How to Create the Eternal Globe Necklace by Vintaj

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Designer: Mackie Mullane
In this video tutorial, Mackie Mullane, designer and educational instructor with Vintaj, teaches how to make the Eternal Globe Necklace. In creating this design, she shows how to DecoEtch a stamping blank using the Vintaj Big Kick machine, how to add holes in places where there are not any, and how to add patina to bring out the design. Instructions and ingredients for this project can be found on
Audio Transcript
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Hi I'm Mackie Mullane, I'm a designer for Vintaj and I'm here today with to show you the Eternal Globe necklace and this features some patina and deco etch technique. For the Eternal Globe necklace we're going to be using the Nouveau Silver, the Lapis and the Verdigris Teal patinas to create this patina finish on our centerpiece. We're also going to be using this deco etch die to be etching onto that ring as well so as you can see here this ring comes with a hole already on top but then I went in with a hole punch pliers and I punched out a hole underneath that and I just punched four holes all equal to each other okay so now I'm gonna go ahead and place that right my center of the deco etch plate and here I have my solo platform, solo shim two clear plates, place it in between the two clear plates run that through once I am actually going to relief the backside of this, usually when we use the deco etch we'll do either a patina finish in all of the fine line detail of that but for this one we're going to relief it and that design is just gonna come to life on that piece so now that that's ready, I'm gonna go ahead and do my center medallion piece. Alright so go ahead and get your patina off to the side. Got the Verdigris Lapis and the Nouveau Silver and make sure your brush is nice and dry because the patinas are water-soluble you don't want them to mix with the water or else it'll be bubbly and watery and it's not the look that you are looking for When I'm blending these colors I like to grab kinda two of the colors and start to patina the piece so I like to kind of go on in sections and then I'll go in with the Nouveau Silver as well and start to paint that in. Need more lapis to make it look more blue, just cover your entire piece So while that piece is still tacky to the touch your gonna hold in your hand and relief that raised areas relieving brings that design back to the front of the brass design and then it leaves that pretty patina finish in the background okay so now that we have that patinad I'm gonna go ahead and go in and punch three more holes to line up with the holes that we have here on our piece so I always go on the backside because that's much easier to just punch rather than going on the downside. So go straight across from the hole that's already in your piece punch and then go from in between these two holes on the other side and then go across from that one So now that you have your holes punched you're ready to attach that to your piece so grab your chain nose pliers and string that through close it up and then I like to work across from each other so I'll do one end and then I'll do the one across and I'll do the other two. Actually go from the backside Attach. Do the same thing for the rest okay so now that that's finished, go ahead and attach your larger jump ring through the top of that piece and this finished chain is just a ball chain. So cut it to the length that you want I have already pre made that so I'm just gonna slide it through attach one end of my ball chain to the clasp and there you have it. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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