How to Make the Decadent Deco Earrings

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video tutorial learn how to make the Decadent Deco Earrings using a beadable earring finding, metal seed beads, and Austrian crystal crystal beads. This earring is pretty easy to make and looks fabulous!

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and I want to show you How to Make the Decadent Deco Earrings to create this earring using a beadable earring finding. That's really the foundation of it the supplies that your going to need is some beading thread. I used some wildfire I threaded twenty-four inches of it onto your beading needle need some dark copper metal seed beads and they are dark copper but to me it looks like an antique brass. They go very nicely with my earring finding. You'll also need your beadable earring finding which has these great loops which allow you to attach thread and beads to them in terms of crystals I'm using all SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystals and I've got the SWAROVSKI keystone beads in amethyst. I have eight of them for one earring. You'll actually need sixteen of them for the complete set and then I've got these little amethyst bicone beads that are three millimeters I've got some black diamond bicone beads as well which are two point five and then I've got some four millimeter bicones and these are Blue Zircon Blend so some really fun ingredients to play with and besides the needle the only other tool you're going to need is a pair of scissors for this project so let's begin and for the exact quantities you can go into the website, look under the decadent deco earring and you'll find the quantities of everything you'll need so start by placing your needle through the bottom loop of your beadable earring finding and pulling it through so you leave a tail of about six to seven inches now create a knot with the tail and the rest of the length of the beading thread just like so now and go back and do a surgeons knot. Go over under and through, over, under and through again. This is a little bit more secure and just pull that really nice and tight See where your knot is you can go ahead if you want and pull that down it crept up towards the crystal itself and I don't want it quite that high. With my finger I'm going to pull it down a little bit then secure so to begin we're gonna go ahead place onto my needle one black diamond bicone three of the metal seed beads one amethyst bicone and three Blue Zircon slide it down to meet the bottom loop of the earring finding now pick up all eight of these pendants via their top hole. So you'll see these actually have two holes in them I all of them do hole at the top hole at the bottom of the wider part. Pick them all up from their top hole eight of them in this earring there's four let them slide down, grab another four two, three and four slide those down now we're going to repeat the same sequence I strung to begin with on the other side of these keystone pendants. So we need another three Blue Zircon we need one one amethyst three seed beads seed beads and a black diamond now go through the loop at the base of the earring and now I want to make another knot so that these are more even go under the thread make sure that all the beads are secure making a loop back through just want to do a really simple knot pull this what we've got so far so now go through the loop bead the other side you need one black diamond this time we're gonna pick up five seed beads one, two, three. four and five take two of our amethyst and another three Blue Zircon slide that down and now we're just going to go through the bottom holes and all of our keystone pendants you can do this two at a time, you can do this four at a time, however many you get your needle through at a time go out the other side and you guessed it we're just gonna now replicate what we just did on the side slide this down to meet the base of your keystone pendant. I need to adjust my thread right now. I don't want it doubled and it gives us a little more thread to work with so now at this point come back up through that bottom loop we've just created the entire bottom structure now create the bead work around the top to do that I've got the amethyst bicone black diamond seed bead another black diamond and another amethyst bicone slide this down and go up through one of the top side loops string an amethyst a Blue Zircon and another amethyst, slide those down go through the last remaining loop that hasn't been used pulled this through now copy this side again. We have an amethyst black diamond seed bead another black diamond and other amethyst go through that bottom loop again and now I want you to do at this point is go all the way back through your top beadwork with your needle it's just going to reinforce it and make it a little bit tighter which is nice get to the end go through that bottom loop one more time pull snug take your thread, pull it to the backside now you got this other thread already so what we can do we cannot have two ends make a simple overhand knot and pull tight go back and do a surgeons knot through once through twice pull tight and all that's left to do is you can go back in work your thread into your bead work if you want to create a few more knots if you feel like you're knots are not very secure which they should be but if you do you wanna reinforce them which is always a good idea you can just make little discrete knots along the way just as you do in bead weaving where you just make a knot between beads pull tight and then continue working your thread into your beadwork and then you'll just end up doing that for the length of your thread and then you'll go ahead you'll cut it off restring your needle onto your other tail and do the exact same thing and that is how you make the decadent deco earring. 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