How to Create a Custom Patina Color and Make the Hawaii Life Necklace with Vintaj

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Designer: Mackie Mullane
In this video tutorial, Mackie Mullane, designer and educational instructor with Vintaj, teaches how to create a custom patina color by mixing several patinas together. She also shows how to create a textured effect, how to DecoEmboss with the Vintaj Big Kick Machine, and how to relief a stamping. Mackie uses all these techniques in the creation of the Hawaii Life Necklace. Instructions and ingredients for this project can be found on
Audio Transcript
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Hi I'm Mackie Mullane, a designer and educator with Vintaj I'm here today with to show you the Hawaii Life Necklace and this necklace features some texturing and some patina techniques. We're going to be using two different sets of patinas and the first set we have the Ruby Red, Rust Orange and Pink Quartz and then second we have the Jade Green, Yellow Topaz the Jade Green and Yellow Topaz we'll be using on the leaves and this set we'll be using on this center leaf. So I'm actually gonna start out with the ring and we're actually going to emboss that where embossing this using our Fern Fronds folder I'm just gonna place the blank right on the design where I want it to go close it up and then here I have the solo platform, the solo shim and two pair of plates, place that in the center and place the side that says "Place this side down" down and then hinge is facing toward the machine run that through once you have your embossed design. Always go in and use the reliefing block and shine that up and that just brings out that really pretty embossed design You have your center ring. Now I'm gonna be using the bench block and a Ball Pein Hammer to be finishing these leaves. For the leaves I'm just going to be hammering the outside edges Do that on both of your pieces So now for the leaves I'm going to use the topaz patina and the Jade. With this combination you use about three parts topaz to one part jade take your dry brush and we're just going to be applying the colors and I'm gonna mix those up just going to be applying the colors to the outside edges of the leaves and when you're applying you want to make sure your kinda going into more dabbing motion rather then a wiping motion I'm going to use a paper towel and wipe off I'm gonna go in with the relief block with the dark grey side and sand and then I'm gonna go in and I'm actually going to use a little more patina because it looks like we haven't fill in those pieces enough use your paper towel go on to your next piece and there you have your two base leaves. So now we're gonna go ahead and do the coral leaf centerpiece so here I have set out the Ruby, the Rust and the Quartz patina and I'm going to apply that to my center leaf so for this technique I want it to be more of a solid color so I'm just gonna kind of grab each color and blend take from each and kind of see what color works the best together to make this color so apply to the whole piece and then I'm going to take some paper towel and I'm going to lightly brush off the top layer of that just leaving the patina in the grooves. I'm also going to go in with the reliefing block on the dark grey side and relief those edges So now that we have all of our pieces ready I'm just going to assemble them all together okay so as you can see here on this finished piece the ring that is in the center already has a hole punch into it and that's what we're going to use to attach one of those green leaves. I have my chain nose pliers, put that through the hole through the other and attach that. Okay there's one and then I'm going to take about an inch of my chain, use the flush cutters cut that, take my jump ring once again and attach the second leaf to the jump ring and now I'm gonna take a larger jump ring and this is going to attach through the coral leaf and then behind that facing forward and the second leaf and I kinda like to hold it up and see which way it hangs from the chain and then attach that right the ring close that and then with this necklace because the chain is so long we're just going to attach the rest of the chain right onto the base, open your jump ring attach and close and then do the same on the other side string it through attach and close and then you have your necklace. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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