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Hi, this is Kat with now this is a really unique chain and it's sort of linked together in an interesting way so I wanted to do a video on it just to kind of show you a very simple project that you can do but also kind of show you how this chain is constructed so I have actually separated a link here and I'm going to show you that in just a minute but I want to kind of pick up the chain now this is the crescent moon chain and it has a really nice just little sleek kind of like slinky feel to it and honestly I just love even the chain just sort of as a nice little simple bracelet it's just really really fun and nice and sort of luxurious feeling so the way this is constructed here and let me kind of draw your attention down here towards the bottom so I've separated out one of the links here so I'm just gonna kind of pick it up with my pliers so you can really see it that is sort of the front of the chain so it has that nice little sort of three-dimensional look to it and it's got a little loop there at the bottom and then if I flip over on the back you'll see that it has a little soldered sort of line that goes across the back there so when you're looking at the chain you're looking at it from the perspective of this is the front flap right here and then as you can kind of see the side you'll see that little hook there and it's actually hooked on the back so you can kind of see that they loop together just like so so we're going to actually kind of utilize the structure of the initial chain here to make a very simple pair of earrings alright so now that we kind of have gone over the chain I am going to be using a couple pairs of chain nose pliers and a pair of flush cutters as well so what I want to do is I just want to take the chain here and I'm going to cut off let's see what did I do with my initial one here one two three four five six seven okay so I'm going to count seven one two three four five six seven so on this eighth one here all I'm going to is gonna take my plier and I'm just gonna kind of bend it up you see how I just did that and now I'm gonna take the little tiny tip of my chain nose pliers and kind of get it in there to remove that little loop that's attached to the top of my seventh one here so this might be a little difficult because it's so nice and tight and this is what you want actually the chain is nice it has a nice little structure you just kind of get your little plier in there and bend it out and then it you'll be able to release the chain and you can actually close that back up and use this chain as well so you're not actually cutting the chain which is really nice okay so now we have our chain like so so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my little Swarovski crystal here I just found this really pretty jet crystal I wanted to go for the traditional black and gold here and then I have a 5 millimeter 21 gauge jump ring here and I'm just gonna slip it through the top of my crystal and I'm actually gonna go ahead and close that up and this is before we've added it to the chain so go ahead and make sure that you have a nice closure because we don't want this one to slip out there we go actually you know what I don't like this jump ring sometimes you get a not so awesome jump ring so we're gonna try again here there we go and open it a little bit easier slip that on slip that on make it stay and now we're just gonna close that up there we go alright that's a little more round of a jump ring okay so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna go to the end of this chain and just like I did before I'm just gonna kind of open up and I'm gonna actually a reverse player that just to kind of pry it open just a little bit and I'm gonna open my loop just a tad at the bottom let me see how I have that alright so now we're gonna take our little jump ring and slide it onto the end there and just go ahead and take your plier and just squeeze and let that sort of close naturally there we go and now this chain is nice and simple so you can either use your pliers or your fingers I'm just gonna use my fingers and I'm just gonna close up that crescent moon there we are okay so you see how it's sort of attached there at the bottom and now to the top to make it really simple I'm going to use one of my post earrings that has a little loop on the back and the loop on the back of this actually is open so it already has that nice little open jump ring style there so now all I'm gonna do is slip this on to the top and close that up little tiny loop there we go alright so that is our finished earring and then I like to add the bullet clutch with the little plastic piece around it I think it just adds a nice little security when you're wearing it because you definitely don't want to lose your earrings but that's how easy it is to use this chain and the reason I wanted to bring out the flush cutters is I wanted you to kind of see that what you could do so this is sort of the top of the chain here so let's say I wanted to actually come in here I could cut off the center loop here just by using my flush cutters and kind of have a neat little different sort of v-shape at the top so just kind of wanted you to see that so that if you wanted to use that it's sort of your end a little link for something you could definitely do that so lots of fun things to do with this chain I have another example here with a different Sourav ski this is that beautiful majestic blue color so if you're interested we do have this in silver and gold and this is a really fun chain to work with like I said you can do a lot with it you can actually put it in to end and kind of create a nice little scalloped look it's a lot of fun to work with this chain so this is the Crescent chain and of course we have all of these items for sale at and if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit that subscribe button below you

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