How to Make the Chevron Right Angle Weave Bracelet Kit

SKU VID-1017
Designer: Julie Bean
Skill Level: Intermediate
Learn how to make the Chevron Right Angle Weave Bracelet, an exclusive jewelry kit from Beadaholique. The video teaches you how to make this bracelet from start to finish including how to right angle weave (RAW) bead weave the base rows, how to do the top chevron embellishment, and how to create the beaded clasp.
Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with so here are some finished examples in different colors and all of these are available at bead Halik and silver a purple white and silver this is what it looks like on a silver and black very nice and classic it pretty bronze and green and then this one is just really fun that's got a little bit of pink in it as well as green and gold and then this one here which is a really pretty pink cream and a matte gold so quite a few different colors to choose from in this video I'm going to teach you how to make it when you purchase a kit from three millimeter beads some seed beads these are my yuki delicas you're going to get your beading needles as well as your thread and this is fireline in smoke for this particular project so really the only thing you need to supply are the scissors now also with this kit you're going to get some bead patterns as well I'm just going to show them to you here so that you can see that you're not going to need to refer to this video when you're at home doing this kit although of course you're welcome to so I'm going to put these guys aside right now and I'm going to start making this bracelet so if you look at one of the finished examples the back side or what is good actually the underside is all right angle weave and then we do a topcoat embellishment and then we have a little ball and loop for the clasp now the way I constructed this bracelet is I did all the right angle weave and the topcoat embellishments in one thread so for that you would need 10 feet of thread if that's a little too long for you to work with you can also just do the right angle weave with one thread tie it off which I will show you how to do at the end of this video and then do the embellishment in another thread and then the loop clasp and then these little beads right here which goes all the way through in a separate thread so it's really a matter of what you're comfortable with and the instructions for the kit will give you the exact measurements you need also to course tell you in this video so let's begin now I'm going to be doing a little cooking show magic here and when I say that I mean that I've already got some pieces done up so that we don't have to take time for me to go off-camera and bead so you can see the progress progress rather quickly which I think will help illustrate how actually easy this bracelet is to make and fun but because of that I'm not going to measure out my 10 feet of thread I'm just going to measure out enough to show you the first step and then I will show you the next step with my finished my more finished example so to begin you will have your 10 feet of thread or if you just want to do the right angle weave base part you'll need six-and-a-half feet of thread and onto your needle you will place four four millimeter beads you're going to pull them down leaving a tail of about 8 inches and you're going to tie a knot so you're making a loop just like so and you're going to do a surgeon's knot so you're going to actually tie another knot but you're going to pass through twice and that's in place of a stopper bead and also it makes this really nice and secure so this is what we have to start with and that is our first unit of right angle weave so then to create your second unit you're going to make sure that knot is nice and tight you're going to take your needle pass back up through the first bead the second bead and the third bead and now this third bead of this unit is actually your first bead of the second unit so now to complete the second unit we actually only need three beads so one two three and go back through that first bead pull it down and there is your second unit so now we have to work our thread to get back over here to create our third unit so go back through two beads and now we're exiting in a position where that can be the first bead of our third unit so now we need three more beads now we're going to go back through that bead and pull and now we've got three units and I'm counting the bottom bead to count me unit so one two three let me show you one more and then I'm going to show you the next step with an example that I already have worked on so here work your way back so you're really on that edge bead pick up three more beads go back down through and there is your fourth unit you'll just work your thread back to that edge bead so it can become the first bead of the next unit so that is really all there is to basic right angle weave which is a really nice stitch to know how to do so we've got four units right there now for each of these bracelets which are about seven and a half inches long in the example I'm going to show you it takes 24 units and what I've done is I've gone ahead and already created that and that's what I meant when I said a little cooking show magic so here we've got my 24 units and for this particular pattern you're always going to want to on an even unit so if you make it longer or shorter just make sure it's 22 24 26 28 and so forth so let me read read my needle and I'm going to show you now how to step up and create the second row of right angle weave because these are two rows wide okay so this is where you end if you've done your 24 units and this is where your thread is sticking out so we need to work our thread so that's exiting this bead so we can jump up and create our next row so we're just going to work our thread through that bead and now that is the first bead of our first unit of our second row so now we need to pick up three more beads and we're going to go back through this bead and there we've just stepped up so now what we have to do is we have to work our needle and thread back so it's exiting this bead because this is going to be bead 1 and B 2 of our second unit of our second row all right so here we're going back through that bead and now we're also going to go through this bead right here so that is two beads for our second unit and so we just need to pick up two more to have a unit of four there we go and now you'll work your thread and needle around again so you're exiting that edge bead and now this is going to be bead 1 and B 2 so you just need two more beads and in this case you're just going to go through this bead right here and work your thread around again until you're exiting that edge bead so we've got three units already in our second row if you ever wanted to make a wider bracelet than this you would just continue this exact same pattern continuing to just go down step up go down step up okay I'll do one more just to show you here we go so again those are our first two beads of the next unit so we need two more and then you just always work your thread and needle around till you're exiting where you want to be exiting to start the next unit so there we've got the first row the start of the second row and you would just continue that same pattern until you reach the end and at that point we would start to do our top embellishments so let me show you what that would look like and that would look like this once you've gone all the way down you see it's nice and wide and even so here is how you would end because there's your starting tail and then this tail which had my needle on it would be right here so I'm going to remove this piece now and show you how to create the diagonal thread bridges on top of the right angle weave which is a really nice embellishment so at this point here we're exiting I