How to Make the Austrian Crystal Drop Earrings Kit

SKU VID-1002
Designer: Julie Bean
Learn how to make the Austrian crystal Drop Earrings, an exclusive kit from Beadaholique. These pretty earrings feature sparkling Austrian crystal pear pendants and delicate round beads. In the video you will see how to make them from start to finish.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with kits as you get everything you need to make the project and in this case it's these really pretty drop earrings so I want to show you the color combos that you can choose from they're really pretty I want to hold them up so this one here is a crystal white marble so you see that effect on the pear pendants here that are the feature of these earrings so really beautiful and sparkly this next one here is crystal paradise shine and these pendants look beautiful on either side then crystal light rose crystal golden shadow this next one here is crystal lilac shadows another really beautiful effect again both sides look beautiful crystal light chrome and finally jet so now I want to teach you how to make these like I mentioned before when you order a kit from beads you've got your eye pins your long elegant earring hooks a couple jump rings and these beautiful Swarovski crystal pear pendants and you get two of them of course to make two earrings in terms of your tools we want to always make sure that you just need pretty simple tools to put our kits together so in this case it is a couple pairs of chain nose pliers to open and close your jump rings round nose plier to make your loops and just a pair of flush cutters to cut your loops so these are great Universal tools if you are a jewelry maker so how do you make these well first let's go ahead and put on to our pair pendants the actual jump ring which is going to allow them to hang from the of the earring if you're not familiar with how to open a jump ring you'll notice that there is a little slit in the jump ring and you want that facing away from you so up top and you're going to grab the jump ring on either side of that opening and just twist and you're going to put it through the hole of the para pendant and go ahead and twist it back shut you'll do that on both of them now we're going to place our round beads onto these eye pins and make some simple wire loops so that we can make these little connectors here so this is pretty easy to do you're going to take an eye pin and it's called such because it has this loop at the base and you're going to place a bead onto it and you're going to take your chain nose pliers and right above the bead you're going to grip that wire and bend it at an approximately forty-five degree angle then you're going to take your round nose pliers and grip that wire again right above the bead and using your fingers push the wire up and over the nose of the round nose pliers rotate your pliers so you're gripping it up top and then just pull your wire around so it Criss crosses over the base of your loop and then right where it Criss crosses take your cutters and snip and there you now have a loop on either side of the bead so it's a great little connector piece so you're going to do that for all of your little round beads you if you're new to this you will notice too that your round nose pliers are tapered so you'll want to probably go ahead and do the loops form them towards the end of the tip of your pliers because they'll make a smaller loop versus if you did it back here and make a much larger loop okay now I've got all my little loops done and what I like to do is I like to go back and just make sure that all the loops are closed so I just take my chain nose and make sure that that loop is nice and perfectly closed we are going to be opening some of the loops so this step is a little bit unnecessary for this project but I do find it just good practice to always do this you don't know which loop you're necessarily going to open in the next step so just straighten them up and if you can't tell which loop you made versus which one is the actual eye pin then that's a very good thing all right let's connect all our pieces together now we're going to take the simple wire loop and we're going to open it just like a jump ring so just twist it a little bit and hang on to it the jump ring from your parent and then close it back up go to the other side open the loop slip on a loop from one of your other little round connector pieces and close it back up go to the other side you're just walking your way up the earring same thing and then for the last one you're going to open this loop and you're going to slip on your earring hook there you have a very pretty drop earring so I'm going to do the exact same thing with the second earring make a matched set but hopefully in this video you've seen that this is pretty quick and easy to do and you end up with a really pretty earring as a result something that you could wear out for a formal attire evening or you can wear out just for fun it's really a pretty versatile design okay there we go we have our matched set of these really pretty Swarovski drop earrings and again they're an exclusive kit by beat AHA League and you can find them at you

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