How to Make the Bangalore Detail Earrings by Vintaj

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Designer: Mackie Mullane
In this video tutorial, Mackie Mullane, designer and educational instructor with Vintaj, teaches how to alter jewelry making components by removing loops (turning a connector into a drop) and how to artfully drape chains. She demonstrates these techniques by making the Bangalore Detail Earrings. Instructions and ingredients for this project can be found on
Audio Transcript
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Hi I'm Mackie Mullane, a designer with Vintaj and I'm here today with and we're going to be doing the Bangalore Earrings You're going to need a metal file, chain nose pliers and then your ear wire, a few different size jump rings two cut chains, the centerpiece and then your connector that we'll be making into another centerpiece you also need your flush cutter so first I'm going to cut off the extra loop on this and I like to go from the side and cut so now you have a little jagged edge so I'm going to use the metal file file that down and even it out and then I'm going to take the most important tool that we use the Reliefing Block and finish up sanding that. I'm also going to use the light side of it and relief the top edges it brings that nice shine and finish to it so now I'm going to attach the two chains to the bottom of the centerpiece. So here we've cut out two different size chain lengths, one is three and 3/4 of an inch and one is three inches. So take your smaller jump ring open it up and first attach the longer chain and then the shorter and then for this earring I'm going to go on the second hole down slip that through and close that up alright now set down on your bead mat and we're going to attach the other side open your jump ring one towards you and one away, start with the bottom attach the shorter and then go in the second hole again and close that up now I have the bottom part of that finished okay so now we're going to attach this flower piece. I'm going to take this jump ring and I'm going to attach it to the top okay so now with these medium-size jump rings I'm going to actually just attach them right on either side of that top piece okay and then take the larger jump ring open that up and you're going to string it through those jump rings that we just attached onto either side of the top. String that through attach the earring wire and that's finished. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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