lobster clasp.
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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique how to make the Diamondback necklace in this video we're going to be dweeb this Center focal using a combination of two whole glass Czech beads including a ginkgo beads mini duo's super duos and also some size 11 oh my Yuki round seed beads after we weave it then we'll put it together with some chain and for tools I have cutters that I used to separate that chain I've got some round nose and chain nose pliers I'll be stringing with some smoke fireline got scissors here and to begin I have pre-cut three feet of fireline and put it on my size 12 needle I'm going to start by adding a stopper bead leave myself about a four-inch 4 or 5 inch tail to begin the pattern I'm going to take up my ginkgo bead and string through the larger back portion of the bead then I'll add a seed bead a mini duo a seed bead and my next ginkgo bead making sure that they're all facing the same direction seed bead mini duo and seed bead I'm going to continue for 14 beads this is designers choice you can add fewer or more whoops not that one this one sorry seed bead mini duo seed bead and the next ginko I'll do a couple more and then meet up with you at the other side alright I'm on my final section of seed beads with mini duos and my final ginkgo bead so that's 14 let me separate my thread there and get it a little bit longer to work with now what I'm ready to do on this end is take up three seed beads and one of these thread protectors and to add this onto my piece I'm going to thread up through one side there's a little tube there pull it all the way down for the rest of my beads and then I'm going to bring my needle back through the other tube on that opposite side in the opposite direction back toward my beadwork and the thread lands right in that little groove it's a great way to protect your cord while you're transitioning on to chain so that's what we'll be doing now here I'm adding on three more seed beads to start my path back along the other side of these gingko beads once I'm through that hole I'm gonna take on a seed bead a super duo another seed bead and then come through the second hole of the next gingko so don't concern yourself with the mini duo's at this point they will be threaded in their own way on the opposite side of the piece we're just doing the super duos now so again I'm adding a seed bead a super duo another seed bead and coming through my next gingko bead sewing up the opposite side of my bracelet seed bead super duo seed bead through the second hole of the ginkgo and so forth I'll be going all along this side meet up with you at the other end when it's time to add our other thread protector alright so added my final super duo bead come out the opposite side and I'm going to take on three more seed beads just as I did on the other side and I'm also going to put on my other thread protector in the same way up the one side and down the other making sure my thread lands in that little groove on the top and if my tensions a little loose that's okay because we'll uh we'll check it once we tie off at this end first though I'm going to take on three more seed beads and now I've met up with my stopper bead which I'm ready to remove so I'll slide that off of the tail and I'm going to tie the two sides of my thread together for security just by doing it overhand knot like so make sure it lands right between that seed bead and the opening of the ginko one time and twice I'm still going to leave that tail on so I can thread it through and do one more knot for security at the end right now I'm ready to take my needle side up again I'm going to travel through the ginko and also through my first seed bead headed up the mini duo side of the piece I'm going to put my needle up through the second hole of the mini duo and begin to strand on string on four seed beads between each mini duo this is where we're building outward in the weaving which will create a really nice sense of dimension and complexity it's really fun to build with these two whole beads so I my thread got in the way okay for more seed beads and in through my next mini duo for more seed beads and through the mini duo and so forth now as I'm going along I want to make sure that all of my second holes are open every once in a while you'll get a bead that's closed off so before you start you want to make sure all your beads are good and ready to use so I'm gonna continue all the way up this side and then when we get to the end travel up through and we'll start down the opposite side of the piece and I'll show you how many beads to add at that point as well I've added on my last four beads between the mini duo's and now I'm gonna take my needle and come back through this seed bead between the mini duo and the ginkgo I'm also going to come up this side of the ginkgo bead and then I'm also going to travel through the seed beads and the thread protector to get to the other side of the piece again takes a little doing just to get the needle through each of these tiny portions so back up through the thread protector there over and around down the other tube of it now I'm coming through these three seed beads through this hole of the wrinkle on this side as well as that first seed bead next to the super duo and coming up through the second hole of my super duo so on this side we're gonna be adding five seed beads between each super duo as opposed to the four that we put between the mini duo's there's five and this is to again give a bit of dimension to the piece it fits really nicely right at the base of the neck because of the graduated size of the spacing so I'm going to continue along this side in the same manner as I did on the opposite just adding five beads between each super duo and when I get to the opposite side we'll tie off our thread and attach the chain and clasp so here I've added my last section of five seed beads between the super duos and I'm ready to thread now back through the little seed bead between the super duo and the gingko I'm also coming up through that gingko bead and I'm ready to tie off and weave in my thread be sure I pull the string taut so that it takes on its shape but not too tight that it crunches the piece up just a little bit of play there and go ahead and make my knot between the seed bead and the gingko bead come through one more time I also went ahead and tied off and wove in my tail which has done in this very same manner so I'm ready to clip so to add the chain and jump rings I'll bring them over here I've got some six millimeter 20 gauge jump rings and a lobster clasp as well as some 3.7 millimeter Rolo chain so to attach that I'll bring in my pliers I'm going to slide my jump ring onto my thread protector and also onto the end link of one of my chains it's a 5 inch chain this necklace hangs about 16 inches so that's all inside and to adjust the size of this necklace you would simply use longer or shorter chain or you could change up the number of beaded units that you weave I'll do the same for the clasp to attach here on the other side of my chain my last jump ring and there we have deed Diamondback necklace I hope you enjoyed this video you can find all of these tools and supplies at and also be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest updates thanks for watching

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