actually want you to flip your beadwork around and this probably only matters if you're right-handed um if you're left-handed it might be a little bit different but I am right-handed so I am most comfortable with my needle and thread going from right to left so this is where we're at and we need to do the top embellishments to do that you're going to pick up two seed beads a three millimeter bead and two more seed beads and then you're basically just going to stretch that across one of your units and go up one of these middle beads just like that so those beads are resting on top of your right angle weave so now we're exiting the speed here and we're just going to pick up two more seed beads a three millimeter and two more seed beads and we're going to create another bridge of beads so we're just going to place our needle and go up through here and pull tight I'm going to do a couple more of those to show you so it's really easier just creating a zigzag two seed beads a three millimeter and two more seed beads and I'll do one more and you're just working all the way along one row of right angle weave at a time now if you were working with the ten feet of thread you would have just continued as I did if you wanted to work with a shorter amount thread you would have tied off before you actually began the embellishment so you just had your right angle weave piece and then you would have started a new thread right up here to do the embellishments and after I finished the embellishments I'll be able to show you how to tie off a thread and work in your tail so you're going to see how to do that too so that is what we have for the first row of embellishments and you'll work all the way to the end and when you do that you're going to end up with this so you see we've worked all the way to the end so let me put this piece of side now we thread my needle excuse me my needle flew across the table okay so after you've done the last embellishment your thread is exiting this edge bead going towards the top so what we need to do is we need to work our thread through our beadwork so that's properly oriented to do the next diagonal bead bridge on the what is the first row so what we do is we go ahead and we take our needle and we work it through the four millimeter beads okay so that you are now just exiting out that Center bead the at that point you pick up two more seed beads another three millimeter and two more seed beads and we're just going to now stretch that across that unit and go down this middle bead now we're creating that nice chevron pattern so pick up two more seed beads three millimeter two more seed beads and again we're just going to stretch it across and go down through that middle bead between your units and pull and we're going to repeat that and again there we have what you're seeing how this is ending up is this nice diagonal pattern and you would just keep doing that until you reach the end and at that point we're going to tie off your thread and then we'll start an entirely new thread to do what is going to be these little Center beads actually that color might be hard to see you then you're good to do the center beads the little ball and the loop so let me pull out a piece that is at that point so here we go and you see we've completed it all the way to the end and at this point we need to tie off our thread so I do want to show you how to do that so we have our tail which is right here and then here was our active thread now the tail already has one knot in it which is great because that's what we started with and we don't have anyway thus far of securing the active thread now you see me sometimes I pinch the tip of the thread that just flattens it ever so slightly so it's a little bit easier to get through the needle because we're using size twelve beading needles for this okay so to tie it off I find it easiest if you flip your beadwork around and then you're going to retrace your thread path just through some of these four millimeter beads and after you've gone down a little ways slip your needle under one of your thread bridges pull it through create a loop and then a knot okay go through a couple more beads and repeat and then you're able to trim off your thread I'm just using a pair of scissors go back rethread your needle and you got caught on here I'm going to take care of that another time just got a little knot on the edge can't get a new needle thread it on to your original tail and that's why you left a tail up eight inches so you'd be able to do this again work it through some of the four millimeter beads tie a knot continue and then trim it off we have a really nice base bracelet here and now we are ready for what is essentially the last step and that is adding the center beads and creating the clasp to do that we're going to take about three feet of your thread and we're going to place a stopper bead on one end so a stopper bead can it be any random bead you have and I'm actually just going to use one of my beads from my kit you're going to want to leave a tail of about 12 inches and just loop back through that stopper bead and pull and a stopper bead is easy to just move around it's about 12 inches rethread your needle and now we're going to go all the way down the center going through these middle four millimeter beads go through and then it's going to stop on that stopper bead pick up a three millimeter bead and go back down through the next Center four millimeter bead what you're going to want to do at this point is you want it to just rest in there so you might need to take your needle and scoot up one of your seed beads occasionally okay so you're going to repeat and you're going to continue for the entire length of your bracelet okay last one and what you're going to notice as you've done this your bracelet has actually curved a little bit which is actually really pretty so it makes it a little bit arched so what we need to do is now add the ball part of our clasp we're going to pick up three seed beads this larger 8 millimeter bead and one more seed bead and you're going to loop around and go back through all the beads except for that last seed bead and then you're going to shoot right through that four millimeter bead as part of your bracelet as well so here we go create the loop and that little seed bead acts as a stopper bead up top and now we're going to tie off this thread and weave in our tail and you want to make sure you've pulled that nice and tight you we're going to trim off this tail and just one more step so at this point remove your stopper bead can just get in there with your needle pull it off rethread your needle and we're going to create the loop part of our class which is what you see right here to do that add 24 seed beads onto your thread and needle that's 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 and 24 I apologize it can be a little hard to see these cream seed beads on the white cloth so now we're going to loop back around and we're going to go through the first two that we strung on and that four millimeter bead as well and when you pull you have just created a loop work your thread in and tie it off and trim it and your bracelet is now complete so you see we've got the loop we've got the little ball up here and then we have all the bead weaving in the chevron pattern I do want to show you again just the different colors because they're all the same pattern but they do look quite different done in different colors and then let me show you how the clasp works when you wear it so you've got the loop and you've got the ball and you just slip it over it and it will hold like that and that's a nice secure clasp for your bracelet you can find this exclusive kit which is the Chevron right angle weave bracelet kit at along with a number of other exclusive jewelry kits you

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