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Hi, this is Julie with and at the end of the video i'm going to show you how to make two different pairs of earrings using charms most of the charms you see here are lead-free pewter and they are antique silver plate and antique gold plate and there's some really fun design so we've got this one here which i love this is a origami fortune-teller really cool design and would look great just hung from a jump ring and then placed on a premade chain these are great little pave crystal charms nice to add to a bracelet or again a premade chain bicycles I want to show you they look great on both sides little teapots and they stand up and then here we have some nice spiritual charms and travel charms with the Eiffel Tower and the fleur-de-lis holiday charms we got a great spiderweb and this one actually has two loops on it so you can make that into a pretty easy necklace if you want to or you can just snip off one of the loops and make it into a charm some nautical here we've got the anchor and the starfish a little pistol now these are great these are just little spikes and there are little pendants which is great you could put a lot of them on a single design or just use one a nice kitty a tool here we have some elements from the periodic table a biohazard sign a little chemistry beaker and then some nice solid hearts as well and these actually have a curve to them which is really interesting with something that I haven't seen before in a charm like that and over here I've got some flirt of these in the silver and the gold and these little cute robots as well in the silver and the gold and these are the ones I want to turn into earrings so I'm going to take this fleur-de-lis charm and you can see it's got two loops now if you don't want both loops just snip off one of them but in this case we are going to use both loops and then I'm going to use this earring hook which I actually already has a pretty little pink bead added to it and then some czech glass crystal beads a couple head pins we're going to make a pair of earrings with those and then with the robots we're just going to use these little three quarter inch hoops so I'm going to bring out my tools you're going to need a pair of chain nose pliers round nose or wire looping pliers and a cutter and this is going to be for the fleur-de-lis earrings so let's start by going ahead and placing our bead onto the head pin and then we're just going to create a simple wire loop which is so easy with these wire looping pliers so I just grabbing the wire and squeezing my pliers which does half the work for me and then I'm just going to bring that wire around rotate my pliers up top and then finish my loop and then right where the wire Criss crosses I'm going to make a cut and I'm going to do that with my other bead as well these are so quick to make that you can definitely make many of these in hour if you are wanting to make gifts you could probably make good maybe 20 of these plus in an hour very quick and easy okay now we're gonna go ahead and just open that loop the same way we would open a jump ring so we're taking our chain nose pliers I'm just gonna twist that loop open slide it on to the bottom loop of the fleur-de-lis I'm gonna twist a little bit here there we go and then close it back up you can put any beads you want of course at the bottom of here we're gonna do the same with the other one open it up slide it on close it back up and then we're going to go to our earring hook we're going to open the loop at the base of the hook same exact technique and just slide on our fleur-de-lis charm and close it and do the same for the other one and close it so we have a really pretty pair of earrings using the fleur-de-lis charms and they were very quick to make so that's one way you can use these charms now another option are these little hoops and of course there's a bunch of different sizes of Hoops available and these are beatable earring hooks so it has a nice straight edge wire right here that we can slide the charm on or bead so we're just going to go ahead and slide on our little robot now there is a right and wrong side to the robot so here you see his little eyes and detailing and on the back it's finished but of course he doesn't have eyes on the back so I'm gonna make sure we slide that guy on facing forward so since this is the part that's going to go through our ear we want him to face forward and then to finish this all we have to do is bend up the end so just bend it up a notch and you see right here that's what's going to go through your ear and then it's going to go ahead and link into this little hole on the other side like so to close it and then to make the other one of course you just do the exact same technique and you have a complete pair of these cute little robot earrings and of course you can choose any charm you want to do these you can find all of these charms and many more available at you

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