How to Create Creative Clasps in Jewelry Making with Vintaj

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Designer: Mackie Mullane
In this video tutorial, Mackie Mullane, designer and educational instructor with Vintaj, teaches how to turn jewelry stampings into creative clasps. She demonstrates two different examples and shows how to make the My Journey Necklace and Bracelet Set. Instructions and ingredients for this project can be found on
Audio Transcript
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Hi I'm Mackie Mullane and I'm a designer for Vintaj and I'm here today with to show you a creative clasp on our My Journey Necklace and Bracelet I have all of these pieces out. I've got two arrows I've got my centerpiece coin for the necklace and part of the toggle that we're going to be making also we have three different kinds of jump rings and two different cut chains. So what you'll need is your relief block, a dry paint brush and water. You're going to need chain nose pliers filigree shaping pliers and a hole punch pliers okay so first I'm going to do the patina piece I'm just going to get a little bit of the black Black Onyx patina out on the side Apply that to the piece dab it on kind roughly because I want it to look aged, antiqued. I'm gonna take my paper towel and wipe off that top layer So there's your patina piece next I'm going to assemble the necklace so I'm actually going to be making this creative hook. So that using this arrow and here at the top I'm actually going to be twisting the arrow so that when this comes back up around on this both of the raised edges are going to be showing take my second of pair chain nose pliers and twist it around grab on there and twist so I like to make sure I have a nice grip up top and towards the bottom. So once you finish that step you'll see that this actually is the back of this side of the arrow and this is the good side of the top. So now we're going to make it into the hook so here I am going to hold on and I'm going to be shaping it around the large end of the pliers. So I got the end hold on tightly and kinda change edges as you work change sides and twist and pull and then go back to your larger side and I like to kind of grip and then let go a little bit each time and then grip again as we twist and pull up and then up here I'm going to grab on with both of the pliers and create a little bend in the piece and then you can use your chain nose pliers once again and bring that loop back up more towards the center then you have your arrow loop. I like to go in with a relief block the light side of it and just add a nice a finish and highlight to the piece okay so now that you have those two pieces done, we're gonna go ahead and finish up that necklace so here I am taking a smaller jump ring that we have and attach that to the end of the loop that we just made and then I'm going to actually use the flush cutters and clip off the extra small loop run that through the chain close it up there's one clip the other small off. Open the small jump ring string it through and go ahead and close that because you're going to be stringing the larger jump ring through both ends of this So now take a medium size jump ring straight through the top of the pendant and close and then take your large thick jump ring open it string it through, go on your jump ring end of the chain. Use both of your chain nose pliers to close and then you have your creative clasp of your necklace so now that we have the necklace made we're going to go ahead and show you how to finish up that bracelet okay so here I pre-cut a standard length of bracelet which is about seven and a half inches then here we're going to open this jump ring string it through the under the chain string it through the toggle end attach. Take my hole punching pliers I am going to go right on the center of this arrow so I'm gonna punch through the back side it's always easier to get a grip on it when you're on the debossed side. Punch that and you can see kinda as I punch that, I kind of bent the piece I'm going to take my chain nose pliers and just straighten that out and I'm going to take this medium-sized jump ring, attach it to one end of the chain string it through the arrow, close it and then I'm going to take this nice little finished leaf and add it to the end of the arrow open up a jump ring string it through and add it to your arrow and then you have your bracelet. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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