How to Make the Crystaletts Spike Earrings Kit

SKU VID-1003
Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to make the Crystaletts Spike Earrings, an exclusive kit by Beadaholique. These earrings feature sparkling Austrian crystaletts and petite spikes arranged in a dramatic linear design.

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with cat which is an exclusive kit by bead AHA League so I wanted to hang some of these up so you could really see how pretty they look when they are hanging so you can imagine them being hung from your ear we've got silver plated and gold plated findings and then in the center of these jump ring connectors you'll see these little crystal let's which are super pretty little crystals in their own setting and then a little spike hanging from the bottom so here we have a silver and crystal a beet combo gold and purple a blue and silver a crystal and gold very nice and classic would go with anything and we have a pink and silver a green and gold a black and silver and then a black and gold as well and what's nice about betta Holly kits is you get everything you need to make the project so here is what you'll receive when you get a kit you'll get the earring hook so you'll get the pretty little crystal let's let me show you what they look like on the back so see if I do have a nice little setting look at the little spikes as well as the jump rings and for this project the only tools that you'll need are two pairs of chain nose pliers so I want to show you how to make these now set these guys aside so I look at more room to work we're going to start by opening a jump ring so if you're not familiar with how to open a jump ring there is a slit if it's an open jump ring there will be a slit if it's a closed jump ring it will be completely soldered so there won't be any slip but in this kit we're using open jump rings so you're going to grab the jump ring on either side and then just twist it open and we're going to place on to it one crystal at and this is going to be the base of my earring so I'm also going to slide on one of the little spikes and then close that jump ring back up you just wanna make sure it's really closed nicely okay now we're going to open another jump ring and what's great about this kit is that these come together really quickly and easily but they're very pretty so they make quite a nice impact especially for a delicate little earring okay so now what we're going to do is we're going to take this jump ring and slide it through that loop on the crystal egg and then slide on a second crystal lap and now we're going to close the loop open another jump ring same process and slide on another crystalline and close the jump ring okay so now we've got three crystal let's and the spike so we need one more jump ring connect it on to that last crystal let that you just attached and now we're going to add the earring hook and you want to pay attention to the orientation of the earring hook so we want it of course facing backwards so that your crystals are facing forward so now we're just going to slip that jump ring onto the loop at the base of the earring hook and close it back up there we go we have loops I did not get that close you'll want to just make sure you do close your jump rings all the way there we go so there we have one complete earring so we're going to just repeat that process to make the second one so we're going to do a spike bead and a crystal and close it back up open another one slide it on to the crystal a slide on another crystal up close it back up through that loop and another crystal app and of course as you're doing this you'll want to make sure that all your little crystallites are facing forward you just can tell that by the placement when you put it on the jump ring and then when you attach the second jump ring to it okay final jump ring there we go and the earring hook and we are all done so a really great quick and easy kit that looks very pretty with just a touch of sparkle there so you can find this kit and more at you

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