How to Make a Necklace with Gita Settings for Austrian Crystals

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Designer: Julie Bean
In this video learn how to quickly and easily make a dazzling necklace featuring a pre-made necklace setting by Gita Jewelry and using Austrian crystals. The necklace has a center focal prong setting that is perfectly sized to fit a 12mm Austrian crystal cushion stone. In the video you will learn how to set the stone using a popsicle stick. Accenting the crystal focal are little bicone bead dangles. In the video you will also see other styles of Gita Jewelry necklace settings. The necklace featured in the video is called the Tanzanite Tango Necklace and can be found at

The brand name for the crystals shown in this video is no longer available. High quality Austrian crystals are now available under the PRESTIGE™ Crystal Components line.

Audio Transcript
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Hi, this is Julie with and i'm gonna be using it has this nice prong setting and it is specifically made to go with a 12 millimeter Swarovski crystal cushion stone I have it in tanzanite here I'm also going to be creating some little accent pieces with these little bicones these are 5 millimeter and some 1.5 inch head pins so these are gold-plated and the silver version is a rhodium place was this really pretty color and then if we go along the length of the necklace you're gonna see that it has a lobster clasp already attached and some nice little detail work on that and it also has this little extender chain and a heart so all of these necklaces measure around 16 inches you can find their exact dimensions on the website and then the little extender chain is about an inch and a half so that'll give you some idea of the size now you'll notice that some have multiple stone settings and of different sizes and when you go to for favorite color and but they all have these wonderful prong settings and that's what I'm going to teach you how to go ahead and use these and set stones in it so for the project I want to make here I am choosing a single stone setting necklace and I'm gonna do like I said the one with the cushion stone I'm gonna do it in gold but I did want to just quickly show you how pretty it would look in silver as well so you could definitely take that same tanzanite stone and put it in the rhodium plate so that is going to be our project for this video and we're going to start by setting the actual stone so you see that it's got this nice little slightly pointed back and that's nice because a setting accommodate says deep enough you just go ahead and put it in and it does fit very nicely when you pick it up you're just going to want to kind of hold it in place with your fingers you're going to take your popsicle stick and just press down on one of the side prongs now there are actually specific tools that you can purchase for this as well which is great if you're going to be doing a lot of these I would highly recommend the specialized tools you can find a video on them as well at but if you're just going to do one or two a popsicle stick works great so I started with the first one over here and then I went across so you do want to go across or if depending on how you're looking at it diagonally versus next to each other and that's going to just help you keep this stone in place as you're doing it so once you've got all four of them bent over what I would then recommend doing is you want to go back another time another pass at it and I'm gonna do like a gentle rolling motion so I'm just gonna start here kind of roll up and over and that's just going to help to really secure it in place what I love about these is because they already have the chain attached they've got the lobster clasp attached and they've got the extender chain you don't need to buy all those separate findings it's really nice you can just focus on what crystal you want what necklace style you want and you're good to go it takes some of that guesswork out from from the equation and it just makes a really nice quick and easy project alright so we've got that set now and then I want to do these little dangles because you could leave it like this it would be beautiful just like that but let's go ahead and add a little something more so I also picked out tanzanite bicones and I'm just gonna pick one up and for my tools so if you already use the popsicle stick I'm gonna be using a pair of chain nose pliers a pair of cutters and a pair of wire looping pliers so for the wire looping I'm just gonna grab it right where it exits the bead kind of squeeze it a little bit then do that wire over the top and crisscross it and that made a nice little loop and then where it crosses the wire I'm just going to go ahead and trim with my cutters so I have a nice simple loop and I'm gonna make let's see I'll do one two maybe three on each side just a little accents so I want a total is six so same process rotate it up so you can grab on to it criss-cross snip all right our six little dangles and now we're gonna just attach them to the chain so I'm gonna just move these other beautiful pieces out of the way add a little bit more room to work I want to just spread this out a little bit okay so if we see that chain I'm gonna be counting the links along the chain to make sure that I place these evenly to open it up I'm just gonna hold it and just kind of swing open that loop almost like you would open an eyepin or a jump ring so let's count we've got I'm gonna do it on the third link just like that then go ahead and close it back up I'm gonna do the third link again open that guy so one two three it does help if you lay this down when you're counting it makes it easier to see where the links are then you can just pick it up wink it on where you want to and then just take your pliers and close it okay and one more on this side and now that I'm looking at this this would be really a pretty color to go with this silver tone as well that nice rhodium plate okay so again I want to play nice here let me straighten this out again there we go so one two three close it and I'm just gonna do the exact same thing on the other side so that it matches I finished adding my dangles and as you can see I just did three on each side you could definitely run all the way the whole length of this necklace would be very pretty to do that as well so this was a quick and easy project but it's really unique looking and it's such a sparkler it's great for a special occasion or just sometimes when you want to dress up a little bit so before I finish this video I do want to show you one other thing because we did take a close-up look at that lobster clasp so the ones that have the multiple stone settings the lobster clasp is a little bit different very pretty very elegant just a little different from that one but they do all have that super pretty little heart on the end of the extender chain and it is great that these are then adjustable because what you do is you just link your clasp to wherever you want along the length of that chain so you can really vary the length of it so again these are Ghita settings and these are for Swarovski crystals and do check out the website where you'll find all of these necklaces a whole host of crystals and different colors and we do list what size you're going to need because that definitely we want to take the guesswork out of that for you guys and there are rings and earrings and bracelets and then of course these necklaces and even pretty little links as well thanks so much for watching

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