How to Make a Commemorative Photo Pendant with Graduation or Wedding Charms

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Designer: Rachel Zaimont
In this video you'll learn how to make a keepsake pendant to celebrate an event such as a graduation, wedding or anniversary, using a meaningful photograph, a bezel and glass cabochon, and a commemorative charm. You'll also see an overview of our bridal, graduation and anniversary year charms.
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hi this is rachel with beadaholique to show you how to make a commemorative pendant with graduation or wedding charms so here's a big event or milestone coming up it's nice to celebrate with personalized jewelry or crafts to mark the occasion and something that makes a nice keepsake is a photo pendant this is something you would wear as jewelry or hang on a keychain or whatever you like and a fun way to tie your photo pen into the event that you're commemorating is with a charm so I have some charms here that are great as graduation gift or wedding keepsakes or bridal bouquet charms and I'm going to tell you about them so first we have some your charms here these are nice pieces they have a loop at the top they come in two sizes the larger size is about 14 millimeters and the smaller size is about eight millimeters and for these it's nice to make simple jewelry you can just take one of these and a jump ring hang it from a finished chain necklace like this and you have a simple piece of jewelry to commemorate the year that you want to keep in mind or you can take one of these your charms and attach it with a jump ring to a tassel if you have a graduate with wearing cap and gown and that would make a nice gift and we also have a couple other graduation charms I want to show you we have some really cute cap and gown charms here this one is sterling silver it's a really nice piece and this one is enameled and any of these would be nice accompaniment to a photo charm that I'm going to show you how to make so that's for graduation we have some wedding charms here too and these are really nice substantial pieces that have words like bride bridesmaid maid of honor and as you can see it has the title on the front along with a really nice crystal rhinestone inset and on the back there's a beautiful and gray flower so these are really nice pieces and again you could make simple jeweler with these take a jump ring and hang it from a finished chain necklace or bracelet or you can use one of these to decorate a bridal bouquet charm and we have another video showing you how to take a bridal bouquet charm so overall they're beautiful as accents for your wedding or as gift for your bridal party for them to cherish so I'm going to show you how to make a photo pendant for a graduation first you'll need a photo you'll need a bezel I'm going to use this silver bezel that comes with a glass dome cabochon you're going to need some diamond glaze glue I'm going to use the 2017 your charm you're going to need a jump ring and some silk ribbon and for tools you'll need scissors you'll need two flat nose pliers or you can use flat nose and round nose and you'll also need a pen and a paper towel so first of all take your photo and this is my kindergarten class picture definitely not from 2017 but we'll pretend and I'm going to show you that there are two ways that you can actually cut out your photo so that it fits into your bezel first of all you can take your bezel flip it over on top of your photo take a pen and trace the bezel directly onto the picture and use that to cut it out but just in case you're using a bezel that has a wide border like this one that's what this over it would be much harder to trace the actual lip of the bezel because of this ornate border so another thing you can do I just want to show you is Center your bezel on the picture and simply press all around on both sides refuse your fingers to make an indentation and press the shape of that bezel into the picture and I'll show you why when you take it off you can see that there's an indentation all around the picture and you can use that as a guide when you cut out your picture so for this purpose I am actually going to trace the bezel onto the picture so let us take my pen and trace all the way around and something you want to watch out for is moving the bezel of course when you're tracing it okay and now I'm just going to take my scissors and cut the shape out now that my photo is cut out I'm going to glue it into the bezel with some diamond glaze and you don't need much because you're just pressing a flat photo down over it and this glue will spread out very easily so just a little bit of glue and you can use the tip of the applicator to drag the glue around in your bezel make sure that your foot is going to stick all around and it's textured so it's going to make a funny noise okay so now I'm just going to place my photo into the bezel and gently press it down with my fingers and you would want to let this dry for just a few minutes but I'm going to go ahead and show you the next step so the next thing you want to do is glue in your glass dome cabochons and the first thing you want to do is make sure there are no fingerprints on the back because fingerprints will show through this clear glass cabochons so just go ahead and rub it on something soft and now I'm just going to place a little bit more diamond glaze directly onto the back of the bezel and again smear it around and any bubbles or striations in the glue will be squeezed out when you press it over your photo okay I think that's pretty well covered so now I'm just going to flip this over and press it directly onto my image and really push it down and diamond glaze is a little bit milky so you know it's dry because it will dry clear so you just want to wait a little while for the droop for the glue to dry clear before you proceed so my glue is still dry and I just want to show you a quick tip about Diamond glaze if you put in a little bit more than you need under your glass cabochon and a little bit seeps out the sides it can get on top of the cabochon but that's not a problem because diamond glaze comes off with a little bit of water so I have a paper towel here there are few areas where I just got a little bit of diamond glaze over on the top of that glass cabochon so I'm just going to take a wet paper towel and just rub the diamond glaze off and maybe a little bit more so the cleanup from Diamond glaze is really simple because it does come off with water okay that's a little better so the next thing that you're going to do in this project is take a piece of silk ribbon I have some silk flat ribbon and I'm going to use this nice raspberry color picking a ribbon is a nice way to personalize these pieces so if it's a graduation gift you might want to choose some school colors or if it's to commemorate a wedding you would choose a color from the wedding so basically you take your ribbon and just thread it through the loop at the top of the bezel and slide it down and next I'm going to take my 2017 year charm and a jump ring I'm just going to open this jump ring using pliers and I'm just going to slide it through the loop at the top of the Year charm and close that jump ring and now I'm going to take this charm and also slide this onto the ribbon so there you go you have the photo and the year and I hang side by side and I think I might finish this with just a simple bow and this way you can hang this piece from a bed frame or mirror anywhere in the house you like and it's just a nice commemorative gift something to remember a happy event so these terms are great for graduations weddings anniversaries any event that you want to remember that gives you happy memories you can find all of these supplies at thanks for watching you

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