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Hi this is Megan with and today I'm going to show you how to make these beading wire and Katiedids earrings and this specific earring that I'm going to make is the Mojito earrings in our free beading projects page and that'll give you all the materials and step-by-step instructions as well and so what you're going to need are some Katiedids and I have here a two-hole curved silver plated Katiedid and then I have some fine white Soft flex beading wire it does show here and I like that white color with my bead choice there. So you can choose a color that matches your beads It comes in a lot of colors it's kind of a fun option and then I have some 4mm Miyuki cube beads and that's what I'm using to fill in the Katiedid and then to finish my beading wire I have some crimps with a loop and I have an earring hook and a jump ring the first thing I'm gonna do is measure a piece of beading wire, three and a half inches long I'm gonna actually go ahead and crimp one of my loops onto the end of the wire. Now when you're using a crimp with a loop you want to make sure that your only crimping the end that's further away from the loop and there is going to be a little bit of the crimp tube left over that you're not crimping don't try to do the whole thing because otherwise it will a lot of times the loop will come loose. Crimp the loop and insert one end of your beading wire end and crimp down and complete the crimp. We do have a whole video on using crimp beads hand tubes and if you're not familiar and you see a little bit more and I'm going to take my beading wire, the loose end and put it through one of the holes on the end of the Katiedid and then I've already experimented and seen that I can fill 7 of these beads into the Katiedid and I just placed them in before I had my wire to see how many I was going to use so I'm just going to string seven of these randomly onto my wire and I'm going to take the other end at the end of the wire put it through the hole on other end of the Katiedid. Just like that. make sure that your beads sit nice in there now I'm going to attach the crimp to the other end of the wire and I do find with these, it's easier for me personally if I line the crimp up in the pliers and then put the wire instead of trying to it get them lined up correctly with the wire in there and I want to make sure that the folded side of my crimp is to the back of the earring. Crimp crimp the other direction. Now you should have this little U shape. You'll need a couple of chain nose pliers. I have a chain nose and a round you can just use whatever two pairs of pliers you like to use, open up the jump rings I'm going to catch both loops on the ends of your crimps you're going to catch the loop on your earring hook and close the jump ring back up and that's it. There's a really quick and simple to make. and they're great for summer in this color scheme or you could do a totally different color scheme and make them really suited for any occasion. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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