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hi this is Alexandra at beadaholique you how to make the betrothed risk to rain bracelet so here you see I have a project of time and it is a charisma bracelet the way we fit on these are ethnic jewelry to go by the traditional name of HA sponza and they fit first on this finger and around the wrist like so and so this uses ready to use gemstone change is really beautiful and I'm going to put together in this video a version also using some ready-to-use change with pearls so have all my pieces here what I'm using is the dividers chain I've got some 5 millimeter jump rings a couple of really pretty connector links hook and eye clasp jump rings and wire pliers and cutters so to begin when I pull my chains over and I've got them cut to length for the various sections that I'll need I'm going to bring my ruler in can make sure I get that right so the 2 side portion they're going to be the 2 and 3/4 inch hmm pretty close the three-inch portions and go up the length of the back of the hand that's for the other side and this two-and-a-half each portion is going to go around the finger I'll put that up there so it's just going to be a simple matter of attaching these pieces using jump rings the measuring is really the tricky part and I wanted to give you a design tip here actually you can see that for this one I sized the finger using some jump rings to make sure that it fit me right so that's a good idea if you want to use that you see all right so take requires and begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together now when you buy the ready to use chain you want to make sure to get a few extra inches to account for the links that you cut and those pearls or stones can be reused in at the project if you like you I made sure to choose jump rings that work and I stick gauge I think these are about an 18 gauge I like to hook hook and I clap for these because they are easy to use single-handedly although a magnetic clasp could also work well or a toggle so there's the wrist portion move on to the overhand section should I get my closures nice and flush open this one plenty wide to fit over this thick connector which I liked because it looks like intertwined rings which reminded me of wedding jewelry should I get that tight there go all right last couple of closures here these are a nice alternative idea for accessorizing for the wedding wasn't for the last bit I'm going to add the finishing touch this little dangling briolette right from the center of that piece to utilize that third connection this is 26 gauge wire bring it around the top of the piece and go my single whip and disk well round the original rap them and then click again trim I tip it ducked in there we go let's try it on the rivet front and back to this you'll notice it's a bit flat right there so let's turn it over to where there's a bit more relief in the design okay then I'll make sure it fits here we go there's the betrothed wedding bracelet so I hope you enjoyed this video this project bundles tools and supplies are all available at thanks for watching you

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