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Hi, this is Kat with stone chain now this uses very simple techniques and this is the earring that we're going to be making here and most of our technique here is just going to be cutting at gemstone chain and opening and closing those jump rings so because of that if we're going to need its simple tool and I have a pair of flush cutters and then I also have two pairs of chain nose pliers to help me with those jump rings so if you have your tools ready all you're going to need is gemstone chain here and then I have my ear wire my two whole triangle link and then I'm going to be using three jump rings now these are very tiny they're three millimeter 22 gauge and this does work if you want to use some larger jump rings as well sometimes using the smaller jump rings for a beginner can be a little bit tricky and I'm going to kind of show you how to work those in here as it's designed but this will work if you rather prefer to use 4 millimeter jump rings so I'm going to go ahead and get started and the first thing I'm going to do is I am going to cut my gemstone chain now you can see on my initial earring here I have four gemstones on each link so to cut the gemstones what you're going to do is you want to make sure that your end of your gemstone chain has a full link you want to make sure that is not clipped so I need one two three and four so what I'm going to do is on my fifth one there that's where I'm going to need to clip that loop because I want to make sure that I have four full loops for one side of my earring so that will take care of that one side there and now because I have clipped the end of this one I can't use that anymore so I'm just going to go ahead and clip off the other side and just kind of set that guy aside and I could use that in another project here I can do another rewire on the wrap so now I have five so I need to eliminate one more link so what I'm going to do here is just clip off and make sure that you're getting the right link there there we go so I can use those in another project alright now I have my two lengths of my gemstone chain already pre-cut so the next step is to use my jump rings here and I'm going to take my chain nose pliers by taking one jump ring and just giving it a little gentle twist let it open I'm going to loop one side onto my finding here and now you can see how tight that is on that finding but the idea is to make sure that it does not slip around so I'm just attaching one side of my gemstone chain man and carefully getting my pliers in there to close that jump ring alright and now I'm just going to repeat that on the other side to attach the second length of gemstone chain gentle twist and I find it easier if you put it on to the link first before trying to attach the gemstone chain that way you can kind of finagle this around and make sure it gets through that hole and actually I have discovered that I need to open my jump ring up just a little bit more there we go alright as' and again just making sure that your jump ring will fit on top there and this is why sometimes the 3 millimeter jump rings are a little difficult I got confident that first one went on to easy alright let's flip that off and now I'm just going to close that jump ring it there we go and just making extra sure but it is flush because I don't want to lose my earring anywhere this is not the worst when you lose your earring and you're walking around with one earring for a long time all right I'm taking my third jump ring here opening that up and now I'm just going to loop on my first loop here from my other side of my gem stone chain get on this there we go and my second loop alright and this is where you can just say I'm just double-checking and it looks like my gemstone chain got a little curved because if you don't do this cuz this part correctly you're going to end up with a kink in your gemstone chain and then it won't lay correctly so there we go so I want my loop on that way and coming across that way there we go so I'm just double checking and now you can close up that jump ring alright and I'm going to kind of lay that back down and now to finish it off go ahead and take your ear wire and you're just going to press it gently open and now I'm going to slip on that last little jump ring that I just added there we go just like so and now final step is just closing up that ear wire and that is my little quick and simple pair of geometric earrings and this is just a fun little technique you can use all kinds of different chain with this you can use flat chain you don't have to use gemstone chain I just think it adds a nice little subtle interest and it's a nice modern design you can find all of these supplies at and if you enjoyed this video be sure to hit the subscribe button below you

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