How to Make a Ring with Gita Settings for Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to quickly and easily make a sparkling ring featuring a ring setting by Gita Jewelry and using a Austrian crystal oval fancy stone in crystal paradise shine. In the video you will learn how to set the stone in the prong setting using a popsicle stick. In the video you will also see other styles of Gita Jewelry ring settings. The ring featured in the video is called the All That Glitters Ring and can be found at

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
Note: This audio transcript is auto-generated and may not be completely accurate.
Hi, this is Julie with plated which is this really lovely silvertone and then we also have a nice gold-plated so a couple things you're gonna know trite off the bat are all these prong settings I'm going to show you how to set a ring here at the end of the video and you'll also notice that all the Rings are adjustable as well so they're very comfortable to put on and you would just squeeze it a little bit to fit whichever finger you want it to fit and what's great about these is there are so many different styles here so we have one here that's for a pear-shaped this one's great I love this one this one actually has two different stones that you could put in it and on the website we clearly list which stone fits in all these different settings and then we even have ones with crystals surrounding us you see that these have different shapes and are different sizes but they've got that wonderful crystal surround in both the rhodium plate as well as in the gold plate so these are very fun very easy to work with so I have a couple different stones I'm just gonna show you real quick this is a cushion stone I got this gold setting over here and all you do is you pop it in and then you bend over the prongs which I'm going to show you on this oval fancy stone setting here but I just wanted to show you how these are just transformed when you put a stone in it like this Rivoli right here such a nice classic ring and a lot of sparkle because you're using this röszke crystal and then I had to show you this one so this is the two stone ring and this is a crystal gold patina crystal and I just think that's so classic and elegant I love it and then you could put a different color or another crystal gold patina right there as well so how do you set this so I'm going to be using a popsicle stick now there are some specific tools available specifically for setting these and they work with the different sizes and shapes but I also want to show you how to do it with a popsicle stick so this is a ring setting here that fits an 18 by 13 millimeter oval fancy stone and that's exactly what I have right here and I'm just gonna pop it in and I'm gonna hold it in place with my hand and it just rests in there and I'm just gonna take the popsicle stick and Bend that prong over I'm just using some light pressure and what's nice it's a popsicle stick will not Mar the crystal okay so I've got one almost set you don't have to set it firmly to begin with because you're gonna go back and do just a little touch-up setting all right so now I'm gonna go diagonal across and Bend that prong over and then I'm gonna go to the next one over and Bend that prong over and then I'm gonna go diagonal again Bend that prong over and now I'm gonna go back to the first one I did I'm just gonna put pressure on it and kind of roll it up and over the top gently so I'm rolling it up and over the top gently and I'm gonna go around now to all my settings and do that just to make sure it's nice and secure now what's so great about these Gaeta findings is they're really made for Swarovski crystals and that they are perfectly sized there you go so you have a very sparkly gorgeous ring that is not coming out of there and you can wear it on whichever finger you want and again it is adjustable and just a really pretty statement piece of jewelry and it is that easy to do I hope you enjoyed this quick overview of these Ghita findings these wonderful rings and how to set them with a popsicle stick there are also bracelets earrings and necklaces and you can find them all at

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